Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I reckon that when Santa dropped by on Christmas Eve he went and nicked me mojo and it's now snuggled up at his house in front of a roaring fire having a jolly good old rest.
That's the only explanation for me not having a single bit of inspiration despite now having a few days off from child caring/cooking/cleaning etc.
To try and jump start it I am having a sort out of ribbons and papers. Once that's done.....if it still isn't back then it will be on to the stamp collection.

We had a very nice Christmas. The edge was taken off it a bit with car troubles, a car accident and the stress of trying to keep a meal in a fit state to be eaten when the guests finally arrived on Christmas Day but all in all it was fine.
Ruby was spoiled rotten by everyone and found it all a little bit overwhelming so she went off early to go to bed.
I can't go out now for a couple of days as I am on call to take Miss Doodle at short notice if DDIL should get called in to work......and I must say I don't mind at all. In fact it's quite blissful.
Anyhoo I'm off to untangle a few more ribbons.
Hope you all had a fab Christmas.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry, Merry, Merry

We have to dismantle the computer today to be able to fit the tables in the back room ready for tomorrow so......................

Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year 

Hope to be back on Boxing Day.
Have a cracking Christmas


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

All Done!!!

Well I am absolutely shattered and I don't think my feet have ever hurt so much but it's done. All the last minute pressies are bought. DD and I have a heavy wrapping night ahead of us tomorrow and then all that's left is the fresh food shopping on Friday morning and somehow turning the back room into a festive dining room.
I can't wait for the day itself. To have Ruby sitting at the table with mummy and daddy, two sets of grandparents and two aunties. To see her little face when she sees the flickering candles and the twinkling lights. Just what Christmas is all about.
Hope your preparations are going well too.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

All Is Calm!!!

and all is very, very bright in the box containing the thirty snowflake napkin rings all done and dusted. I am glad they are done but will be sorry to see their twinkliness gone when they are delivered to the bride tomorrow. Also in the box are the table names. The table plan will be done on Boxing Day when I am home alone due to Mr Manic having to return to work at 6am and DD will mostly be in bed due to returning to work on a nightshift.
So now all is calm. There are no more orders and I can concentrate on getting ready for the Manic Towers Christmas Bash on Christmas Day.
This morning I have made a start on the winter warmer bags for everyone. Hot chocolate, candy canes, marshmallows, gingerbread men and snowflake biscuits. This year I have gone a bit posh and bought the ready to decorate white bags with handles and used Basic Grey papers to decorate them. They will be going on the table so I wanted something that would stand up. I'll take a pic when they are finished.
Christmas cards are nearly written on and I am just about to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen baking and making my final shopping list for the food.....bliss!!!
Woke up to a good old snow storm this morning but it was just the filthy slushy stuff and now all that's left is a sprinkling on the shed roof and lawn. It seems to be freezing over though so the garden steps are slightly treacherous until I can find the bag of grit Mr Manic bought.....and obviously hid.
Well I'm off to soak up some Christmassy smells in the kitchen.
Bye for now and thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 16 December 2011

It's All About The Snow!!!

There are still snowflakes coming out of my ears. Today I am going to be finishing off the napkin rings above. I set myself a right old job with these I can tell you. I'm not a fan of diecut glitter card as I usually find that diecutting it leaves a dull edge around the shape so these have been cut from cream card, sprayed with Stick an Stay adhesive and covered with Glamour Dust. I did assemble the two together first.......not being quite mad enough to do them!!!
The tartan napkin is just for display for the photograph I think there will be cream ones at the wedding and they should look fab.
The snowflakes are from the Spellbinders Snowflake Pendant set.
.........and just as I started to write this post it started snowing outside. Lovely big fat flakes which lasted all of two minutes...bah!!! I got so excited too.
Well it's a bit chilly down here in the back room so I am off up to the workroom and I am going to put the heater on and craft the day away......and keep checking the window for snowfall.
Thanks for your visit.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


So sorry for the lack of posts over the last week or so. It's been a bit mad here.
Ruby has been very poorly and is only just getting back on her feet. Fortunately we managed to avoid her having to stay in hospital and we have looked after her at home.
Not a lot of crafting been going on here as you can imagine but she has been collected a little earlier tonight, tea has been had and Mr Manic....bless him is doing the washing up so I am off upstairs for a couple of hours to work on an order and then tomorrow I have to finish the napkin rings and table plan with a hope of delivering them at the weekend...we'll see how it goes.
Thanks for your visit......if anyone is still visiting.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Up To My Neck In..........!!!

Snowflakes.......oh how I wish they were the real thing but unfortunately not. These are paper ones which will be assembled into toppers for napkin rings for a winter wedding. Once they are done I have the seating plan to do and that is one wedding down and one to go.

It is officially cold enough now for me to start on my annual reading of Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher......just to get me in the mood for Christmas. I can't read it when I am chucking the duvet off every five minutes. I like to snuggle up. My copy is so battered now and doesn't even have a front cover anymore as Ruby ripped it off last year.

Poor Miss Doodle has been quite poorly over the last few days. She ended up at the hospital with a fever. It turned out that she had an infection and needed antibiotics. Mummy stayed at home with her today but she is coming to me tomorrow.

Well Mr Manic will be home soon so I had best go and sort him out some tea so he doesn't sack!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Butterflies, Poorliness And Peace!!!

Just one or two..........

..........simple cards to use up stash.
Top card I used a Go Kreate die for the pink layer.
Butterfly is Cuttlebug.
Border punches are Martha Stewart.

