10 December 2017

White Out!!!

I can't believe it.......we are snowed in.
Andy has been to the main road and says it looks very dodgy so I don't think we will be going anywhere today. We have just watched a 4x4 struggling to get up the slight incline of our road so DD's little car stands no chance.
I think it will turn to rain later by the looks of it though.

Andy has just let me know that he has to do extra hours at work tomorrow so he will be leaving the house at 8:30am. Perfect.....I will do the shampooing tomorrow as I won't have to wait until he goes to work just after lunchtime. That means I can get some other jobs finished off today, do the carpet tomorrow and get my day off on Tuesday....yay....sorted.

So today....finish the laundry, finish the gift wrapping and decorate the kitchen dresser.

I hope you are all warm and safe today.

09 December 2017

When Can I Go To Bed?!!!

Sleep and I just aren't getting along very well at the moment. I think it was getting on for 5am this morning before I managed to drift off and I am shattered.

The carpet shampooing has been shuffled on to tomorrow's list as I just haven't the energy to push the beast round but the beef stew is bubbling away on the stove and the gift wrapping for DS is almost done. 
I started the laundry instead of doing the carpets so now my day of doing what I want has been moved to Tuesday.....sadly because Smudge will be at the vets for the day being tested for Cushings Disease due to certain symptoms he has. I am almost certain it's not that but I am very scared of what I think it might be which is Cognitive Behaviour Disorder which is basically doggy dementia.
I was watching him last night when he went to get a drink of water and just stood staring at his bowl......he pee'd and he really didn't know he was doing it.
We will see what the vet says.

We have had a couple of snow flurries this morning. Lovely big fat flakes but they haven't settled as the previous bit we had has melted and everywhere is damp. It was nice to watch though.

DD went off to the garden centre this morning as she wanted a new fleece jacket which she got but she also returned with the most bargainous pair of boots for me.....£10 reduced from £50 from Cotton Trader's. My toes will be very cosy if we get any amount of snow.

Very simple bacon, lettuce and tomato rolls for tea while we watch a film or something but first I need to go and hoover up the carrot crumbs and threaten severe pain to anyone who makes a mess before I get a chance to sit in a clean and tidy living

Hope you are all having a great weekend and staying safe and warm if you are one of the areas getting lots of snow.

08 December 2017

Here Comes The White Stuff!!!

It started snowing in the early hours of this morning just as I was going to bed  I didn't get over excited because it was also raining and I didn't think it would settle.
Well those brave little snowflakes fought a good battle and won and we woke up to a slight covering on the rooftops and cars.
We've just had another little fluttering and if it gets any heavier it will lay as everywhere is pretty dry now.
As much as I love it I'm not really ready for it yet. 
Christmas week would be lovely.

I have just been into town with Andy as I needed to pick a few things up. There was a list and I knew how much I would be spending but forgot to factor in the Andy effect....he should not be allowed in

I'm writing my blog post now trying to fend off the inevitable job of chopping the veg for our evening meal. Chicken stir fry with sesame noodles. Love the stir fry....hate chopping the veg.

This weekend will be busy as I need to shampoo the living room and kitchen carpets.....a thankless job as I know they will want doing again before Christmas due to a certain little doggy boy. I need to finish the hand stamped wrap and bags for DS and write on the few cards we send. Hopefully that will all get done tomorrow and also leave me time to start a beef stew for our Sunday lunch giving me a virtually free day on Sunday to do something I want to do rather than cleaning and feeding. I think I am going through one of those phases where I am sick of thinking what to do for meals and sick of cooking too but I'll be better once I start on making things for the festive season.

Time to stop waffling and go and chop those flippin' veg.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

07 December 2017

Pickling In Me PJ's!!!

I was up way earlier than I wanted to be this morning because Smudge was werriting at the back door. No going back to bed else I would have fallen asleep and probably not surfaced until lunchtime and I wasn't having that.
PJ's were warm and cosy so I just slung my apron on and started on the cucumbers and onions I had left draining overnight. I'm just waiting now for the jars to finish sterilising and that is one job out of the way today.

For the life of me I can't seem to get a good picture of the Christmas tree so I have had to lift a picture from my Pinterest board taken in 2015.
The tree is pretty much the same except that we have added a giant lollipop to the topper and removed the giant poinsettia. We have also added one new decoration of a front door with a wreath.

The garland on the mantelpiece looks lovely although looking at the photo I do spot a little bare space so it needs some tweaking.

The living room looks so cosy at night with all the lights on.

The kitchen dresser will be done in the next couple of days and then I think I am done with decorating and all the boxes can go back upstairs out of the way.

The weather was awful this morning when I got up. Still some of the strong wind from overnight and then we had a short thrashing down of rain. Now it looks to be quite sunny but there are still some grey clouds about so I expect we will get more of the wet stuff before the day is out.

I managed to pick up a ham when I went shopping last night. This will be cooked and used for our traditional Christmas Eve meal of ham, salad and chips. I'm hoping that I still have the A**a Christmas book from last year as I would like to do the rum and blackcurrant ham I did last year which was beautiful.
The festive food is just about sorted apart from fresh stuff and the few bits I want to make in advance to freeze.....pork, chestnut and cranberry sausage rolls, mince pies and some cheese straws to go with Ruby's request for my no vegetable vegetable soup which is packed with veg but whizzed down to remove all the She would like it for a starter on Christmas Day.

I'm starting to flag a bit now with being up so early so I think a nice cup of coffee to spark me up and then on with the jobs.

*Edited to add that I have just tried to make myself a cup of coffee with a teabag.......maybe I should have just gone back to*

Hope your day is wonderful.

06 December 2017

Cooking On Gas.....!!!

.......well I would be if we weren't all

Jobs are getting done at a good rate and I even got the mantlepiece garland done-ish yesterday.
I've never had one before so wasn't quite sure how much decoration it would take........more than I thought so when we drop Ruby off tonight I will go and purchase a pack of snowflakes to brighten it up.
Next up will be the dresser in the kitchen but I need a snow blanket for that so will pick that up tonight too.

Had one of those awful moments at 2am this morning when the phone rang. It only rang once and I didn't get to answer it but my sixth sense just told me that Andy was unwell and was being sent home from work. Sure enough within 20 minutes he was home feeling very sick and with a bad headache.
Packed him off to bed with painkillers and a mug of warm milk and he seems to be a lot better this morning after a long soak in the bath.
He says he will be going in tonight so I expect he will go back to bed shortly.

I am just off for a bath myself. I love having one during the feels rather decadent.

Hope you are having a fabulous day.

