Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Snow In Them Thar Hills!!!

This is another card I made while at the shop yesterday but I have redone it as the glitter glue I had used made the waterbased markers run. Also I had done all of the stamping on just one layer so all of the house rows had the sky over them which looked a tad strange.
So for todays version I have stamped the houses onto three layers of card and removed the sky from two of them and then just layered them on top of each other. When stamping I used a mask of torn paper to make the snow appear to be in front of the houses.
Colouring this time is done with Promarker pens and instead of glitter glue for the snowy bits I have used a blue glue pen and loose glitter. Although I have used yellow glitter glue for the windows.
The stamp set is Artemio.

Feeling a bit pleased with myself today as I had made a list of things I wanted to achieve today and all but two items from a list of ten have been done. The two jobs not done were things for work which weren't that important so I'm quite happy.......and that was with some time out in town too. Things do tend to get on top of me because I know myself that I am a very bad time manager and am easily distracted so this list thing might become a permanent feature.

Another busy weekend coming up. We have visitors again on Saturday as we are meeting DDIL's mum and stepdad. Hopefully the weather will be kind enough that we can have a barbecue.........then hubby will be cooking and I won't have to spend all day in the!!!

Time for a well deserved session with my feet up and my nose in a book methinks so I'll love you and leave you.
Tara for now.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Card......At Last!!!

This is a quick card I put together at the shop today just to get the design down on paper so to speak. It needs a little refining such as a change of cardstock as I don't like the chalk on the hammered card I just pulled out of the stand. It would look much better on smooth card. Plus I was a bit heavy handed with the stamped writing......again because it was on hammered card. I shall show the better version when it's done which will show people who are new to stamping what a difference your basic cardstock can make. So that is on my list for tomorrow.
I managed to make three cards today as Deb had her paperwork head on and not her tidying and moving round head as I had predicted. Ha......I wouldn't make a very good fortune teller would I?!!!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be braving the supermarket with hubby in most nightmarish of nightmare days but it has to be done as the cupboards are looking a bit bare.

I'm a tad warm again today so I am off to throw my poor weary bod onto the sofa and have a read in front of the fan.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Another Weekend Gone!!!

I am so sorry about the lack of blog posts this week and the absence of anything crafty. The weekend has flown by in a flurry of all sorts of activities except crafting and decorating......yes the bottom staircase still remains unpapered due to spanners in the works again.
Saturday was going to be 'the' day when it finally got done and hubby decided he wanted a proper cooked meal which meant I spent most of the day in the kitchen.
So 'the' day changed to Sunday but DS phoned very late Saturday night and asked if Ruby and DDIL could come and spend the day with us while he was at work........mmmm......offered a choice of cuddles with Ruby or decorating obviously the cuddles won. After they had gone I went up and applied 300 strips of double sided tape to the black layers of the invites, cut 100 pieces of black ribbon and added 100 jump rings to the hearts.
Today I was too tired to even think about it so I gave myself a day off and have spent the day sewing. I have produced a cover for the toaster and made myself a new apron. It was lovely just sitting by the open window. No music on just peace and quiet and I feel very refreshed now.
Work tomorrow and I have a feeling Deb has got her moving round and tidying up head on so I don't expect I'll get anything made in the way of cards there but I am itching to do some inking so I'll be up there in my room tomorrow night and most of Wednesday.
Right's gone a tad warm here again so I am slurping a cool drink and I'm off to play me word game for a while before I ring DD at work for a natter.
Tara for now....and thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Vintage Christmas!!!

Have to admit to being rather smitten with one or two......OK.....quite a few........items in the Docrafts Christmas ranges this year. Loving the Silent Night range in particular especially the sentiment clear set and the Santa stamp used on this very simple vintage style card.
Paper is gcd Studios.
Diecuts.....Styled Labels-Sizzix TH Alterations, large snowflake-Cuttlebug, small snowflake-Sizzix.

Don't know how I managed to make a card tonight as I am suffering from cutter uppers!!! Spent my day at work today cutting everything up ready for our all day class on Friday. We have eleven ladies.......I may hide in the!!!

It was awfully muggy in Ashby today. Very sticky and uncomfortable but a 45 minute journey home and we had had rain and it was all cool and fresh........bliss!!!
DD cooked tea so I was saved that job and then I went off upstairs to make my card. A lovely relaxed evening for a change.

While I was at the shop we had a visit from our lovely New Zealand friend Elaine and her husband Harold. They come over every year and always pay us a visit for Elaine to stock up on crafting goodies. It was a smashing start to my first day back after a week off.

Well I am going to carry on the 'relaxed' mode now and go and put my feet up with my book.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 19 July 2010

A Bit Of A Do-2!!!

This is the sum total of a hard days work yesterday.
100 DL cards folded, scored and trimmed.
100 black layers retrimmed to fit slightly different front panel.
100 cream layers designed and printed then trimmed.
100 hearts assembled.
3 fold insert designed but not printed yet as I need some ivory paper.
Plus one meat and potato pie made for Mr Manics lunch for!!!
My arms felt like cooked spaghetti after that lot.