My little Doodle was rather poorly yesterday while I had her. I knew there was something wrong as she didn't want her breakfast. That is so unusual as she loves her porridge.
Then she had an upset stomach and once we had her cleaned up all she wanted to do was sit on my lap and go to sleep. She had about  twenty minutes or so and when she woke up she was burning hot so I gave her Calpol and sat back down with her while she just lay in my arms and we talked about Christmas and Santa. Half an hour later she was as right as rain but spent the rest of the day wanting cuddles.......which is just fine by me and at hometime she was back to normal. Haven't a clue what had been wrong but I was so glad she was better before I sent her home.

Today has been utterly of those rare 'whole day upstairs' days. I have cut hundreds of card blanks with no interruptions apart from Mr Manic calling me down for lunch and a quick visit to the kitchen to whip up some creamed garlic mushrooms for Mr Manic to have for his tea.
I thought this was the best job to do today as the cutting them as I need them I have been doing lately just doesn't work for me when I have so little time to spend up there..
Tomorrow I am gutting the back room, cleaning it and shifting furniture around ready for Christmas Day. I need to see if the table arrangement is going to work to fit nine of us in......if not it's back to the drawing board.

For tonight.....I am not the least bit tired as I slept ten hours straight last night.......must have needed it. So I am starting again on Bones Season Six.

Thanks for your vist.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Poppy Mania!!!

Tis true.......I've gone crackers for the poppy stamp.
It's huge and also very easy to cut out.
Used it once again with Cosmo Cricket papers and also one of their self adhesive alphabets. I have hundreds of the blame things so they are getting stuck pretty much anywhere and everywhere.
Border punch is by Martha.

Doodle Bird has not long gone home. She's been very gorgeous all day apart from trying to destroy the Christmas tree and pushing the flap right in on the front of the DVD player....luckily DD did a save on that one.
Have spent a good part of the day going through Doodles new comic In The Night Garden..........what the heck is that all about? I've never seen such a load of drivel in my life. Next time I am out I shall be looking for something a little more normal. The sixty free stickers did keep her amused for a full half an hour though.
Ah well....washing up needs doing and no volunteers so it looks like it's my job as usual.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

I'm Done!!!

I've really had it with Christmas cards now. The stand at the shop is full and all my orders are up to date so I thought I would take time out to make a start on everyday cards ready for when the Christmas cards come out.
I wanted to use up some Cosmo Cricket papers and this gorgeous poppy stamp from Indigo Blu. What doesn't show very well in the picture is the lovely glaze on the poppy which came about by accident. I had stamped the image onto some pink distressed paper and sprayed it with Crafters Companion Irridescent Glitter. It looked pretty horrible so I took a red ProMarker and coloured over the spray which made it look more like a shimmery glaze than glittery and I love it. I shall be trying that again. The pen does turn the spray sticky at first but once it's dry it's fine.

Well it's been proper busy at Manic Towers. I've had Ruby ten days on the trot....including the three days away as DS had to go away for a couple of days and was away on his rest day. I am expecting to have her extra this next week too as he will be away again for a few days.
The Christmas tree has gone up today as it's the nearest day to December 1st that DD has off to do it and I do like the tree up and flashing it's lights by December 1st.
Christmas shopping is nearly done. I can't believe I have been so organised this year as I am usually running around at the last minute. This week I will make a start on cooking for the freezer and get as much food prepared ahead as I can as there will be nine of us for lunch and tea.

I can't be doing with this warm weather we are having. I want cold and frost and SNOW at this time of year and to be snuggling. Instead I am still in sleeveless tops. It's just not right.
Anyhoo I am off to watch a film with DD as she is back to work tomorrow night and then I had best have an early night. Ruby wasn't at her best last week as she has her last teeth coming through and I was just a tad frazzled by the end of the week.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Back From Bath!!!

Another weekend gone by in a flash.
Went away on Friday with the Doodle family to babysit Ruby while her mummy and daddy went to a friends wedding. The wedding was in Bath but we stayed at Chippenham. I have to say that I would love to go back there. Such a nice place with some lovely shops.
On the way back yesterday we stopped for a walk round Bath. Wasn't so was a bit too big for me....but at least I can say that I've been.
Back to the daily routine now but I don't think there will be much in the way of crafting until later in the week although I do have to pack some cards for the shop tonight.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Vintage Holly Girl!!!

Using up some old, old paper from HOTP today that I have had for years. 
The image was from HERE  .........Thank you Chris.
Eyelet circle is Spellbinders.
Plain circle and tag are Quickutz.
Stamps on the tag are....Viva-holly flourish and Kars-greeting.
The flourish has been stamped in Versamark and brushed with gold mica powder.
I threaded the ribbon through a gold buckle to embellish the tag and added red nailheads.

Well I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps today. This cold I caught from Ruby is an absolute stinker and as if that wasn't enough I have had to go for blood tests and a flu jab today and the arm I got the flu jab in is very sore.......miserable old goat aren't I?!!!
Anyway I found enough energy to put a pan of stew on for tea tomorrow and wash the pots up so I'm going to look for something cheerful to watch on the computer and snuggle up with a nice cold drink to soothe my throat.
Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

It's A Card......At Last!!!

Nothing spectacular. Just stamping, colouring with Promarkers and a bit of glittering but I just needed half an hour doing something for me. It will be the last bit of quality time I get upstairs for a couple of weeks what with appointments and the weekend away with The Doodles.
Stamp is PSX
Paper is Basic Grey

DD and I have been doing quite a bit of shopping for the 'C' season. There will be nine of us for lunch and tea on Christmas day and I intend to be super organised about it all so that I can actually spend time with our guests and not in the kitchen.