05 December 2017

Checking It Twice....Or Maybe Three Times!!!

Well.....I rather stunned myself yesterday by getting quite a few jobs ticked off my list....more than I was expecting to get done.....and have now made a new list. I have checked it twice and unfortunately there is no crossing off to be

More gifts were wrapped last night and I have reclaimed two more shopping bags which I have been using to keep everything tidy.
Tonight I will be making a start on wrapping gifts for DS but this will be a bit of a long job as I am hand stamping the wrap and bags for was a fun idea when I thought of it but now it's just making me wonder exactly how crazy I

There are two lots of meal prep to do today.....cold meat and salad with some new potatoes for tonight and some mince to cook for a cottage pie tomorrow. Andy has also asked for a jar of bread and butter pickles so I might make them today or I might leave them until later in the week. I'll see what I feel like and how well I get on with everything else today.

Have a lovely day.

04 December 2017

This Week-It's All About The Cleaning!!!

This week I shall be putting on me big girl knickers and cracking on with some cleaning and adding a bit more Christmas to the living room. Me polishing and window cleaning arm will be going nineteen to the dozen and I'm sure my back will be screaming by the time I have done with it all.
I love having a clean house but boy does it cause me some pain to achieve it.
DD has gone back to work today and Andy is on nights. He will be off to bed later to catch up on some sleep so I'll have a bit of time with nobody but the dog under my feet although he will probably sleep most of the day.
Tonight I will try and get the wrapping finished off. I'll be glad to get all of me shopping bags back in the car where they belong.

Home cooked fish and chips for tea tonight and I think a nice bowl of salad to go with it as Andy has gone off mushy peas and I must remember to get some mince out of the freezer as Ruby has requested cottage pie for Wednesday and I will need to get the meat cooked tomorrow as it always tastes so much better the day after it has been cooked.

So what are you all up to this week?
Whatever you are doing I hope you have a lovely week.

03 December 2017

A Little Bit Of Peace In the Middle Of The Madness!!!

Today we are having a quiet day as a break from all the madness that is Christmas preparation.
Outside is a bit grim.....damp, drizzly and dark but inside is warm and cosy.
There is a tuna and sweetcorn bake topped with mashed potatoes and cheese in the oven smelling really good and Andy is watching Miracle On 34th Street on the tv.
Four years ago today I was actually on 34th Street in New York looking at the Macy's window displays and I am feeling rather nostalgic and wishing I was there today.

There is just one of the London gifts needing a bit of titivating and that job is done so I might spend the afternoon painting the drawers on my thread and sewing storage unit or I might just watch some You Tube depends what I feel like when we have had our meal.
This will probably be my last chance to do as I please until after Christmas Day so I'm going to make it count.

.......and on that note I think I had better go and see how our meal is doing.

Hope you are all having a fabulous day.

02 December 2017

Tea Towel Mansion Is Twinkling!!!

The tree is decorated and twinkling away and there are snowflakes dancing on the front of the house but there are still festive things to be done.
For the first time ever I am able to have a garland on the mantlepiece as we no longer have a coal fire and I need to dress up the kitchen dresser.
We've had a lovely time with Ruby but she has now gone home 😢 I would have been happy for her to stay another night but she has other things to be doing and I certainly have things I need to be getting on with.

I need to make time in the next week or so to do a really deep clean in the kitchen and the lounge and I'll be glad to get both of those jobs out of the way although it will only be about three quarters of the lounge really as the area where the tree is has already been done.

For the rest of today I have to sew and finish off the London gifts which didn't get done the other day due to the emergency babysitting .

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

01 December 2017

Welcome To The Madhouse!!!

I'm a bit slack in the blogging department at the moment.
The peaceful week off with DD has turned into a mad kind of monster and we have hardly been home at all.
Yesterday we went out shopping for food just before lunchtime and didn't get in until gone 5pm then the phone rang with a request for an emergency babysitting session so it was a quick turnaround and off to sit with Miss Marlowe.
By the time that was done I was totally off the idea of cooking at nearly 9pm so I am thoroughly ashamed to say that we ate at Macdonalds.
Today I have cleaned the bedroom ready for Ruby and changed the everyday duvet set for a Christmas one, cleaned the bathroom and changed the everyday soap dispenser for a Christmas one and I am just about to run the hoover all through downstairs.
DD has built the tree and put the lights on ready for decorating tomorrow and she will be fetching Ruby from school shortly.
We'll have a quick breather and then we'll be out at 5pm for Ruby's Christmas Tree Weekend treat of tea at Frankie & Benny's and then back to watch some Christmas films and drink hot chocolate.
I should sleep like a log tonight if Miss Munchkin doesn't spend the night tossing and turning.....and nicking all the

Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas preparations.

29 November 2017


So sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.
I was out from 9am until quite late....first in Derby and then in Burton.
The sole reason for going to Derby was fabric shopping as we had decided against going in to Birmingham but in hindsight we should have gone with our first plans to go to Birmingham because fabric shopping in Derby was a bit dire to say the least.
The stall where I usually get all of my fabrics had hardly anything like as much as they normally have and I left with two metres.....yes just two metres of fabric and four zips.
I really wish we had gone to Birmingham now but it's the cost of the train fare that made us think twice.
Oh was what it was.

Today DD is building her wardrobe and I am catching up on laundry, preparing veg for tea and tidying the dining room table ready to get the sewing machine out later. 
Once I have sewn what I have to sew I need to get the London gifts down and get them sorted ready to deliver to the Doodles house tomorrow to go down to London at the weekend and will also deliver the Advent calendars ready for Ruby and Marlowe to start on Friday. Poor Marlowe...hers is a bit boring this year as each day just contains a 50p coin but hopefully she can save that up and Mummy will buy her a toy with it. She is too small for anything tiny that will fit in the pockets and I don't think I would be very popular if I filled it with chocolate for every day.

Tomorrow will be another busy day....bringing down the tree and decorations, building the tree, fluffing it and putting the lights on ready for Ruby and Aunty DD to decorate on Saturday morning. We only have Ruby overnight and up until lunchtime Saturday so it's going to be a quick job this year.

Right....back to the tidying, laundry and veg......I could really do with eight arms

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

27 November 2017

Not Normal!!!

Good Morning 😊

This week I have not made many plans for anything I need to get done.
DD is home for the week and that means normality goes out of the window.
I know we are going to Derby tomorrow but beyond that I haven't a clue.
Luckily Andy is on afternoons so I don't need to cook big meals. No lunches to cook as he has to be at work early today and tomorrow so won't be here for lunch.
I'm sure DD has a duvet day planned for us.....sofa hugging with dvd's and a very simple meal which is always nice.
Friday we pick Ruby up from school and she is staying here for the night and helping to decorate the tree on Saturday morning before we deliver her home after lunch to spend some time with London Grandma and Grandad.
So.....although the week is mostly unplanned I'm sure it will be busy.
What are you all up to this week?
Have a good one whatever you are doing.

