Saturday, 28 April 2012

Number Crunching!!!

As you know I am working on using up some of my older papers and offcuts. I've made a huge pile of these number cards also sizing the numbers to use up a lot of white card offcuts so that's a little space to fill with something!!!
I used the Cricut Base Camp cartridge to cut the numbers.
The background paper is MME from a glitter stack but I'm not sure about the pink swirl paper as it was just an offcut with no info on the back.

Today is not my favourite day. It's mucking out day at Manic Towers so lots of sofa shifting and poking about in dusty corners.
The sooner I get it done the sooner I shall get upstairs so I'll get off and do it.
Hope your Saturday is a little more exciting.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Black Again!!!

I just can't leave it alone can I?
Another digital image but this is in my 'unknown sources' folder so I can't credit where it came from.
Love the little sentiment plaques I picked up from The Works as they come with foam tape on the back and make quite a nice change from peeloffs.
Paper is gcd Studios.

Our trip out today was scuppered by the weather so instead we have had rather a hectic fun filled day at home. I am so pooped that I just can't face going up to my workroom and am going to spend the evening watching The Apprentice followed by a film with DD.
I have a day to myself tomorrow so I'll catch up with my crafty jobs then.

I'm off for a shower though I would prefer a relaxing bath. I am soooo missing my bath.

Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tulip Thank You!!!

There is still a huge pile of papers and offcuts that need using up so what better than cutting out huge flowers to use it up.
This tulip shape is from a Fiskars Shapecutter template but it would be quite simple to cut by hand.
I just drew through the template and trimmed around the outside of the drawn line.
The leaf is also from the template and is cut from green card and embossed.
Papers are gcd Studios and Basic Grey.
Sentiment stamp is Penny Black.....I think.

Miss Doodle has been in the house today and on top form after her weekend away. We had a lovely walk out in the sunshine this afternoon and I think I enjoyed it more than Ruby did. It was so good to be out in the fresh air and soaking up some sun. Different tale tonight though as it has gone pretty chilly and I am snuggled up in my pj's about to watch something on one of the catch up channels. I've been watching Get Your House In Order on 4od. My word I thought I had some stuff but I have nothing compared to the people on there. Watch will make you feel quite!!!

DD is planning a day out tomorrow for us with Ruby. I don't know where we'll end up but it's sure to be a fun day with Miss Doodle in tow.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 23 April 2012


Well.......I have actually been making some cards over the last few days.
This card is made using a free image from The Graphics Fairy which has been printed onto some soft cream card. The edges have been inked with Distress Inks and I also added some to the paper from gcd Studios.
The sentiment from Woodware has been stamped onto a Cricut diecut label.
Ribbon, lace and button from stash.
If I had my way all my cards would be either black and cream or black and white. I just love the simplicity and elegance of those two colourways.
Elsewhere at Manic Towers......we are still awaiting a visit from the joiner to shelve out the bathroom and put the new door on. We're not without a door as the old one was put back on temporarily but I want me new one and I want somewhere to put me stuff.
No Miss Doodle today as she is travelling back from a weekend in London visiting the other grandparents. Can't wait for a kiss and cuddle tomorrow.
DD is just about sick with excitement. It's two weeks today until she sets off for New York.........I may slap her before the two weeks are up.......or at least lock her in the shed. Just's lovely that she has something to look forward to.
I have to wait a little longer for my holiday which isn't until September but Mr Manic and I are going away by ourselves. We are trying to decide between Scotland and Norfolk......both places we want to visit. Plenty of time to make our minds up though.
Ah go and feed the hungry horde.
Thanks for your visit.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts again over the last few days.
I have had Mr Manic home for nine days on holiday from work and my day to day routine goes straight out the window when he is under my feet for any length of time.
I've had so many trips out this last week that I nearly forgot what the house looked like.
Yesterday we went to visit my BIL and his partner who have just taken delivery of a gorgeous new baby girl called Jasmine. She is soooooo tiny.  BIL......a first time dad at fifty two is like a dog with two tails and it's just wonderful to see him so happy.
On the way home I snuck in a visit to Pear Tree Yard to pick up some envelopes and also managed to snag a Martha Stewart Circle Cutter at a bargain price. It may not turn out to be such a bargain as so far I am not impressed. I will persevere however and see if I can produce some circles that don't look like they have been chewed out by the!!!
Miss Doodle is in the house today and has just gone down for her nap so I am going to try and get a couple of jobs done while she sleeps.
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Anniversary Heart!!!

Yet another anniversary card. I was woefully short of them for the shop so there has been a mega heart and flowers frenzy going on here over the last week or so. Thankfully I think I have enough for now and can move on to something else.
The hearts are from a new Sizzix Frame die set and the paper I made the frame with is so old that it has whiskers.