An update on Smudge......he has his last appointment with the vet next Friday.....yay!!! Oh you should see his leg it's amazing. The nurse parades him round to everyone when he goes on a Friday for his check up as she is astounded by his recovery.

Miss Doodle has very kindly shared her current cold germs with me so I am off to snuggle in front of the computer and watch some more Law and Order.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.......!!!

.......that I have been missing in action this week.
I have been working hard to clear my order book before the weekend and this morning I had to go to the opticians to have photo's taken of my eyes which involved having drops put in them. Can't say I liked it much and everything has been blurry until the drops wore off so it was a bit uncomfortable trying to make anything.....believe me I!!!
Tomorrow we are taking Miss Doodle out to look at Christmas displays and to have a spot of lunch then Friday is mine......all mine yay!!!
Right I'm off to make tea for tomorrow night before I settle down for the night and watch a film with DD.
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Year Ago Today...........!!!

........we were all getting poshed up ready to go to a wedding.
I can't believe it's DS and DDIL's first wedding anniversary today....where does the time go?

Today I have the day pretty much to myself so I'm off up to the workroom to try and clear my order book and hopefully make a few more Christmas cards..........carefully ignoring the fact that the lounge needs a good dusting and vacuuming and the kitchen floor needs mopping. Those jobs can be done tomorrow while I wait for Sunday lunch to cook.

Right.....I am off to work.
Hope you all have a fab weekend.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

In A Pickle!!!

Oooh me poor hands.
Today I have chopped three huge red cabbages and prepared and pickled a carrier bag full of beetroot. It's starting to look like a pickle factory in here.....and smell like one!!!
This year's production so far.....
Three large jars plum chutney, three large jars apple, ginger and chilli chutney, two large and one small pickled onions, two huge jars pickled beetrrot and by tomorrow I will add two huge jars of pickled red cabbage.
I'm giving the piccalilli a miss this year but I am  going to have a go at something called Bread and Butter Pickles which I saw HERE They look scrumptious.
My hands were too sore to do any cardmaking this afternoon so I have been sorting ribbons and doing a bit of sorting out of files on the computer and getting my font collection under control.

In a couple of weeks I am going away for the weekend with DS, DDIL and Miss Doodle. They are off to a wedding in Bath and I am going to babysit Ruby while they go to the evening do so I shall have a small amount of free time to wander around by myself while they are all at the ceremony in the daytime. I think we are actually staying in Chippenham so does anyone know of any craft shops I could visit in the area that don't require transport as I don't drive. Or maybe I will travel into Bath with them and wander round there if there are any shops anyone can recommend. I love sewing shops too if there are any of those.

Right.....I am off to rest my weary old bones.
Thanks for your visit.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Beautiful Poinsettia-3!!!

 Can't stop making cards with this poinsettia die as you can!!!
This one is done in a pearlised cream card.
Heart and swirl are Sizzix Sizzlit dies and the holly leaves are punched and edged with gold pen.
........and one in it's my favourite colour.

It's been a nice peaceful day today with plenty of time upstairs to get lots of jobs done that have wanted doing for a while.
I'm also pickling onions at the moment ready for Christmas. Tomorrow is red cabbage day and Thursday will be beetroot day if I can get hold of some. Friday I might have a go at making some picalilli.
The Doodle family arrived safely at their holiday destination after getting lost........even with a sat nav. I missed my Doodle Bird the last couple of days.
I've bought a big pile of felt down with me tonight to cut out some Christmas things I want to make from my Tilda books so I shall start on that after the onions are jarred and after being very greedy and finishing Bones yesterday I am back to Law and Order which I shall have on while I am cutting out.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Shenanigans!!!

Here's the cake I made for DDIL's birthday/halloween party. It went down a storm. The inside is a green sponge cake.....suitably disgusting I thought. In the Asda brochure they had used white marzipan but the thought of eating that made my teeth curl up to the top of my head so I used ready roll icing and rolled it over caster sugar which gave a fab texture to the bandages plus a little sparkle.
Thumbs up to Asda for great idea.
The weather spoilt the party a little as it started raining about half an hour before it started and all the food had to be moved inside. It didn't rain for long but enough to wet everything thoroughly so we stayed inside once the kiddies had done the treasure hunt.
A Doodle Pumpkin....just good enough to eat. Oh she did enjoy herself bless her. My costume lasted all of two minutes. Doodle kidnapped my spider necklace and all the spiders from my cobweb apron, my hat blew off walking up the garden. I never saw it again and the cobweb was driving me nuts so that had to come off as well.
Ah well it was a good fun day.

The workroom has been a hive of non activity for the last few days what with birthday shopping and cake making Friday, the party yesterday and food/home shopping today. The desk has been tidied a little and I have sorted out some of the new envelopes and bags but that's it. However Miss Doodle and her entourage are off on holibobs tomorrow so I should get some work done this week......I hope so as I have another wedding stationery order in and some orders for special cards still to finish.

Right.....time for disc three of the new Bones methinks.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Beautiful Poinsettia-2!!!

I have a box full of these poinsettias ready for use so here is card number two.
The background is Basic Grey cut with the Vintage Cabinet Card Alterations die and edged with gold pen.
Circle is printed from a PC Crafter Hugware collection.
I haven't the foggiest idea where the greeting is from. I found a few of them in a box of Christmas bits.
I've also added some punched ferny bits. The poinsettia leaves were a bit OTT on this card.
Corners are punched with an EK Success punch which I have had for a long time so not sure if they still do this one.