Today I have treated myself to some online browsing for fabric.......there is just too much out there and I can't make up my mind. Besides which I do like to see what I am buying so I think I shall get together a list of patchwork shops in our area and plan a bit of a day out with DD.

Had a lovely day on Saturday with Ruby Doodle and family. Lots of wedding discussions going on. We finalised the design for the cupcake tower which they are having instead of a traditional wedding cake. That means I can start and order things like the stand, cases and decorations etc.
Saw Ruby's bridesmaid dress. She is going to look like an angel.
So it's all coming together now and I just need to get the invites put together so they can be sent out mid August.

For the rest of today......I need to tidy my workroom, cook tea for DD before she goes to work and then a quick tidy in the lounge and bathroom. Back at work tomorrow so I also need to sort out my stuff for then too.

Never a quiet moment at Manic!!!

Thanks for your visit today.

Friday, 16 July 2010


This is a Christmas version of the wall hanging I made HERE
Slight difference in that all of the patterned paper is hand inked and stamped using Distress Inks and a combination of two Artemio Christmas stamp sets.
It measures seven and a half inches square.
Just need a suitably lush piece of something to make the hanger now.

Well the wind has been a howling around Manic Towers the last couple of days and I am sad to say that our gazebo is no more. I was looking out of the window yesterday and the flippin' thing just up and took off. I raced out and dismantled it......with some difficulty but I hadn't seen that it had bashed against the apricot tree and got ripped.
Mr Manic has a new one on his shopping list but will we have any more summer for it to be worth buying one this year.

Still busy........and still not a scrap of paper on the stairs wall. It won't get done tomorrow as we are having a visit from HRH Ruby Doodle along with her mummy and daddy and DDIL's sister who we are meeting for the first time. In a fortnight we shall also meet her mum and stepdad. We thought it would be a bit strange to meet for the first time at the!!!
We had planned on a barbecue for tomorrow but having looked at the weather forecast.........I don't think so. So it will be a buffet tea meaning a day in the kitchen for me. Not that I mind at all. I loves me a good cooking session.

I'm off for a browse around some fabric websites now for a bit. Looking for suitable stuff to make some of the projects in my Tone Finnanger books........when I have the time of!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Still Here!!!

I'm still around........just busy, busy, busy. What else would I expect on a week's holiday from work.......silly!!!
Still not a scrap of paper on the bottom staircase but I am starting in the morning come hell or high water...........well after I have made a quiche for tea anyway.

I've had two gorgeous new craft books delivered this week from Amazon. I love the Tilda by Tone Finnanger with a passion and have finally got around to treating myself to two of her Christmas books. As I write they are on hanging on the line to dry.......I have drooled over them so!!!
Too many jobs to do before I can even think about starting any of the projects but hey ho.......I can drool some more.

Hubby has had a couple of days now back at his old job and he is whacked poor fella. He is just out of practice at getting up at ungodly hours. Hopefully he'll soon get used to it no likey when he's grumpy.

I'm off to bed now so I can make an early start in the morning.
Tara for now

Monday, 12 July 2010


Hi there
Tonight I am posting the invite I have designed for the wedding. Just very simple........but hopefully!!!
This one is just a mock up using some oddments of ivory card I had left as everything else was too cream. Tomorrow I am expecting a huge box of ivory card from The Paper Mill to replenish my stocks.

I've been a bit lacksadaisical today.......just having a bit of an off day with no mojo in sight so I have just been up in my room diecutting and having a play with some new Spellbinder dies and a couple of new Sizzix dies. I have quite a pile to use now so I hope my mojo comes home soon.

Hubby starts back to work in the morning so DD and will hopefully get loads of jobs done while he is out from under our feet and then she wants to take me for a ride out when he gets back. Don't know where to but I am always game for a ride!!!

Tonight I am going to be unpicking some pairs of jeans ready to take them in. Not a job I would normally be bothered with but they are nearly new, hardly worn and they are too big for me now. Might stick a film on while I do it.

Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Spanner In The Works!!!

Well the decorating is not quite going to plan......why am I not surprised?
Hubby removed the bannister on the bottom staircase for me to make it easier to paper and a great lump of wall came out leaving a rather deep hole which has had to be filled. So I am waiting now for the filler to set.
Onto the next job on the list.......starting on the wedding invitations. Now that job is going very well. I have diecut 100 silver hearts, 100 red hearts and 100 silver stars. Thirty of the hearts are assembled and I have cut the black layers for the card fronts.
Had to give up after a while though as my legs went dead from sitting too long.
Just need to order a box of ivory card from The Paper Mill now so I can put them together.
The insert is designed and I need to do an RSVP slip to put inside.
I forgot to take a photo of the design so I'll do that tomorrow.
Now I have come down stairs and have a cake in the oven. I'm going to have a slice of it with a cuppa while we sit and watch a film.
So glad that it has been a bit cooler today. It's still been a beautiful sunny day just not quite as hot which is a blessing.
Anyhoo....cake is nearly cooked so I'll go and make the filling for it while it cools.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 9 July 2010

My Week!!!

