Monday, 31 August 2009

K & Co Card!!!

A friend managed to pick me up one of the reduced packs of K & Co papers that were about a couple of months ago and the paper I have used for this card was in it. Such gorgeous colours and I love the images on it.
I've spent most of today sorting out stuff for a class tomorrow......that's if it's going ahead. I haven't heard from Deb and I don't like to ring her as she wasn't very well when she got back from her holiday. She caught quite a nasty cold.
I have also been sorting out my rather embarrassingly large stash of flowers and putting them into colour co-ordinated bags so that I just need to get out the colour I need rather than having to search every packet for the right one.
I am redesigning my workroom and as soon as I can afford it I am going to replace my mish mash of units with a couple of Expedit units from Ikea and fill it with gorgeous red boxes to hold all my stuff. Everything will be labelled and I shall be able to find any little thing I need..........well that's the theory!!!
Right.....I'm off to tidy up, pack my bag and make some more cards.
Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Although I buy new stamps every year for Christmas I do have boxes full of old favourites which I will never part with even though they don't get used. Most of them are good old fashioned rubber on a solid wooden block and they will never see the inside of a microwave or touch an acrylic block as long as I have them. The stamp used for this card is one of them. It no longer gets used for classes or for my own cards but it was perfect for what I wanted to do today so out it came.
I have stamped the image onto the silver glitter card that doesn't shed it's glitter and embossed it with Seafoam White EP.
Once cool I have sponged over the whole piece with Memories die inks in Port Red and Hunter Green. These are quite dark colours when used on ordinary card but using them on the glitter card softens them........which is just what I wanted.
I then removed the inside of the halo area with a craft knife and matted the piece onto pure white glitter card and then silver before mounting onto a card blank of the silver glitter card.
The letters are DCWV left over from last year and they have been decorated with punched silver stars.
The picture is the best I could get on a murky and wet afternoon. The silver looks very dark here but IRL is much lighter.
I can't believe what hubby did today. He went and bought me the Kodak printer when he went out shopping this morning. He says it's my Christmas present. How bloomin' fab is he?
I hope it's OK as I have read some very mixed reviews on it.
Well I have made that one card today (couldn't be bothered with the ones I started yesterday) and you should see the flippin' mess I have made. There's stuff everywhere and I badly want to go and tidy up but DD and hubby want me to watch a film which I believe is a guess who is going to be watching from behind a!!! I am such a wuss.
Hope you're having a great BH weekend.
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Oh Good Grief!!!

I can't believe it's nearly a week since I blogged.
Well at least all the jobs that went by the board while I was looking after the shop have been caught up on now and I have been up in my room for a while today. Got a bit of sorting out done up there and also started some cards. Nothing finished yet but they will be tomorrow and then I'll have something to blog at last.
DD is going out tonight so hubby is treating me to fish and chips for tea and then we are going to watch a film..........and don't ask me what as I am too embarrassed to tell!!! Oh it's not not my normal thing to watch.
I am loving this cooler weather. My feet are freezing and I have my fluffy socks on.....yay!!! Bring on the winter.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Nearly There!!!

Hi There,
Apologies for the lack of anything crafty again. I have had such a busy week at the shop. Not only have I had lots of customers I have also changed the shop around a bit and had a good clean......made quite a few spiders homeless..yuck!!!
The only stamps I have touched have been the ones I have been moving or tidying.
I only have today off and then I am in for three more days until Deb is back in on Thursday so I am pretty whacked right now.
Stayed over at the shop on Friday night to get some of the messier moving finished but once it was dark I felt a bit uncomfortable being in a lit shop and went upstairs to settle down for the night. Oh boy I had forgotten how noisy towns are at night. So much screaming and shouting and the language......phew it just about singed my!!!
Don't know if I dare say this without touching wood but.....I have had a whole week without a migraine.....yay!!! The first whole week for ages.
Just finishing off the washing now and then I might manage an hour upstairs. Was hoping to spend the morning up there until dinner but DS put the kybosh on that by phoning to enquire........did I leave a pair of running shoes at home when I moved out? left home fourteen months ago son. Oooh he does make me laugh. Anyway he still popped round after work even though the shoes were nowhere to be found and he has taken off with me breadmaker. Be lucky if we see that again this side of Christmas. He borrowed a DVD of hubbys last of his presents I might add........and we just got that back a couple of weeks!!!
Well I'm off as another load has just finished.
Thanks for dropping by.