Well....DDIL's presents are sorted and DD and I have our costumes ready for tomorrow. I'm a costume or make up really necessary!!! DD is the Grim Reaper. Honestly we were so excited shopping for the wouldn't think we were grown ups. It was amazing what we picked up from the pound shops.
I am just about to start on the birthday cake which is huge and I've pinched an idea out of the Asda seasonal brochure to make my life easier.
Best go and crank up the oven then.
Thanks for your visit.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Beautiful Poinsettia!!!

Oooh I do so love the new Spellbinders Poinsettia die set.
Here I have cut the flowers from Basic Grey and the leaves from gcd Studios and layered them all up with punched ferny things.
The background paper is also gcd Studios and the swirl is Sizzix.

Today has been a lovely day. It started off at Pear Tree Yard this morning where I stocked up on envelopes and bags. Mr Manic bought me two new sets of stamps......not Christmas so I will have to wait a while to play with those. We picked up a naughty bag of chips on the way home to share for lunch and then we had a visit from Miss Doodle and her daddy for an hour and apart from cooking tea I have spent the rest of the day upstairs and got twelve cards made.
Tomorrow I have a hospital appointment and then DD and I are off to Derby to shop for DDIL's birthday present and some dressing up stuff for her party on Saturday then I have to make her cake when I get back. After that I am parking my behind on the sofa and DD and I will be watching the new season of Bones......yay!!!

Back tomorrow with another card.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I am Still Crafting!!!

Honestly I!!!
I've finished the wedding stationery and got a couple of orders done. Still have a few to finish but today DD and I decided to make a few spiders homeless and have had a good old mucking out session in the lounge and kitchen. Unfortunately that made me want to go up and sort my pig sty of a workroom out as I have been feeling a little cramped up there. Just a few things to get back into place and then a tidy of the desk and I shan't know what to do in all the space I've made.
Miss Doodle will be here tomorrow and we are planning a long walk if it's a nice day as I feel in need of a good dose of fresh air.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It's Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas!!!

After a couple of rather trying days with the Doodle Bird I have had neither the inclination nor inspiration to be upstairs even though I have work that needs doing. Instead I have been soothing my tatttered nerves with a spot of chutney making.
Last night was Apple with ginger and chilli which I will be labelling Ass Kicking Apple Chutney as I put just a touch extra chilli in it and it does have a definite kick to it. Tonight I have made Plum Chutney which I have never made before and it is divine. I could almost break out the cheese, crackers and celery now just thinking about!!!
I've just had a lovely hot bath and am sitting in a nice cosy house. I lit the fire this afternoon as it has been a bit wet and miserable here so it's just perfect now for sitting chilling in front of Law and Order. That should get me fit and ready for another stint on the front line!!!
Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Random Card!!!

Just a random card made from bits that were on my desk.
The paper is Bo Bunny.
Lattice border punch is Fiskars.
Background circle is stamped with a Viva Christmas script stamp using Antique Linen Distress ink.
My gorgeous Doodle Bird in her spotty wellies. She's mad about tractors so we had to let her have a ride on this one up at the garden centre.

I've had a very productive day today finishing off and packing more Christmas stock for the shop. Mr Manic cooked lunch today bless him so that helped me to get on even though I've felt grotty all day. DD kindly passed on her cold to me a few days ago and I have a nasty cough and bunged up nose. Yesterday I didn't feel too bad but it was quite warm here today and at times I felt like I couldn't breathe.

Still working. Law and Order is going on and I am going to assemble the wedding invites while I watch it.
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 15 October 2011


.......yesterday we did the messy play thing and indeed messy is what it is. We did printing with bubble wrap and paint........well at least that is what we should have been doing but Ruby had other ideas. No paintbrush for her.....straight in with the hands scooping up great globs of paint and rubbing it onto her face, the chair, the table and DD and me.
Activity two was making a squishy picture which involved drawing onto coloured cellophane with marker pens this then went into a plastic bag along with the painted bubble wrap, several colours of paint, glitter, sequins, buttons and cooking oil. My word I thought I could get messy but now I think I am verging on neat freak after seeing that.......hope I don't have to go too often.

Today I had the opportunity to spend the whole day upstairs and what happens........I get an attack of the domestics and shampoo the kitchen carpet and the lounge rug so I ended up with only a couple of hours before I had to come down again to cook tea. I do have some cards that just need finishing off but I'll need to tidy up before I can do anything up there tomorrow.

Law and Order is going on now and I shall be Promarkering some stamped images while I watch it.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Best Laid Plans And All That!!!

Well today I had planned to get the wedding invitations pretty much finished and get started on some more Christmas cards (one design has already sold out at the shop and they have only been in since Wednesday)........however we shall be having a little visitor in the shape of Miss Doodle as her mummy has to go to work. Being Friday this means I have to take her to something called Messy Play so I shan't be getting dressed!!! After that I'll go and get the shopping done and take her to lunch.
Hopefully I'll get upstairs late afternoon after we have dropped Ruby back at the cottage so I may be back with a card or two later.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 10 October 2011

That Snowman Again!!!

Couldn't resist another play with him. He is just so gorgeous.
Background paper is from The Clipart Fairy.
Letters making up the word 'snow' are cut on the Cricut using the Base Camp cartridge, white card and silver self adhesive glitter film.
Embellishments are clear snowflake buttons with a slight hint of colour to them.

Despite the wind it's been a tad warm here today so no cosy fire to snuggle up by tonight. We have lit one the last couple of nights and it has been bliss. I do miss my coal fire through the summer when we don't have it lit.
This week I am starting to go through the freezers to use up things so that I can make room for Christmas food. I'm going to make a batch of homemade stuffing and bread sauce to freeze and the usual mince pies. There are apples from a neighbour which I am going to turn into chutney this weekend and I may go to the market for plums to make other chutney. Last year I did green tomato but Mr Manic didn't grow tomatoes this year so no greenies to make any......that was my favourite one too.

