Friday, 27 February 2009

Queen Anne's Lace!!!

For my class today I was doing Adirondack Ink Backgrounds and used the Penny Black stamp Queen Anne's Lace which I have fallen in love with.
As always the colours are much nicer in real life than they look here.
The image has been embellished with Woodware Fluffy Stuff which was heated and then just lightly touched with Stardust Stickles.
We had a fabulous morning and then a very busy afternoon. I came home completely whacked and just vegged out on the sofa with DD watching more Larkrise To Candleford.........which I am thoroughly enjoying.
Still wide awake though so I am off upstairs to tidy away the mess I made last night in the hope that it will make me sleepy enough to go to bed.......if not it will be a looooong night.

I still have to sort out some blog candy for my 80,000 hits........I've not forgotten......just been a tad busy.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Harlequin Rose-2!!!

WOW.........I don't think I have stamped this manically for!!!
This is a tag I started yesterday using my new Elusive Images stamps and today I finished it off and added it to a card.
Used my trusty old Adirondacks for the colouring on this one as I have a class using them tomorrow.
There is another tag HERE done with the mens set I bought.

DD came to the shop with me today and did the counter while I got on with prep for tomorrow and other things.
The Penny Black stamps arrived. We have just had a small selection for now to see how they go and of course I had to have some.....even a set of cute ones surprisingly.
Lots to keep me busy!!!

Was very ticked off when I got home to find that the plumber who came to mend the loo had to smash the tiled box that I had had built around some ugly pipes when we had the tiling done. It looks a right mess and I just feel like crying as it's yet another job to add to the mounting list of things that need seeing to when I thought we were about done with the bathroom except for a coat of paint and changing the shower curtain for a screen........Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Anyway I am off for a bath with my eyes!!!

Bye for now......thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Harlequin Rose!!!

Am I ever a pushover for sheets of grey rubber?
When I first saw the Harlequin Rose set from Elusive Images I have to say that I wasn't over keen because I have enough rose stamps already. So how come that half an hour after ours being delivered yesterday I had bought them, ripped open the packet and made this card ready for a class today. Honestly I am such a tart when it comes to pretty stamps.........and I had the Eccentric Edwardian too.......and tomorrow our Penny Black stamps are being delivered. I shall be broke for!!!
Just to let customers know.....we now have a selection of Glimmer Mists in and more to follow.

Anyhoo....I only used the small rose stamp as the class was actually on using the Cuttlebug but the image was perfect to use with the script folder and vellum for a romantic card.
I just stamped and embossed it in black and painted the flower with a wash of pink Brilliance and the leaves with Adirondack Meadow. Simple but such a beautiful image.
Started on another project today with the bigger stamp and also did one using the Eccentric Edwardian which I will post tomorrow as it is still drying at the moment.

I've had a couple of very busy days so I am going to relax with DD for a couple of hours now and watch Larkrise to Candleford on DVD.....I may even scoff a cream egg..........what do I mean 'may'.........I definitely!!!

Thanks for dropping by today.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Still on the quick and easy cards to try and fill up my box for the shop.
This Oriental card has been made using an image from a Joanna Sheen CD. I much prefer these soft colours to the usual black and red. The background paper isn't showing it's true colour which is a soft buttery yellow and absoloutely gorgeous....looks a bit washed out in the photo.
This is just a few of the cards I have managed to get done this weekend......and I even packed them which is a job I really, really don't like doing.

Had a ride out this morning just to get out of the house and went to a little craft shop with Deb. Luckily I didn't take too much money out with me.....just enough to treat myself to a couple of bits.......I could have spent a fortune.
Just watched Dancing On Ice and Ray as always was brilliant but I love Jessica too so I am very torn. Hope the final is between those will be fab.
Still in a creative mood so I might go and do some more cards after the skate off but for now I am off blog hopping for an hour.
Thanks for your visit.
Bye for now

Saturday, 21 February 2009

It's Them Bitsa's Again!!!