Phew.....I've had quite a busy week this week mostly doing jobs at home and not much relaxing to be done this next week while I am on holiday either. Wallpapering, painting and carpet shampooing are top of the job list for the day time and Christmas projects/designing wedding invites/tidying upstairs in the evenings.
Luckily DD will be on hand to help out with some things......teamaking!!!

Had a surprise visit from DDIL and Ruby Doodle last night. Ruby spent most of the visit airing her pipes. I have never heard her cry like it before but I think she had had a busy day and was overtired. After forty winks on her mum's knee out came the smiles and giggles for a few minutes and then she was off again so her mum whipped her off home to bed.

Today DD took me out for breakfast at Bridgemere Garden Centre and a visit to Hobbycraft. The breakfast was wonderful and as we had gone earlier than normal the garden centre was fairly quiet and peaceful. I didn't buy any plants but one or two things dropped into my basket in!!!

Hubby has a job. He got a phone call from his old company asking him to go back for four months as they are extremely busy. He is thrilled to be honest I think he is getting a bit stir crazy being at home all the time even though he gets out and about doing odd jobs for people.

Well that's all my news for now. I'll try and find time to take pics of a couple of projects tomorrow and post them as soon as I can.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Flying Fantasy!!!

I have this ongoing thing where I am trying to use up various materials to finally get rid of them. This week it has been Fantasy Film which has never been one of my most favourite things to work with. I am so happy that the box is now finally empty and all that's left are about a dozen butterflies which I am using to make these very simple cards.
For the background I have cut a piece of copier paper the same size as the card blank then die cut a circle from the middle to use as a mask to stamp through.
I used a flower stamp from an Inkadinkado set and chalk ink to stamp the background and then stamped the sentiment in black Versafine. The sentiment is from the same stamp set.
The butterfly is three layers of Fantasy Film ironed over an inked up stamp.

Isn't it funny how you can be pleased with a card that has things on it that you don't like? I am not over fond of butterflies!!!

Hubby has obviously been worried that I would be bored this weekend and found me a job to do...........taking up trousers. Oh how I loathe and detest shortening trousers. I would sew on a thousand buttons any day in preference but it's a job I have to do regularly because my hubby like most men has no idea when it comes to size......and no I am not being cheeky!!!
As long as the trousers fit him in the waist he doesn't bother how long the legs are because wifey can sew so she can take them up. My sewing is accompanied by much chuntering and uttering of threats as to what I will do if he brings home another pair of trousers that are a foot too long for him but he takes no notice whatsoever. Still it makes me feel better.
I have a scrap bag of trouser offcuts which I keep in case the need for patching arises but invariably they get thrown out long before then because he always get paint or something on them. Today I sorted them out and chucked them but I could tell you for each piece of fabric what death threat was issued. The brown chinos.....I was going to feed him toadstools. The black work trousers.....he was threatened with suffocation. A pair of denims......mmmmm.......I think that was the time I was going to slip him the carving!!! Ah.......fond memories!!! Good job he knows I am only kidding.

I'm hoping to get some time to play with a few new goodies this week. I felt the need to hammer my credit card so I have some new stamps and tools to use. Need to get done before the weekend as I have booked next week off work while DD is off so that I can finish the staircase off at last. There's not much to do but what with one thing and another I haven't been able to get it done. It will be a busy weekend as I would like to get the lounge carpet shampooed as well.

Right I am off to have a browse around before bedtime.
Thanks for your visit today.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Paris Nights!!!

This is a wall hanging that I have made using papers from the gcd Studios range Paris Nights.
The large scalloped square has been cut using a template.
Swirls, flowers, scalloped circle and larger plain circle are Sizzix dies and the smaller circles are Quickutz.
Stamped image is from a clear stamp set by Inkadinkado.

Well today I was going to set about the kitchen and give it a right good cleaning but I am not in the mood. Instead I am up in my room......and actually stamping for a change.
Hubby will be cranking up the barbecue at teatime so I don't have to cook today.
I need to nip to Tamworth in the morning to pick up a couple of bits but other than that I am free until Monday evening to do what I want.....yay!!!

Thanks for your visit today.

Future Posts!!!

Awww.......I have had so many lovely emails and messages from people not wanting me to give up blogging so here is what I am going to do.
I will start posting again but am not promising that it will be daily. It will be a couple or so times a week which will give me time to finish work and take proper pics in the daylight so that they are a better quality instead of rushing and taking pics in the bad evening light.
I have a lovely project finished and photographed which I will post later today for you.
Thanks for dropping by.........if anyone still!!!