Miss Doodle arrived this morning in her new pink spotty wellies and the only time she has taken them off was to have her bath after tea. They had to go straight back on though.....with lime green and blue pj's.......she thought she was the bees!!!
She has two favourite songs at the moment which I have to keep playing for her on You Tube. Jessie J's Price Tag and Ollie Murs My Heart Skips A Beat. I used to like both of them.....not anymore!!!

Ah well.....I have a few jobs to finish before I can settle down so I had best get them done.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Christmas House!!!

 At last.......a card.
I put the finishing touches to a stack of these today before starting on my mammoth packing session.
Tree-Sizzix (old die trimmed down)
Snow Mound-Sizzix
Sign is made with a Cuttlebug rectangle and hand cut strip.
 Is this the life or what?
Smudge enjoying an afternoon nap and wearing one of his dads socks over his dressings to try and stop him's working very well.

I'm a bit achey after twelve hours upstairs so I've had a nice hot bath and am now going to relax with an episode or two of L&O before bed.
Miss doodle will be here bright and early so maybe I'd best just watch!!!

Thanks for your visit.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Day In The Workroom!!!

Had a fabulous day upstairs today......yes a whole day. It has been somewhat frantic as I have been finishing Christmas stock for the shop and DDIL's office then tomorrow it needs packing and sorting before delivery on Monday. Once I have done that I need to make up a couple more samples for the wedding stationery I have been commisioned to do and once the final choice is made it will be all sytems go to get that done by the end of the month and there's a stack of orders for birthday cards to do. So I am being kept pretty busy.
I'll try and get some pics of stuff I've done tomorrow too as I missed the light today.

Smudge is doing very well. The vet was so pleased with his progress when he went for his appointment yesterday and I think rather surprised at the level of care he is getting. Why wouldn't we look after him though......we love him.
Mr Manic has been given some information which may lead to the man whose dogs were responsible for the attack. The police were unable to find him from the partial number plate he got at the time so hopefully this might lead somewhere.

Well I am off to prepare the veg for tomorrows lunch while I watch Law and Order.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Snowman Silhouette!!!

I am in love.......with my new snowman. It's taken a long time for me to decide to buy it and I am so glad I did.
There was just one sheet of the background card from Kanban in my stash so I made it count and got four cards out of it.
The snowman was decorated with some peeloff sheet left to go...yay!!!.....and gemstones.
The pic isn't brilliant as I took it tonight so I'll try and remember to retake it on Wednesday in daylight then replace this one.

Ruby has been gorgeous today. She loves her play area and grandad went out and got her a beanbag so that she has somewhere to sit when she reads her books......she thinks it's a cuddly toy and sits on the sofa with it by her!!!

I'm suffering a bit tonight with indigestion. Not something I get a lot but I added a twist to the fish pie I made for tea and I think that is what has nobbled me. There's not a drop of Gaviscon in the house and I can't use the tablet things that hubby uses as they make me sick. I'll have to hope it clears up on it's own. episode of Law and Order then bed for me.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Oh Deer-3!!!

I seem to be doing a lot of deer cards this year and I rather like this deer image by Inkadinkado with this Basic Grey paper.

Today I am cooking an early lunch and then I am off upstairs to have a play with my Tim Holtz Alterations snowman die which arrived yesterday. I ordered it from Country View Crafts at 2:30pm on Friday and it was here by 10:30am yesterday. What fabulous service..........along with great prices and free postage. I shall definitely be ordering from them again.

It's a bit cooler here today which I am thankful for. It means I can wear the new slippers DD bought for me without feeling like my feet are going to burst open.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Using Up Again!!!

Waling into the Basic Grey pile at the moment and this combination of papers is a personal favourite.
The snowman is Inkadinkado and the greeting is from a set of free stamps which were on the front of a recent magazine.
Circles are Quickutz.
Snowflakes are a stamen punch by Leone M and a sparkle by Papermania.

Absolutely mad day today. DD and I have stripped the wallpaper in the back room, washed the walls, painted the ceiling, painted the walls and got all the furniture back in......all before tea time at 7pm. It's not a huge room but we are quite chuffed with ourselves.

An update on our boy Smudge........
His leg is on the mend and the skin is starting to knit together. Still dressing it three to four times a day but he is off his medication now which is a relief as it was getting impossible to disguise it in his food and traumatic for both him and us to try and give it to him by pushing it down his throat.
He's getting back to his old self now and isn't quite as sleepy all the time as he has been for the last three weeks. The bark is back with a vengeance and I will never ever tell him to shut up ever again. It's been horrible having him so quiet.

Doodle Bird is down south this weekend seeing her other grandma and grandad. Can't wait for her to see her own little corner here in the back room when she comes on Monday.

I'm off to relax with a bit of Law and Order SVU now.
Thanks for your visit.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Distress Santa!!!

Hey there.......long time no see.
I can't believe it's nearly a week since my last blog post but then again I suppose I can really as it's been a pretty busy week yet again here at Manic Towers.
There have been a few snatched sessions here and there for making cards but mainly at night so no hope of taking pics up in what has become known as 'The Cave'.'s one of the cards I have managed to get done.
Stamp-Tim Holtz
Paper-gcd Studio
Tree is a very old Sizzix die trimmed to give a curved bottom edge, embossed and inked over with a Brilliance Galaxy Gold ink pad.
Ribbon and button from stash.
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Get A Grip Woman!!!