26 November 2017

Feeling Festive!!!

At my age I am usually a little bit ho-hum about experiences for children that winkle rather a lot of pounds from parents and grandparents pockets and don't deliver fully on their promises.
Well the National Forest Adventure Farm at Tatenhill went all out and actually delivered the most amazing Christmas experience ever with their North Pole Adventure.  DDIL says it was worth every single penny and I have to agree with her.
From the beautiful entry tickets to the passports which you had to get stamped at various points, the Elf coins that could be spent in the Victorian street to the polar bear that knew all of the children's names it was pure magic from start to finish.
I don't know who the people were who played the parts of the ticket collector, the Elves, Mrs Christmas, Santa and various other characters but they played their parts so well.
The whole trip took just under two hours and the girls didn't get bored at all.
Ruby isn't a fan of fake Santa's but no such qualms for Marlowe who gave him three high fives before we left his cosy little room.
If I had to be picky and point out one thing that was lacking it would have to be that there were no Christmassy smells.
A gentle pine scent as you walked through the forests would have been so nice as would the smell of gingerbread cooking in Mrs Christmas's kitchen....but that is just me....I'm sure nobody else was that bothered.

By the time we came out it was lunchtime so we did that and then it was playtime for the girls at various points around the farm although we decided the best place was animal stroking in the barn during the snow storm that arrived.
By 4:30pm we were all so cold that we decided to head for home full of the joys of Christmas.
I would love to say that I slept like a log last night....but I didn't unfortunately.
So much for excercise and fresh air knocking you

A lazy day today. No Sunday lunch to cook. Instead we have had brunch and will have cold meat and salad with some buttered new potatoes at tea time.
DD is shifting furniture around in her room, Andy is sofa hugging but he will have to move shortly as I would like to clean the sofas and run the hoover round to clear up the mess he made with his nuts yesterday......I really hate nuts in the shell when he gets his hands on them.

I hope you are all keeping warm and dry today.

25 November 2017

How Fitting!!!

This morning we are off to The North Pole and I am absolutely stoked that we woke up to a scattering of snow.
How cool is that?
Unfortunately now it has turned to rain which will be mixed with snowy showers for the day.
Well whatever it throws at us we'll have a fun day.
I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Stay warm and dry and have a fab weekend.

24 November 2017

A Very Slow Start!!!

I have woken up in a whole heap of pain this morning and have been very slow getting started on anything.
Most of it I think is related to all the pushing and shoving round of furniture yesterday in the dining room but that is all done now except for a bit of tweaking.
There is no way I want to be moving it all again for Christmas Day when The Doodles come for lunch so I have hit on the fabulous idea of bringing the summer dining table in from outside and temporarily scooting one of the sofas out of the way to use it in the lounge. Moving a sofa rather than emptying a whole room is a bit of a no brainer really.

Well the bedding didn't stay long on the line yesterday. I had to keep going down every five minutes to unwrap it from around the line which I soon got fed of and it went in the drier. I should have done that in the first place.
Today is totally different.....very still but sunny and bright.

I'm trying to catch up on bits of jobs today as I will be out for the whole day tomorrow visiting The North Pole with all my favourite girls....DDIL, DD, Ruby and Marlowe. The weather forecast is for rain so I think wellies and waterproofs will be needed. I haven't fetched out scarves, hats and gloves yet but it might also be a good idea to locate those......oooh and I must also charge the camera.
Andy will think he has gone to heaven with just him and his doggy boy in the house.

No idea what is for tea tonight. I'm not in the mood for cooking so maybe cheese and crackers with pickles for a change. I have just remembered a jar of piccalilli in the outside stores so yes.....definitely cheese and pickles.

Right...I shall go and carry on with shuffling about and getting me jobs done.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

23 November 2017

Not Quite Toad In The Hole!!!

More like Toad On A Skyscraper.......

.......and I'm not even sure what I did
It was the same recipe I always use so all I can put it down to is my new oven because it never looked like this when it came out of my old one.
Nothing quite so spectacular for tea tonight as Andy has requested 'something with chips' so I might just do good old fashioned egg and chips.

The heating has had to go on for an hour this morning just to take the chill off the house. It looks really nice outside with it's sunshine and blue sky but the wind is absolutely wicked.
Good for drying though so I shall be pegging some sheets out shortly.
Once that is done I'll get on with the dining room....obviously after a coffee to gee me up a

Hope it's sunny where you are.

22 November 2017

What Was I Thinking?!!!

I must have been quite mad yesterday to start on the dining room. It is going to take longer than I thought.
Still at least there will be a break from it later today as Ruby will be here after school and I have to cram in as many cuddles as I can in the two hours or so that she'll be here.
She doesn't know yet that I will be spending the day with her on Saturday. Mummy is keeping it a secret so I have to be careful that I don't let it slip today.

It's another dark and miserable day....which I wouldn't mind if I had time for a bit of sofa snuggling but I haven't so it will be an extra jumper and fluffy socks instead.

I managed to eat the curry last night but only I think because my taste buds are still not right after the horrible cold. I can't understand why I love the smell of it cooking but don't like eating it.

A good old fashioned rib sticker for our evening meal today....Toad In The Hole with plenty of veg and lots of gravy.
This is another Ruby favourite which saves me having to do two meals although this is yet another meal that I am funny about....I don't like sausage and Yorkshire pudding together so I do without the sausage and just have mash and veg with a bit of Yorkshire pudding and some horseradish sauce.

Ooooh I have sat still for too long and I am shivering.
Time for hot coffee and my morning toast which is very late today as I didn't feel like eating when I first got up.

Hope you are all nice and cosy today.

21 November 2017

In The Mood For Moving!!!

Some months ago I had a bit of a change around in the dining room and I find I am really not liking it so it's time to find a better way to set everything out and I am in the mood so I will be going for it and getting it done. I will clean all the windows as I move stuff round and hoover in all the corners that haven't seen daylight in some time.

My free afternoon was spent.....tidying out a kitchen cupboard. It wasn't on my job lists but it had been driving me mad for a while....and now it's not. It wasn't what I intended to be doing but never's done.