ETA.......I meant to ask........does anyone have the Kodak ESP All in One Printer? Just wondering what it's like as I have my eye on it as a replacement for my Epson DX4450 which will no longer print properly.
I did speak to one lady who wasn't so keen on it as it wouldn't recognise the opacity level on some fadeout pictures she was doing. It just kept printing the original picture. She was using images from My Craft Studio so I was wondering if it's just that that is the problem or if anyone else has had the same problem with a different programme.
Any info would be appreciated before I part with any money.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wax On......Wax Off!!!

A card made using the wax paper resist technique. This has been embossed in a Cuttlebug folder before being ironed onto the gloss card.
Chandelier stamp is from a Prima set of clear UM's.
Ink used is Adirondack Cranberry.
Well I am proper put out today. Can you believe that my hubby forgot to pick me up from work? What a plank!!!
He was nearly an hour late so with being late home I bet I won't get much crafting done tonight as my printer needs a bit of messing with. It's not working very well.
I have cleaned the print heads using the programme for my printer but it still has faint lines across anything printed off. Could do without having to buy a new one if this one decides it's had enough.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Did you all think I had No just very busy at the moment as I am Big Boss now for a week at the shop while Deb is lying by a pool in Spain.
Yesterday I had an all day class and this is one of the cards we made.

This all started off as plain grey chipboard cut out with Sizzix dies except for the background piece. We embossed a couple of the pieces using Cuttlebug folders before painting them all with acrylic paints.
The large background piece was then given a coat of Ancient Page ink which we swooshed about with a baby wipe.
The flourish was given a coat of Versamark and a sprinkling of gold EP then heated.
The bird was spritzed with a Glimmer Mist then we applied rub on metallic wax and the flower was metal leafed using a Quickie glue pen and metal flakes.
Tomorrow I will show you our wax resist card.
...............and here are the ladies who made my Tuesday one of the most enjoyable days I have had for ages.
Lesley, Elaine, Annette and Jo.

Boy do these girls know how to ribs are still hurting and I have had people coming into the shop today wanting to know what on earth was going on in the workroom yesterday. I'm sure they thought we had The Chippendales up
Thanks so much girls for a fabulous day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.......and yeah....this is what I get paid for........How lucky am I?

Well as I said Deb is on holiday and before she went she said I could have a change around in the shop if I wanted. So today I have been moving stuff and dusting on the worst possible day. I think the hottest day of the year they said. I feel like I have been chargrilled, spit roasted and then toasted to make sure I was done. It's taking shape though and looking very nice so it will be worth it in the end but would it be wrong to pray for some snow right!!!
I only have Sunday off between now and next Wednesday so I don't know if I will get much done in the way of crafting until Thursday next week. It all depends how quickly I get the move around and clean up finished.

I've had a nice cool shower and feel nearly human again so I am off for a quick browse around some online stores and then I shall curl up with my book for an hour.
Thanks for dropping by and for your patience with my intermittent blogging.
Bye for now

Monday, 17 August 2009

Apologies.......Yet Again!!!

I seem to be going through a pretty bad patch with the Migraine Monster at the moment and I think maybe it's time to give in and go to see a doctor about it as they are getting worse.
Woke up with the aura yesterday and had a pretty rough day although I tried to keep going and not lie about doing absolutely nothing as that is worse for me.So spent the day just tidying things away and all I have done craftwise is to add a little more to a card I started on Friday which I will take a pic of later to post.
Hope I feel better today as I have work I need to get done.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Cricut Christmas!!!

Yay.......a card!!!
The picture isn't the best as the light was fading by the time I could take it. The colour is a more grungy Antique Linen colour IRL.
The papers are Papermania and I am using all the ones I don't like!!! I found the white a bit stark with this green so have used the distress ink to tone it down and then used the matching Stickles for the snowflakes.
Letters are from the Base Camp cartridge and the snowflakes are from the Noel Solutions cartridge. The buttons have been tied with linen sewing thread.