I don't know why but I just don't seem to be able to get on top of the housey type jobs at the moment. Everyone seems to be in messy mode just now and as soon as I clean and tidy....they mess it up. I'm spending a lot of time with my teeth clenched and steam pouring out of my ears but trying not to lose my temper. The whole house looks like a whirlwind has passed through it.
DD and I have decided to tackle the back room next weekend as it has just become a dumping ground again.

Bad news today that the builder isn't starting the bathroom now until after Christmas.......I could cry I honestly could. He's promised that we will be the first job on the list in the new year.

Smudge keeps nibbling at his bandages until he exposes his wound and then starts nibbling at that so I have had to come up with a solution for it......I bought some childrens tights then removed one leg and cut them so that his waste disposal areas are clear, slipped one leg over his bad leg and the waist band over his belly. I had hoped that he would be able to leave his lampshade off but he managed to remove the tights so it's back on along with the tights and so far so good.

Anyway....blow the housework for now.....tomorrow is another day. For now I am going to relax and watch the last of Bones and then start on Law and Order SVU again.

Thanks for your visit.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I've Been Doodled!!!

My word Miss Doodle has kept me on my toes today. I feel like I've been done on a boil wash and then thoroughly mangled. I've just been upstairs to try and do some crafting to wind down but I think she has got me so hyper that it just didn't happen. I could do with a large glass of something alcoholic........unfortunately I don't!!!

Smudge is coming along fabulously. His leg is looking good and he is regaining a bit of his joie de vivre which is what I have missed. Another visit to the vet tomorrow will probably have him down in the dumps for a couple of hours or so....he hates going there at any time.

I think I'll go and have a soak in a nice hot bath with something that smells good and then settle down and watch a bit more Bones. I am on season five again and there's not long to go before the release of season six........yay!!!

Bye for now.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Christmas Pud!!!

I'm not over fond of eating Christmas pudding but I do like to see them on cards.
Kraft cardstock cut with a Sizzix die and stamped with a large Kars spotted background. Another circle cut from cream pearl card and trimmed for the cream,custard or brandy butter......take your pick.
Holly is punched with a Dovecraft punch and the berry is a punched circle embossed from the back.
Papers are HOTP (free from a magazine) and I think DCWV.
Sentiment stamp is from an old Papermania set.

Me little boy is home where he belongs. Unfortunately it has fallen upon me to play nurse and be in charge of changing his dressings four times a day. My stomach is not happy with me. What with Ruby and her nappies and Smudge and his poor little leg....I'm not sure I will ever eat!!!
He is very happy to be home and has spent the day stretched out on an old duvet sleeping and rising occasionally to eat, drink and wee. The only thing that's worrying me is that he isn't barking but I'm sure that will come as he gets better.

Right.....domestic duties call. I'm off to make a tomato sauce for a lasagne so it can sit overnight. Things always taste better when they have sat I think.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Oh Deer-2!!!

Today's card is made using a gorgeous stamp from a set by Kanban. The set consists of various sized solid and outline reindeer along with snowflakes and some sentiments. It is truly beautiful.
I've stamped onto plain white card and then added double sided adhesive to the whole piece and covered with irridescent glitter.
The tartan background is also Kanban.

I am so disappointed. I phoned the vets this morning to see how Smudge is and they said that they were happy for him to come home today. When they looked at the appointment book though they couldn't fit us in so it will be tomorrow now. They will show us how to dress his leg.
I don't think he has been eating very well as the lady I spoke to asked if we could take some of his own food in and also some carrots as he wolfed the one down that we left him yesterday.......he must be missing them as he has one every night at bedtime without fail.......a bit like a baby going to bed with a!!!

Well I've had a potter about upstairs, sorted out my cardstock and tidied up a an effort to find the 'C' plate for my Cuttlebug which I have mislaid.
Now I am on domestic duties and have just put a pot of homemade soup on to cook. Just need to make some cheese topped herb scones to serve with it and then I am back off upstairs.

Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Kids Christmas!!!

I saw these cute snowmen last year made with a Top Note die which I don't have so I have used my Tim Holtz Ornamental die which works just as well. idea sorry. It was out of my bit box and I couldn't find any with a manufacturer's name on.
Holly is punched from a piece of Paper Adventures Crackle vellum. The berry is made from a circle punch and I have embossed it with with a large embossing tool from the back.....same with the nose.
As cute goes........I am quite liking this little fella.

We've been allowed to visit Smudge at the vets this morning and take him for a walk around the car park. I was very shocked when I saw the state of his's the first time I have seen it.
They've had to strip the skin off it and it's just red raw which is why they are keeping him there. They are dressing it four times a day with wet dressings to keep it moist. I was surprised that he managed to put his weight on it though when we took him out.
No mention yet of when we will have him home but I can't wait. The house is just not the same without him.

Managed to get a good start on the painting yesterday but it's not quite finished as the hall took ages with all it's fiddly bits.......and I hate the paint colour. It wasn't my original choice and it's too pale but Mr Manic will murder me if I ask for a different colour so I'm stuck with it.

Well I'm off upstairs for a bit until it's time to cook the veg and stuff for our late roast. Mr Manic won't be home until after six but we do like to sit down together for our Sunday meal.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Oh Deer!!!

A few more Basic Grey scraps with stamps from Viva and Papermania.
I also used up some metal corners that I have had for years.
Snowflake corner punch is by Martha Stewart.