There is a rather nice smell coming from the kitchen....I have just taken a tea brack out of the oven. It needs cooling, wrapping and hiding before Andy gets up as it needs to stand for a couple of days before cutting it and he will wade straight into it if I don't hide it.
Later there will be more nice smells as I cook a curry. I don't usually eat it but I have decided to try some. If I don't like it I shall have egg on toast and DD can take mine to work for her lunch tomorrow.

The heating thermometer is such a liar this morning. It is saying that the temperature is quite reasonable and yet I am freezing. I will resist putting the heating on though and go and find a job to do which will keep me warm.

Have a lovely day.

20 November 2017

Another New Week!!!

I love the start of a new week. Full of possibilities.

It's bed changing day today which I will have to go and get done shortly as Andy will be off to bed to catch up on some sleep ready for his night shift.
No chance of drying the bedding on the line though as it is very damp outside.

DD wanted a new wardrobe for her Christmas present so that has been bought and delivered and is currently awaiting assembly while she empties her old one and has a bit of a cull on the t shirt mountain she has.
I was chuffed to inherit a good stack of about fifteen of them which will come in handy as I was ready for some new tops and now I shan't have to buy any. I only wear them around the house while I am doing jobs so luckily nobody is going to see me wearing one with a pumpkin face on

Bedding is done, hoovering is done and there is not a lot more on my list for today so I have a whole afternoon to do whatever I want and I haven't the faintest idea what it will be yet. I'll have a coffee while I read the papers and then decide.

Hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you are doing.

19 November 2017

The Last Sunday Roast Of 2017!!!

Today we will be having the last Sunday roast of the year.
I always have a cut off point for doing big Sunday lunches in the run up to Christmas but at least we are going out with a bang. Andy picked up a beautiful piece of beef while he was at the butchers yesterday so that is what we will be having with all the trimmings and hopefully there will be enough leftover to freeze some in gravy to have with mash and veg for another meal.

No going out today.....instead I am going to make a start on the laundry and get as much done as I can so that I can spend some time finishing off the Christmas wrapping next week.
I'd like all of the wrapping stuff put away by the end of the week if possible and then I can get this dining room tidied up. It looks like the wreck of the flippin' Hesperus at the moment and I still have sewing I need to get done.

DD has a week at work and then will be off for week of annual leave and with a bit of luck we will have the tree up and decorated before she goes back.
We have our first Christmas thing next weekend when DD and I are going to The North Pole at the local adventure farm with DDIL, Ruby and Marlowe. It looks like it's going to be a fabulous day and I am hoping for a bit of at least a good frost to give everything a lovely winter sparkle.

The roast potatoes have just gone in so lunch won't be too long now. Plenty of time to have a cup of coffee before the veg goes on.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

18 November 2017

A Saturday Slug!!!

I would love to say that I was up bright and early this morning....but that would be such a
I was awake early but I was so warm and comfortable that I just didn't want to get out of bed.
Never mind I am now caught up with what I wanted to get up early for....a huge bag of sausages to be separated and bagged up.
We have to order the particular ones that we like and Andy collected them this morning so they are now all snugged up in the freezer.
Once they were done DD and I got off into town and got a big freezer shop done so both freezers are now full and the outside store is looking pretty healthy again.....I even have the turkey crown ready for Christmas Day.

For some unknown reason Andy has asked for corn dogs for tea tonight so that is what I will be making. I am quaking in my slippers at the thought of eating Frankfurters so I may have to do myself something else. They are not my most favourite thing ever.

Well I shall get off and make this corn batter so that it can rest a while and then look and see if there anything remotely interesting to watch on tv tonight.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

17 November 2017


Thank you all so much for your kind comments yesterday I think those and a lazy afternoon have certainly helped as I feel much brighter today and able to have a bit of a potter about.
All I need to do really is run the hoover over so that the delivery men dropping off DD's Christmas present don't think I am a total
After that I shall get back to the Christmas wrapping until DD comes home and then I really must go and do a bit of shopping. The cupboards aren't exactly bare but there are some things we need to top up on.
Before I do anything else I need to test a little Marlowe sized dishwasher to make sure it works before I wrap it. We had trouble with the little washing machine and had to exchange it so I don't want her getting something that doesn't work on Christmas Day.
.....and that is just about all for today.

Hope you are all managing to keep away from these nasty bugs and if you have one I hope you get well soon.

16 November 2017

A Be Kind to Me Day!!!

This cold is really getting me down now. I don't feel any better than when it first started and it looks like it is one that hangs about because Ruby and Marlowe still have the cough and it must be nearly a month since they started with it.
This morning I woke up with dreadful earache so I have decided that there will be no housework, no Christmas wrapping and not much cooking....just me, the sofa, a blanket and a nice hot cup of tea. 
I shall close the curtains, switch the fake candles on and probably watch a Christmas film now that the Christmas channel is back on Freeview.
There is bread in the bread bin and beans in the store cupboard and I'm sure I will be able to muster up enough energy to do beans on toast so that will be tea for today.

I hope you are all keeping cosy on this wet and miserable day.

15 November 2017

Hawk Eyes!!!

Today I have to have a sweep through all of the downstairs and hide away anything to do with Christmas.
There is a little person with eyes like a hawk visiting today after school and there are a couple of bags with things in them which still need wrapping plus one filled Advent calendar which needs to be hidden else she will be poking about in the pockets.

Tea ordered by Ruby.....will be crispy chicken and salad in a roll with potato pops and corn on the cob.
DD and I had chicken and salad last night but I always say you can never have enough chicken....or salad for that matter.

It's a miserable damp day here today but it does seem a little warmer than it has done lately so the heating can stay off for now.

Well I had best go and get on as I want to try and sneak in a quick bath before Miss Doodle arrives.

Thanks so much for dropping by.
Have a good day.

14 November 2017

Wrap, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!!!

Today will be a repeat of yesterday but without the pea soup as we are having salad instead.

I found the gift wrapping so soothing yesterday and it relaxed me so much that I slept like a brick last night and didn't wake up until gone 9am this morning.
All of Ruby's and Marlowe's smaller gifts are done. I left the bigger things until last and if you had ever seen me wrestle with a roll of wrapping paper you would know

The cold is still hanging around and the cough in particular is really nasty. I shall be so glad when it finally goes.

So nothing overly exciting going on here which is good.
Hope you are all having a good day either exciting or not.

13 November 2017

Channeling Me Inner Santa!!!