We have had a fun filled week here at Manic Towers with our little angel Ruby. She has been on top form in the comedy department and ribs have been aching with laughing so much.
Yesterday we nipped over to Tamworth to do some shopping and of course we ended up in Hobbycraft. They've had a new wooden floor in there and Ruby thought it was fabulous so we had to dance on it.
Oh my life she had me spinning around in the aisles while she shouted 'I'm Cinderella', 'I'm Fairy Godmuvver'. The look of joy on her face totally overcame any feelings I had of looking like a complete prat.
The fun continued when we got home. She had taken a shine to a packet of assorted chenille and glitter stems in Asda. They were bunches of flowers, a microphone when she sang to us and then bracelets on her arms and ankles while she danced for us.
My grandaughter is awesome.

There have been a few crafty treats this week as DD took us to Bridgemere. She gave me some money for my birthday which isn't until tomorrow so I had pennies to spend. I treated myself to a very huge pad of papers for male cards. 180 sheets of MME deliciousness to go with my Dude cartridge for the Cricut. I also got a set of Spellbinder foliage dies. Another couple of bits picked up yesterday and I still have some money left so I may save that and have a trip to The Range on Monday to stock up on foam pads and other essentials.

Mr Manic has his thoughts firmly on his stomach today so before I can do anything else I have to prepare and cook a beef casserole for our evening meal.
Best go and get on.
Thanks for your visit.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hopping Around!!!

Another plain and simple card.
Hearts are by Paper Cellar and the flowers are made using a Woodware punch.

I'm hopping around a bit today after a bit of an accident this morning. I caught my big toe on the front of the sofa when I was putting Ruby down for a nap and ripped a huge chunk of nail off. By gum it didn't half hurt but I didn't realise what I had done until I had left a trail of blood through the lounge and kitchen. I did a bit of doctoring on myself to remove the bit that was hanging off and now it's strapped up it's not too bad. Just keeping everyone out of my way so they don't stand on it.
Ruby is fascinated with it and I have to keep taking my sock off to show her my plaster. She touches it gently and says 'poor grandma'.......better than any pill off a doctor that is.

Anyway best go and feed Mr Manic else I shall get sacked.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Where There's Muck!!!

After spending all day ferreting in mucky corners and cleaning up all the builders dust I thought I would post a nice clean card tonight.
I love the embossing on this card.

To treat myself for all my hard work today.......and because I am have just watched the last of the Amish programmes. They have been brilliant and I have so enjoyed learning more about their way of life.

Another peaceful day tomorrow but I can't start on the work I want to do until DD gets up at lunchtime so I will be crafting for a while before I get the bucket out.
Bed is calling me now though so I shall go and have a read with a nice cuppa before snuggling down to sleep.
Night night.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cosmo Butterfly!!!

A simple card to use up some nine square backgrounds I made ages ago using up some sheets of squares from a Cosmo Cricket kit. Luckily I had enough offcuts of paper to cut out butterflies to match.
I've made quite a pile of these in various colours but this red is my favourite.

I'm getting pretty fed up of feeling 'off it' now. I still have this cold. It's not as bad as it was but now my lips are erupting in cold sores. I must be very run down as I only get them when I am at my very lowest. It's my follow up visit to the doc on Tuesday so I think I will mention it then.

The bathroom basics are in place now. Just waiting for the joiner to replace the old door and do the shelving in the alcove and then I can start the tarting up bit. Mind you there's not much to tart up apart from a new mirror, loo roll holder and baskets for the shelves so that's not going to take long.

It's been a good crafting day today which is a good job as tomorrow is a housework day. Mr Manic will be at work and DD will be in bed so with nobody under my feet I should get everything done that I need to.

Right...I am off to 4oD now. I'm watching the two series about the Amish which are absolutely fascinating.
Thanks for your visit.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring Flowers!!!

 Some simple cards made using images from PC Crafter and some Dovecraft paper.
Unfortunately I discovered that PC Crafter is no more when I went to the website the other day.

We now have a loo and a shower......yay!!! There is a problem with the's too big. I have phoned B&Q this morning and they are going to exchange it for a smaller cloakroom basin. Just need DD to awake from her slumber now to take me to fetch it.
So by midweek we should have a functioning bathroom. We have to have the old door put back for now as there is no modern equivalent size and they have to be cut down. Mr Manic has said that I can have a custom made ledge and brace door with a latch which is something I have always wanted so I am one very happy bunny.

Lasagne sauce is simmering on the stove so I am off upstairs to do some card packing.
Thanks for your visit.

Lovin' Dude!!!

I am so loving the Dude Cricut cartridge. It's very fiddly cutting out all the layers but I find it quite therapeutic to sit and have a cutting session.
The background paper is Costco. It seems like all of my male papers are in that collection and I am just about out now so I must have a look round for some replacements.

No Ruby tomorrow as the other grandparents have been up for the weekend looking after her while mummy and daddy went to some kind of function. So first stop is the docs in the morning for my annual fasting bloods, then drop off some cards at the shop before I come home to get busy in the kitchen making a lasagne. Once that's done the day is my own apart from making tea for the builder so I shall be doing some more card packing and hopefully making. My mojo seems to have come home and I have got quite a few done this weekend thanks to Mr Manic taking pity on his poorly wife and doing all the cooking.
Oh lordy.....look at the time. I had best get to bed seeing as I need to be up early.
Tara for now......and thanks for your visit.