Having a busy day today. DD and I have an appointment with a paint brush, a paint pad and a tin of Dulux Endurance.......oh joy!!!
Yes the hall, stairs and landings will be finished over the weekend thank goodness. If you could see the area we have to tackle you would know how daunting that is.....but it's no good me sitting here waffling.....I'll go and crack on with it.

Thanks for your visit.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bling Bird & A Smudge Update!!!

Using up Basic Grey papers today paired with an Inkadinkado stamped image. The bird is blinged up with gems and glitter.

Poor Smudge is away from home for a few days. He has to stay at the vets as he has an infection in his leg. Tomorrow they will operate again to remove nasty stuff and then leave the wound open to the air to help it dry. I have cried so much today that I don't think there is a drop of liquid left in my body. I miss him.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


A scrap of paper from my bits box, flowers and letters that wanted using up and Bob is your!!!
I made several cards in this style and they look much better in real life than they do in the pic......the light in my room is diabolical.

That's all for tonight. After a busy day with the Doodle Bird I have a date with the sofa, a DVD and Johnny Depp to feast my eyes on.....yum!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Deck The Halls!!!

Today's card is I think my favourite one so far this year.
The stamp is by Woodware but slightly altered as I removed the bow  to allow me to use ribbon instead of colouring it.
Stamped in Memento Cottage Ivy and coloured with Promarkers.
Finished off with Glossy Accents and a little Frosted Lace Stickles.
The shaped piece is cut using an On The Edge die by Tim Holtz.
Paper is Making Memories.

It's been a Doodle Day today. Yes Miss Ruby has been in da house. I've not seen a lot of her for a coupe of weeks as mummy and daddy have been on holiday and they've been doing family things....catching up with friends etc. I am amazed at how much she has changed in such a short time.
We had a fabulous day and I can't wait to see her tomorrow.

Smudge is doing fine. His tail is wagging again and he's had a couple of little barks. He does keep nibbling at his dressings however and Mr Manic had to rush him off to the vets to get his leg re-bandaged. He wasn't due for that until tomorrow really.
I'm more worried now about Mr M who is very down in the dumps. It's understandable I know but I think he either blames himself for what happened or feels he could have done more to save Smudge but he really couldn't have faced with two large vicious dogs who weren't on leads and were with an owner who obviously had no control over them.....and who, when Mr M asked for help said 'I can't'. Oh gawd I would have smacked him straight between the eyes.

Ah well I had best go and get some sleep to be up bright and early for Doodle Bird.
Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Quiet Day!!!

Today Mr Manic and I are quietly celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary has never been quite the same since since the dreadful happenings of 9/11 and today our thoughts are with everyone.

Smudge seems much brighter today. He ate his first meal since his operation at about midnight last night and he is very gingerly hopping about on three legs.
Mr Manic has taken him to the vets to get his dressings changed this morning.

Not sure if I'll get any crafting time in today. I did start some cards yesterday which I desperately want to finish off but I have DD and The Boyfriend coming back for a late lunch after a night away.

Thanks for your visit.

Friday, 9 September 2011

A Nasty Incident!!!

I'm sorry but I'm not in the mood for cardmaking today.
This morning both hubby and the dog were attacked by two vicious dogs in the woods where they were walking.
Mr Manic has a nasty bite on his hip but Smudge has fared much worse and has sustained some very nasty injuries to his back leg and throat which the vet says will take several weeks to heal. He is home now and getting lots of cuddles.
Thanks for your visit.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Simple Stocking Card!!!

I'm still trolling through my boxes and using up Christmas stuff I already have as I don't intend to buy any new stuff this year apart from stamps and maybe dies.
I made these stockings last Christmas and never got around to using them.
Dies used are-:
Holly Leaves-Quickutz
The sparkly strips are some self adhesive glitter paper that I have had for a couple of years but get this.......I did some in gold with red adhesive glitter paper and I've had that for about seven's that for!!! to go and be all domestic now as DD needs feeding before she goes to work then Mr Manic will be in later and he'll need feeding but he didn't want what we are having so I have to get him something else. I think I might just as well open a ruddy cafe.
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Monday, 5 September 2011

Sooooo Tired!!!

Well that was a bit of a manic weekend and I am absolutely shattered. Yesterday was a very happy day with our guests......DD's fella, DDIL plus her sister who is up from down south plus the gorgeous Ruby. For some reason the cooking of lunch went rather smoothly probably due to the fact I spent until midnight Saturday prepping the veg and stuff.
Miss Doodle was in very fine form yesterday. I haven't seen her for a week and she has changed so much in that short time. She now has a booster seat and can sit at the table with us to eat and she loved sitting with us all she eats much better when she has control of the eating irons.

Today I am having a pyjama day and making cards and I have a couple of orders in that need doing for tonight, a wedding card for a reception we are going to on Saturday and an anniversary card for Mr Manic as it is our 35th on Sunday. After that I need to tidy the desk off and then get on with the Christmas cards.

Hopefully I'll be back later with a card.
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Posh, Cute And Queezy!!!

Kanban foiled card I have had stashed away. I've made six of these cards and now have only half a sheet left.
Sentiment is from a Papermania clear stamp set from about three years ago I think.......if not!!!
Holly leaves are Paper Cellar.
Another snowman from PC Crafter.
Background paper is by The Clipart Fairy.
Using up white peeloff sentiments........down to one and a half sheets now.
Quick and easy using diecuts and some Kanban toppers I found on the shelf which I bought a couple of years ago. I don't usually buy toppers but I loved the images on the three sheets I did buy. Just the smaller bits to use up now.

Well fingers, eyes and toes crossed..........I have sorted out the computer and everything is looking good so far. I took the plunge and reset it to delivery condition, changed internet browser to Firefox and put back everything I lost. It's been on all day and not lost internet connection once so I am pretty chuffed.