Today I need to turn a bowl of soaked peas and some ham stock into a minted pea soup, sort Andy out with some lunch and wave him off to work and then I shall be immersing myself in paper of the Christmas kind, bags, tags and boxes. I'm thinking that the Christmas CD might be a step too far in mid November so I'll resist that and I will go with a cup of coffee rather than hot chocolate as if I drink that every time I sit down to wrap presents I will end up looking like the man himself.....minus the beard of course....ho, ho,

Tea tonight will be a bowl of the soup before I freeze the rest in portions for Andy and DD to take to work for their lunches. Now it's getting cold they both like to take something warming to eat rather than sandwiches.

I'm just going to have a quick coffee before I start the soup as it is very cold here today. When my hands are cold I get a bit clumsy so it's a good idea to warm them up before I start chopping onions.

Have a wonderful day....whatever you are doing.

12 November 2017

Lovely Sunday!!!

The last of the pork chops from the freezer are sizzling away in the oven along with a tray of roast potatoes, some roasting sprouts and some stuffing. Carrots and peas are bubbling  on the stove top and there is a pan of gravy waiting to be thickened for our very early Sunday lunch.
Normally we don't eat until around 1pm but I have discovered that I have forgotten a couple of vital elements for Ruby's Christmas box and need to nip up to the craft shop at the garden centre to get them.
Once we get home the wrapping will commence... although it won't all get done today.

Gosh that lunch is smelling good and my tummy is rumbling as I didn't eat breakfast with us having an early lunch.
I had best go and see if it's nearly ready.

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. We have bright sunshine and blue skies today.

11 November 2017

Eyes Wide Shut!!!

I'm getting worse with these eye exams.
This morning I have had to actually hold my eyes open with my fingers for both the puffer test and the retinopathy photographs. So glad it's only once a year.

I don't know where DD has got to. She has done my stint of looking after the girls this morning and I was sure she would be back before we were.
No sign of her so she is either having too much fun with them or she has gone shopping and I am not going to bother trying to phone her as she never takes her mobile out with her.
We are supposed to be sorting the Christmas gifts out now that we have all the wrapping paraphenalia downstairs.
Oh well she'll turn up when she's hungry.

Another comfort food day today. Spicy Pork 'n' Beans with roasted maple glazed sweet potatoes and braised cabbage.
It seems ages since I did a proper cooked meal on a Saturday as we usually have something quick to cook and we eat in front of the tv but it's cold again today.

Right I am off to take a painkiller for this damned headache and put my feet up while it does it's thing.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

10 November 2017

Is Your Journey Really Necessary?!!!

That was the question I asked myself this morning as DD and I got up and prepared for our trip to Ikea.
In the end I looked at my list and wondered if I could maybe find the things on there in the little town, decided that yes I probably could and the trip to Nottingham was cancelled as neither of us really felt like going.
Pretty much everything was found plus a few little bits besides. Grocery shopping was also done and we were home way earlier than we would have been if we'd stuck to our original plans.
The rest of the day will be spent sorting out all of the Christmas packaging and getting ready to start the wrapping sessions in the evenings next week.

It was pretty windy and cold in town so we picked up some baking potatoes for tea and we'll have those with some cheese and beans....yummy....we've not had those for ages.

......and on that note I shall love and leave you as I can hear the kettle boiling and I'm hoping it's for a nice cup of tea.

Hope you are all nice and cosy.
Have a lovely weekend.

09 November 2017

OK Cold.....You Can Go Now!!!

I can thoroughly understand why Ruby is so fed up with her cold. I've not had mine as long as she has and I am totally fed up with mine now. It seems to have settled in my sinuses and I feel like I have been kicked in the face.
I was very happy though to send my gorgeous girl home with a tummy full of chicken pie and these..........

The two on the left were already made up and just needed their clips attaching and the two on the right were made while I was waiting for Ruby to arrive......they don't take long to make at all.
Since I took the photo the orange one has had a daisy cabochon glued into the centre as it didn't seem to want to sit right but then it has been sat wilting in a box for over four years waiting to be finished and I know that because I bought the clips from Michael's in New York in 2013 and the orange and blue ones were already made up by then.
Anyway....Ruby loved them and has asked for more different colours so I can see a ribbon stash busting session coming on.

Today I want to decide on the fabric for the other set of mug rugs so that I can get them cut out and hopefully get both sets sewn and finished by tonight as I have remembered that DD is on an annual leave day tomorrow and she wants to go to Ikea so that is another busy day to add to Saturday and Sunday.
Roll on Monday I

I can't cut out with cold hands so I think I had better have a cup of coffee to hug first.

Have a fabulous day.

08 November 2017

A Chicken Pie Kind Of Day!!!

DD bumped into DS at work yesterday and she enquired as to how the girls are. Ruby is still in the grip of this rotten cold and is very grumpy and fed up. I think I will do a bit of what Ganmas are best at.......and spoil her with some chicken pie, mashed potatoes and lots and lots of gravy which is by far her most favourite meal.
Despite the sun this morning it is very cold so Andy and DD should like it too.

Yesterday I got one set of mug rugs cut out, layered and pinned. I can't decide on the fabric for the other set so will leave that until tomorrow.
I also....finally got Ruby's JoJo Siwa hair bow mended. The clip had broken and I knew I had some hairclips somewhere which I could use to mend it and so that is off my list of things to do now.
When I found the box of clips there were two puffball hair bows that I had made which just needed clips adding. They will be finished today and she can take those home with her then I just have to make and finish the other four that I had cut the ribbon for.
I'm hoping to finish everything before the weekend as Saturday and Sunday will be a bit mad this week. I have my retinapathy appointment at the opticians at 11:10am on Saturday which clashes with my looking after the girls while DDIL works from home so DD is going to do that for me and then I shall look after them on Sunday while DD cooks the lunch.
I always get a bad headache after the retinapathy test so I'll not be fit for doing any sewing or much else on Saturday.

Well I had best go and get the filling made for the chicken pie so that it can cool down before I make the pastry.

Have a lovely day.

07 November 2017

What's On The Job List Today?!!!

Every night before I go to bed I tidy the kitchen and every morning before I can even start on my job list I have to wash up and tidy it again.
DD will have made toast and tea so there will be crumbs on one worktop and spilt tea on another.
Andy will have dumped his milk bottle, squash bottle and his disgusting tin mug which will need bleaching and there will be the dogs breakfast bowl and a few mugs.
I would love to come down one morning and find it just as I left it.
Today there isn't an awful lot on the job list....just some laundry to finish off and a tidy up in the dining room which makes me very happy as it means I can do some fabric cutting for a couple of Christmas gifts and then have a look to see if I have a piece of suitable fabric to make a small tablecloth for the table the Christmas tree stands on.
The spicy turkey meatballs I made the other day have been taken out of the freezer so all I have to do in the way of cooking is a pan of spaghetti to go with them so today should be a lovely day.