Well hubby has finished painting the outside of the house and it looks lovely. We are the only house with co-ordinating garden!!! Everything from the house to the gate has a very dashing splash of Country Cream....including the lawn. He's a very sharing sort of fella...especially with a brushful of!!!

I will be back to the wallpapering this weekend. It won't be long now before it's finished thank goodness.

A bit weary tonight so I am off for a read and an early night.
Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What Do I Have To Do............!!! get some crafting time?
There is so much going on here at Manic Towers at the minute that by the time I get upstairs I am just too tired to do anything. Plus the Migraine Monster has visited again which I am thinking is due to the rise in temperature. Although this time it was a bit nastier than usual and it felt like someone had reamed my eye out with a jack hammer.
I am off upstairs now and if I don't get something made before bed time well I think I will give it up as a bad job and become a nun or something.......ha ha.........they'd soon kick me back!!!
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Bad Blogger!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days.
Thursday I wasn't well when I got in from work and then Friday I was busy doing things that had to be done.
Today hubby hasn't been well so he has been getting some mollycoddling plus I have been cleaning as we have my BIL coming for dinner tomorrow.
Life sure gets in the way of crafting.

Anyway hubby is now settled on the sofa with a film on and the phone by his side so I am off upstairs and if he needs me he can ring me.

I'll hopefully have something to post tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Girly Rock 'n' Roll!!!

This is the special order card I had to do for the local shop and I really enjoyed making this one........even though it is!!!
The dress and shoes are from a PC Crafter Creatable and the records are handmade.
I also have a guitar charm that needs to go on but I'm not sure where to put it. It just looks wrong so I may put some thin ribbon down the side and hang it from that.

It was a bit quiet at the shop today so I have got loads of prep done for the next few classes. I love being organised and having all of the packs ready.

It's got a bit warm for my liking so I am off for a nice cool shower and then into the workroom to get something done. I went up there last night but came over all flopsadopsical and ended up watching a film with hubby instead but the night off did me good.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Monday, 3 August 2009

Garden Cupboard!!!

Phew......I had a busy day yesterday. Started off with decorating. Just have a couple more pieces of paper to put up and I am done to the end of the landing and will only have the main staircase to do....yay!!! After that it just needs painting and then I can start on the bit I love which is chosing lights, pictures and accessories etc.
After that I had to go upstairs and pack cards ready to go down to the local shop this morning and then I had time to make a couple of quickish cards.

The card I am sharing today is a mixture of inky background and printed clip art.
For the inked background I first coloured the card using some one inch square ink pads and then I spritzed with a lilac Moonglow spray. It's very, very subtle and doesn't show too well in the picture.
The picture is PC Crafter and has been sort of decoupaged but I am a deco wimp and only did three layers.
Punched out two half circles on the background paper and tied the ribbon adding a QuicKutz tag for the greeting.

Today I have a couple of orders to finish, my room to tidy and then I am going to sit and do a load of prep for gifty things for the local shop and the Christmas Fair......well barring exploding lights and other sundry!!!
Bye for now.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Oooh....Cover Your Ears!!!

Toddled off upstairs yesterday to do a spot of crafting and I haven't a thing to show for it.
I was sat at my desk for all of five minutes and something went wrong with my new overhead light.....and it didn't go quietly either. Gawd I thought I'd been shot. I screamed and poor old hubby came rushing up two flights of stairs to my rescue...bless him.
Anyway he rushed off into town and got a new one and it is now fitted and working but a bit late for me to start anything.
LMAO here at the words 'hubby' and 'rushing' in the same sentence. Our family joke is.......if you need something doing to give him two years notice and if it ain't done by somebody in......or do it!!!
I'm a bit restless so despite it getting on for 2am I am off for a browse.
See ya.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Promarker Bargain!!!

Just a quick post to let you know that Hobby Craft have Promarker five pen sets in at the bargainous price of £4.49.
Unfortunately for me they were all colours that I already had but for anyone wanting to start out with them I thought this was great.

Should be back later with a card.