I've had a pretty peaceful day today as DD has spent most of it down at the cottage with The Doodle Clan. They've been swimming and shopping and are watching a film tonight.
Mr Manic is home and vegging in front of the tv so once I've washed up and tidied the kitchen I am going to watch some Bones then get some sleep ready for a busy day tomorrow. The Boyfriend is coming to stay for a couple of nights so it's mucking out time and there's shopping to fetch so not much will be left in the way of time for crafting. Saturday should be good as they are going up to The Lakes for the day and I just have to prepare the evening meal and do a bit of baking.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


My most favourite of all my PC Crafter images are these two, love, love them. Especially the second one.
I've used Pink Petticoat snowflake and gingham papers and today's 'using up' is the wording and snowflake peeloffs.
Another productive day. Finished the nine cards I started yesterday which are the ones up yonder. I am being good and packing all the cards as they are done and I am just filling my second box of Christmas cards now. I need to make loads as I already have an order for fifty.

Just need to warn you that if I disappear from Blogland it's because I have kicked the computer down to the bottom of the garden. It is seriously getting on my nerves now. The internet won't stay connected and we have to keep resetting it. So far today we have reset it eight times. It keeps putting up a box saying 'Internet Explorer has stopped working'........I will punch it before long.

Anyhoo......tea is a-cooking so I am off to have a browse round some blogs while this heap of rubbish is behaving itself.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Traditional, Modern and Cheeky!!!

Stamped holly with tartan.
Stamp is Magenta. Embossed in gold and painted with H2O's.
Berries are Card Candi
Using up......peeloffs.....yay not got many Christmas ones left now.
Gorgeous pearl gold and silver card cut into tree shapes.
Using up ribbon offcuts and peeloffs.
Ruby's little face with a cheeky grin after she was bought a tumbler with a curly straw in it at the zoo yesterday. She has just learned how to drink through a straw and is sooooo chuffed with herself.

I've had a good day today......twelve of the tartan cards and eight of the tree cards plus nine others that just want finishing off tomorrow.
Must have worked off the migraine as it was gone by dinner time.
More cardmaking tomorrow but I will have to cook a roast dinner for Mr Manic when he gets in so I won't get quite so long upstairs.

Just off for a cuppa and a bit of Bones.
Tara for now.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Another week of prepping in snatched hours and no actual cardmaking. It's driving me nuts now.
Luckily I have no commitments tomorrow apart from making a bolognese sauce to go with some pasta for tea which I will get out of the way in the morning then the rest of the day I'm going to be upstairs come hell or high water.

DDIL took me shopping Friday afternoon. My normal shopping day is to whizz into Tesco and be back home in about one and a half took us four!!! After that I only had a couple of hours to whip round the house tidying before DS picked me up to go and babysit Miss Doodle. It's a good job I had spent those four hours with her as she wanted to go to bed and was asleep within half an hour of me arriving. I settled down and watch The Lovely Bones. What a fantastic film. I read the book a long time ago and loved it so didn't expect to like the film.
Yesterday I was up early and in the kitchen preparing a fabulous picnic to take to Trentham with us last night. We had a fabulous time. We ate our picnic under umberellas in the rain, we sang, we danced and arrived home just after midnight completely shattered.
I had to cry off the visit to the zoo today due to migraine so spent the day sleeping and pottering about flicking a duster and stuff.
Anyway I hope to be back with a card or two tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by.

PS.......Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger. I've had a heck of job to get this post done and I can't leave comments on blogs. It's doing my head in big time.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hello Stranger!!!

 Gawd this life and busyness thing doesn't half get in the way of doing anything remotely pleasurable like crafting......apart from a couple of hours stolen here and there.
I managed to make a couple of the card up yonder.
Paper is Crafty Individuals and I used it only as a last resort after going through my paper stash twice to find an alternative. I love it and it broke my heart to use it.
I think the rose is Rubber Stampede/Delta and it has been stamped in Versafine and coloured with Aquatone pencils and a damp paintbrush onto watercolour paper.
Background is stamped using a Viva stamp and coloured with distress inks. The rose was masked off first with Masking Magic.
 Last week we took the Doodle Bird out to a local farm centre and had a fabulous day.
Here she is milking the pretend cow.
I very nearly stuffed these up my jumper to bring home. Oh my word they were so cute.
Ruby was in her element as she loves look at but not to touch bless her.
I have to be honest and say it wasn't a day out I was looking forward to but it was a beautiful place and we will definitely be going back again. There was lots to see and do and there is a good restaurant with an adventure play area for the littlies.
For anyone who's interested it is called The National Forest Adventure Farm and can be found on Postern Road, Tatenhill, Staffordshire.

Well I've got a busy few days coming up with Ruby. Then Friday DDIL is taking me shopping after she gets home from work at lunchtime. I'm babysitting at nightime and then Saturday will be spent getting our picnic ready for Trentham when we go to see the open air showing of Mama Mia in the evening. Sunday we are all off to Twycross Zoo with DDIL's family. I have a few days grace then until next weekend when DD's fella is coming to stay again. I know I've said it before on earth did I ever find time to go out to work.

Mr Manic has had a bit of an expensive weekend. He washed his mobile with his work clothes on Saturday night and then on Sunday morning the tumble drier blew up.......we are now awaiting the third!!!

Anyhoo.....I am going to treat myself to a couple of episodes of Bones.......I've started again from the beginning........and then I am off to bed to get my strength up for a day with Ruby tomorrow.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.