No frost this morning and no blue sky and sunshine either....just endless grey clouds and a very stiff breeze which means I might be able to hang some laundry out as long as it doesn't rain before it's finished in the washer.

So the computer is going off for a while so that I can make use of the dining table and once the bits of jobs are done it will be play time....yay!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous day too.

06 November 2017

I Need Matchsticks Today!!!

It was a waste of time going to bed last night. I think I have managed about an hour of sleep and my eyes just don't want to stay open now when I have a job list to get through.
Best get some matchsticks to prop them

Got up to a lovely frosty morning. It's very hazy up to tree top level but above that is a clear blue sky and some sunshine.
My most favourite kind of morning and I would love to go for a walk but I have barely enough energy to drag myself back upstairs to change the beds and clean the bathroom.
Oh well.....hopefully there will be a few more like it when I am feeling more like myself.

I am hoping that by the end of this week the inside freezer will be empty and I have deliberately kept the fridge reasonably clear so that it can be switched off and thoroughly cleaned. Once that is done I can go off to Iceland and restock both freezers.
Yesterday I pulled out the last two pork fillets and they are now marinating in lime juice with garlic and chilli. I'll roast them tonight to have with some salad and Charlotte potatoes and there will be enough to slice up for pack up rolls....well if they don't shrink too much that is.

I suppose I ought to go and crack on upstairs. Andy is on nights this week and he will be wanting to get into a nice clean bed for his afternoon nap. he will be going up a little earlier this week as he has to get up to pick Ruby up from school.
Coffee first though....can't even contemplate housework without me coffee 😀

Thanks for dropping by today.
Hope you have a lovely day.

05 November 2017

Peaceful...But Not Quiet!!!

We are having our usual lazy Sunday and although this one is peaceful it definitely isn't quiet.
Lots of coughing and noisy nose blowing going on from all three of us...yuck.

It's DS and DDIL's wedding anniversary today and I would love to go down and see them but really don't want to pass these germs back to Ruby or make Marlowe any worse than she is so I am best staying away sadly.

I shall be glad when the local yobs have got over themselves with their damn fireworks. It was nearly 1am this morning before they finished letting off some really loud ones. It's a good job Smudge is going deaf or he would have been petrified.

The Christmas shopping is very nearly done now. DD and I went out yesterday.....despite not feeling quite top notch...and pretty much finished off the list except for a couple of small things and something for my BIL's daughter.
We went back to Bridgemere as they have both a Lakeland and a Hobbycraft which saved having to faff about going to two different places in Derby. They also have a farm shop and a veg stall so some Scotch Eggs and salad were bought home for a quick tea as we had left home at 8:30am and didn't get back until nearly was a long day.

Now I am about to eat a lovely lunch cooked by DD. Roast chicken and all the trimmings.
I just hope I can taste it.

Hope you are having a lovely peaceful Sunday.

03 November 2017

The Day Off That Wasn't!!!

I promised myself an afternoon on the sofa yesterday but then realised that I taken meat out of the freezer with the intention of turning it into meals for next week.
So one pack of turkey mince is now turkey meatballs in a spicy sriracha tomato sauce and one pack of pork mince is now spicy pork and beans. Gawd knows what they taste like as my senses of smell and taste have gone off together somewhere.
There will be very little cooking to do next week as along with those two meals I have other things in the freezer which will make up a week of meals and by then the freezer inside should be almost empty.

As Andy leaves for work at 11:20 today this will be my day off.
A nice glass of cold lemonade, a snuggly blanket and either the food channel or a Christmas film on the telly box and I will let nothing stand in my

Rightio.....I need a cuppa and there are a couple of slices of three cheese bloomer left which are going in the toaster for my breakfast.....I hope I can taste it today as it is just so delicious.

Hope you all have a good day.

02 November 2017

......And We're Dropping like Flies!!!

Two more casualties of the nasty cold/virus.
My sore nose and throat has turned into the nasty cough that Ruby still has and Marlowe is poorly with an upper respiratory tract infection so that is five of us coughing and hacking at the moment.....lovely 😟

I am going to spend the day doing absolutely b****r all in an attempt to conserve my energy as I have to go out shopping tonight. We have no milk and not much veg so it has to be done even though all I want to do is lie down and go to sleep.

Tea may well be tomato go to comfort food when I have a cold.

Hope you are all managing to keep germ free but if you already have it then take care of yourselves.


01 November 2017

Going Down Like Ninepins!!!

The Christmas shopping still needs to be finished.
DD came home on Monday evening fit for nothing but snuggling up on the sofa with a hot drink. Last night we went to see DDIL as it was her birthday and tonight Ruby is coming for tea after all so we will need to take her home.
We are hoping for tomorrow but Andy has gone down with the cold today and my nose and throat are twitching very suspiciously so we will have to see.

Couldn't be bothered with sewing yesterday although I did get the calendar out of it's bag and re-ironed the pieces.....and it won't get done today as I can now empty what is left in the outside freezer and put it inside while I clean the outside one.
Once they are both clean I can make my list and go and do a freezer shop.

On Monday the postie delivered the T***o vouchers which I only have once a year. Since I started shopping around more and not doing my whole shop every week there I don't get as many vouchers as I used to so opted to have them just before Christmas and the lump sum of £75.50 is more useful than smaller dribs and drabs through the year.
Last year I used them for stocking up on meat but this year I think I will use them to stock up the store cupboard with useful things that can be used way beyond Christmas and I am making a list accordingly.

I haven't the faintest idea what we will be having for tea tonight. Ruby will want tomato soup as she still has her sore throat. There may be some salad left in the drawer and there is a pack of Chicken Kievs in the freezer so it may well be that. I'll see what DD fancies when she comes in.

Right....into the freezer I go.

Hope you are all having a good day.

30 October 2017

The Spiders Have Left The Building.......!!!

.......along with all the ghoulies and ghosties and other Halloweeny type things.
Ruby won't be here again now until Friday when it's all over and done with so I thought they might as well go back in their box.

Thank you for all your kind wishes for Ruby. We saw her yesterday and she seems fine. I think DDIL was keeping her off school today as she had swimming which didn't seem the best activity with her poorly throat.

So today has been a bit of a clean up day along with laundry and sorting out the Christmas gifts into bags ready for wrapping which we hope to get done this week.
We only have a few more bits to get now and so DD and I are off to Hobbycraft tonight to see if we can get those.

Tomorrow one of the Advent calendars that I didn't want to sew may come out of the bag and get done as DDIL says her Sister would love the Scandi design of it so I might bite the bullet and get it done to send down to her.

Well DD will be home shortly so I had best go and get changed ready to go out.

Hope you have all been warm today.
We started the day with a frost and it hasn't been very warm all day.
The heating has just gone on.

29 October 2017

Me Poor Ruby!!!

Our weekend sleepover was cut short as Ruby has gone down with a really nasty cough which is making her throat sore and she got so distressed with it last night that she wanted to go home to Mummy.
Such a shame as we had had a lovely day out, taken Ruby to her dance class then watched their little performance of Thriller and picked up fish and chips to take home for tea as it was quite late.
I've just phoned to see how she is and she has slept and eaten breakfast.
DD and I will go down later to drop off her things and take a meal down for them all so that Mummy can just concentrate on giving cuddles.

I am just cooking Sunday lunch while Andy and DD are out and about doing their own thing....they had best be back by the time I serve

The rest of the day will be taken up with visiting and getting a start on the exciting.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

27 October 2017


Just a very quick post today as we are sooooo late getting back from Ikea (appalling traffic and roadworks) and a Doodle family visit is imminent to drop off Ruby for the weekend.

So I'll just show you our Halloween decs..........

This will drive me mad before the weekend is

DD's cute little pumpkin with vampire fangs and plastic headed pins for eyes.

Just wondering how this is all going to stand up to a visit from Miss Marlowe.
This will be fun.

Anyhoo....I had best go and get ready to welcome them all.
Not sure if I will get back on to blog over the weekend but if not I will catch up with you all on either Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

26 October 2017

Nearly Done!!!

The six shoe bags I managed to get sewn together yesterday before domestic duties called are nearly finished.
I just have to sew the top channels down on the last four and thread them up with ribbon.
.......and that will be the last of my sewing bliss for the week as there are a busy few days coming up but I will take a pic tomorrow to show them to you.
I'm late switching the machine on this morning as I have been waiting for a parcel delivery for Andy and noise has to be kept to a minimum so that I can hear when someone knocks on the door. 
My hearing is not what it used to be.

I have a couple of hours or so to do my sewing today as we are having a very simple 'breakfast for tea' ........bacon and eggs with either tomatoes or I can't really prep or cook anything until DD arrives at the door.
Once tea is over we are going to do a bit of Halloween decorating ready for Ruby arriving as tomorrow is going to be too busy to get it done with Andy and I taking a trip to Ikea.
All those conkers around the house to try and keep the spiders away and guess what is going to be draped up my fireplace.......a huge cobweb with rather scary looking spider

The headache I woke up with hasn't shifted so I think I will have to resort to painkillers and see if they will get rid of it.

Hope you are all enjoying your day.

25 October 2017

Have Fabric Cut....Will Sew!!!

Feeling very virtuous today having cut out the beginnings of eleven shoe bags yesterday which got rid of a bit of fabric stash that wasn't suitable for quilting.
Today I will sew them all together using a white top thread and whatever I have on bobbins for the isn't going to show so it won't matter much.
Once sewn the drawstrings will be made using ribbon from my stash left from my cardmaking days.
I am liking this stash busting very much 😀

A fairly easy day on the cooking front as I put a lamb stew on to cook yesterday. It has rested in the fridge overnight so should taste very nice. I'll serve it with some new potatoes and steamed cabbage which means we will only use half of it and the other half can go in the freezer for next week.

I'm sure Ruby won't be missing her old Ganma today. She is having a day out with Daddy at Thorpe Park.
If the weather there is anything like here (bright and sunny) she will hopefully have a lovely day.

Okey load of laundry to fold and another ready to go in the dryer and then I can get on with me sewing.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

24 October 2017

Have Fabric.....Will Cut!!!

I have one little job left to do on the computer and then I am shutting it down for the day.
There is a bag full of fabric on the dining table and I intend to cut it all into shoe bag sized pieces. I don't know if any actual sewing will get done but at least it will all be ready to go.

After some discussions with Andy yesterday I am quite confident that this weekend will see the Christmas gift buying finished.
Friday we will go to Ikea to pick up one of their miniature kitchens for Marlowe and some bits and pieces to go with it.
Saturday DD, Ruby and I are off to Bridgemere Garden Centre which has a Lakeland shop and there we will shop for part of DDIL's gift.
After that it will just be bits and pieces and a wrapping and boxing up session.
I don't think I have ever been this early getting it all finished.

So now....a quick coffee while I finish what I have to do on here and then this computer is taking a break and won't go on again until either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Have a lovely day.

23 October 2017

Late Again!!!

I do have a good excuse for being late today though as I have been sorting out fabric to make some shoe bags after being inspired by Mama's Mercantile.
Our shoes are currently stored quite haphazardly on a small unit by the side of the dresser in the kitchen and as they are not all in use I thought it would be nice to tidy it up a bit.

Other than that I have been baking potatoes in their jackets to be turned into cheese souffle jackets to have with some salad. They were very yummy indeed.

Tomorrow I will cut out a load of bags and then sit and sew them all and hopefully I will have enough fabric to sort out all of the shoes.

Andy is at work tonight. He will leave at 8:30pm and DD and I will be diving onto the sofas to watch some more Vikings. We are on season four and I need to check if there are any more. Although I have quite enjoyed it I am hoping that there are no more after this one. It's getting quite heavy going.

Right I had best go as I have some online shopping to do for Andy.

Have a fabulous week everybody.

22 October 2017

Saturday And Sunday!!!

Saturday.....quite a busy day.
Cooker fitted and working beautifully and it is so quiet compared to the old one which sounded like a helicopter when I used the fan oven.

A trip into town to do some top up shopping, buy a large bag of potatoes and pick up a few Halloween treats for Ruby's sleepover.
The living room will be decorated in time for Friday when she arrives.

Home then to get a pan of minced beef cooking ready for making pies and a quick tea of hot dogs before we settled down to watch some more Vikings.

Today I will be teaching DD how to make shortcrust pastry and putting the pies together. We are going to have one for our Sunday lunch as a change from a roast, the rest will go into the freezer and one will have a label on for The Doodles.
DDIL gave me a bag of apples on Friday so I will also make some spiced apple cakes today and freeze one for them to have when they get back from London.
I also have laundry on the go so it looks like today will be just as busy as yesterday.

Andy has just come back from picking up the papers and has bought me a huge treat of a Nigel Slater cookery book.
There was a voucher in our paper yesterday with a selection of books available from WH Smith for £5. RRP was £30 and it was on special offer for £7 and he paid £5 so not a bad saving at all. I would never ever pay £30 for a book.

Right.....I need to go and dig DD out of her pit and get on with this pastry.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.

20 October 2017

Thursday And Friday!!!

Sorry there was no post yesterday but I was determined to get all this stuff sorted and shifted in the dining room.
I didn't finish completely but at least the overlocker has a resting place while I am using the table for other things.
There were one or two scary moments when I couldn't find anywhere to store some fabric but I squished and squashed and managed to fit it in to my already bursting drawers.
I think there may have to be some serious sewing soon to reduce what I have before I can buy any more.....I have just over a month before I go to Birmingham....arrrrrrgh.

Today I am cleaning through ready for me Ruby who is visiting tonight after school. She didn't come on Wednesday as there were transport problems.
As usual tea will be something I am sure Ruby will eat so it's chicken and spinach wraps with corn on the cob.....nice and easy = less time in the kitchen and more time for cuddles.
We're hoping to spend half an hour or so with Marlowe when we drop Ruby off tonight as we won't see either of them for a week. They are away until next Friday but then Ruby will come to us for a couple of nights. 
I need to plan a sleepover theme.....probably Halloween with films to match.....more than likely Hocus Pocus and the Transylvania films for 1,000th

Tomorrow the cooker will be fitted and I will be trying that out baking some pies to use some of the minced beef I have in the freezer. All but one pie will have to go back in the freezer but at least they will be there for when I can't be bothered to cook from scratch. comes the weekend.
Have you got anything exciting planned.

18 October 2017

Delivery Central!!!

Judging by the amount of parcels our poor postie had to drag to our door this morning I think I know what DD is up to when she goes up to bed at night....Christmas shopping online.
Five parcels for her and one for me.
The biggest delivery of the day has just arrived in the shape of my new cooker and that will be decorating the corner of the living room until the weekend when it gets installed.

Now that the fabric and pattern have arrived for my nightdress I need to have a shufty round and find somewhere for the overlocker to sit while I use the table to cut out my pattern and then cut out the fabric.
There is never enough room in here to do something without shifting something first.

I can't do anything at the moment as I am currently dealing with two massive cauliflowers that Andy picked up from the veg shop this morning. They are being turned into tubs of cauli in white sauce for the freezer. I know I am trying to empty them but you can't pass up massive caulis at 59p each and they won't be too long getting used up as it is one of our favourite side dishes.

So I will go and crack on with the making of the white sauce and then I am ready for a cuppa.

Hope you are all having a good day.

17 October 2017

Just What I Need!!!

I don't know where it has come from but I have woken up this morning with a bad case of the sniffles and a head that feels like it's full of cotton wool and aches like the devil.
Well it can just bu**er off. I don't want it.
Now Andy has gone to work I think I will go and run myself a hot bath and have a soak to see if that will make me feel better.

We were very lucky here in our part of the Midlands to escape the attentions of Ophelia. Just some very odd looking skies yesterday and a bit of wind towards the later part of the evening and nothing damaged as far as we can see.
Today we have blue skies, sunshine and a good stiff wind....ideal for drying but no laundry to do.

No cooking as such today. DD and I are immersed in a new box set called Vikings. It's brilliant so tonight we will be watching it while we have toasted three cheese bloomer with beans and a cup of tea.

Last week I bought myself a couple of new nightdresses and I am not very pleased that what started out as nice below the knee and comfortable after washing they are now twisted and only just inches south of indecent. I have decided to make my own and have found a lovely simple pattern and some gorgeous fabric which should be here tomorrow. I have also ordered a pattern for Marlowe to make her some new dresses. Not a baby any more....I had to order toddler size 😕
I will pick up some suitable fabrics for her when I go to The Rag Markets at the end of next month.....DD is taking me as my Christmas present with spending money and I know I'll be able to find lots of lovely fabrics for very little money.

.......and now I am off to wash Andy's lunch pots and then go and run myself that bath.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

16 October 2017

Hoping For A Crafty Week!!!

Well....that was a 'blink and you miss it' kind of weekend wasn't it?
It seemed like no sooner had we had our Sunday lunch than it was time for bed and here we are back at Monday.
Up early this morning and I am already on laundry load number three. Unfortunately no line drying today as it's very mizzly outside and it looks like the clouds might be chucking something a bit heavier down on us sometime during the day.

Andy is on an afternoon shift this week so I am feeding him an early lunch. My kitchen currently smells disgusting as I am cooking some spare ribs he bought from the butchers ready marinaded and they stink of Chinese five spice powder which I just cannot abide.
Once I have washed up and seen him off I shall have some time to crack on with some crafting until it's time to make the Cheats Chicken Parmegianna that DD and I are having for our evening meal. Cheats because I am using some battered chicken breast steaks instead of fresh chicken to get them used up out of the freezer.
Talking of cooking......the cooker has finally blown a gasket and we are now limited to the main oven and two rings. DD soldiered on very bravely yesterday and produced a beautiful Sunday lunch but it has got to go.
We are not really at the stage where we can start any kitchen renovations so the range cooker has been put on the back boiler and this will be arriving at The Mansion sometime on Wednesday...........

........and moving swiftly

Remember this from Poundland........

Loved the decoration but just not that Merry X-mas so I took these..........

........and turned it into this.........

I like it much better now.

If you want to alter your own I would advise filling in the lettering with wood filler before you add any paper......and any questions.....just let me know.

There is stuff cut out to make the gifts for the girls so I am going to sit and do some hand sewing this afternoon with something on catch up on the computer. I have not done that for so long so if the dog behaves himself it should be a blissful afternoon.

Hope you have a gorgeous day doing what you want to do.

14 October 2017

Crafty Minx!!!

I am spending some time this weekend crafting but not neccessarily working on the calendars. I have to admit that I have seriously gone off them and am considering bagging them up as kits and sending them to the charity shop although I am not sure I really want to foist them on somebody
So far I have completed the altering of the Poundland wall decoration and will shortly be starting on a gift each for the girls involving felt and metal buckets.
I was very excited to see that Poundland had the beer crates back in HERE but on close inspection every single one of the ones in stock at our Poundland was either broken or very badly made. Not a good base for an altering project so I am moving on to another idea which I will show and tell when it's done.

So just a pottering weekend here.
Andy has cleaned out the gigglies and I have given them a brush and tidy up. 
DD poddled off to Derby for a wander round and a haircut and also popped to Hobbycraft to pick up the last coupl of bits for Ruby's Christmas gifts.
She is now giving Smudge a haircut as he is badly overdue.
All in all a happy at home rushing and no big jobs......bliss!!!

Hope you are having just as good a weekend.