Just thought I'd let you see that I am being a very good girl and still using up all my bits and Basic Grey pads.
I've made fifteen cards today......all very simple but they always go really well at the local shop.
Still lots of stuff to wade through but I'm getting there.
Oh my word....I have just noticed my rubbish typing on the bottom!!! I was doing it in a rush because hubby wants to watch a film and I wanted to beat him into the bathroom before we settle down....he makes such a mess when he has a shower.
Here he go and get comfy.
Bye for now and thanks for visiting.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tonight's Post Is.........!!!

Just felt the need to get inky and messy tonight.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Blingin' 'Eck!!!

What is going on? This is the third card in a row covered in glitter.
Hope this doesn't mean I am turning into a 'girl'!!!

Another set of Artemio stamps. This set is very funky and girly with spots and flowers in blocks and borders with a few accent stamps. It doesn't really lend itself to my usual techniques and style so I thought I would do something a little more modern.
The lilac cardstock is pearlised, all stamping is done in Royal Purple Stazon and the glitter is Stickles Diamond.

Phewwww......another busy today. I started off this morning doing some cleaning and tidying then got very busy with customers in and out the rest of the day. The phone was ringing just about every five minutes most of the calls were trying to get us to have a water cooler/advertise/change phone, electricity or gas suppliers etc etc or those calls where you pick up the phone and they hang up on you......drives me bonkers that!!!
Just about managed to get my prep done for the class tomorrow and get the table set and before I knew it, it was time for home. The day just flew by.
After tea I went upstairs and have been sorting card and experimenting with some of it by burning it with a heat gun. Hope to show the results as soon as it gets made up into a card.......unless it ends up in the bin.

Right...the boss man is home so best go and feed him.
Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Here is a card I made last night with one of my yummy sets of Inkadinkado clear stamps. Couldn't get a really good photo of the colour which is so much more vibrant in real life. I did it in a class today and the ladies loved it.

Feeling quite weary tonight so I am heading off for a bath and bed when I have had a cuppa with hubby.

See you tomorrow.
Bye for now

Monday, 16 February 2009

Twinkly Bird And Flowers!!!

Here is a simple card I made in between customers at the shop today.
I have used white card which I think is Stardream or something like it.
The stamping is done in Olive Green StazOn which I also used to colour around the edges of the mat as I didn't have any suitable green to mat the image onto.
The flowers have been dotted with Woodware's Fluffy Stuff and then heated.
I then added Stardust Stickles to all of the flowers and the bird and yellow Stickles to the flower centres.
Have to admit to being quite pleased with this one as I don't usually do clean and simple very well.

It's been flippin' busy at the shop this afternoon. I just managed to get my lunch and then I never stopped until closing time. I think somebody parked a busload of crafters!!! Keeps me out of mischief anyway.

I just have a card to finish and prep for a class tomorrow and then I am going to have a soak in a very hot bath. My legs ache like billyo today after all the walking around at the NEC yesterday.

Thanks for your visit.
Bye for now

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Super Sunday No 2!!!

Sorry there are no pictures today ladies but I have been out to the trade show at the NEC..........and what a fantastic day I've had.
My feet are sore and my eyes are just about burned out by all of the sheer gorgeousness I have seen.
We (meaning Deb...with a bit of help from!!!) have spent a mint of money and ordered some absolutely wonderful goodies including Penny Black, Debbi Moore, Elusive Images, Woodware, Nestabilities and Martha Stewart plus loads more and if it's all in stock we may have to extend the!!!
I can't wait for it all to start arriving so that I can get playing.
Totally devastated that I didn't see Tim.......I just knew he would be on his coffee break......but I did see the fabulous Suze Weinberg.
Did a bit of star spotting too and saw Dawn, JJ and Leonie, Francoise Read and Glenda Waterworth.
Out of all the stands we visited the Elusive Images stand was just totally stunning as it always is and I could have stayed there all day just drinking in the awesome art on there.
My two favourite stands were Elusive Images and Penny Black
Although I am totally whacked I have an urge to do some stamping so I am off upstairs until it's time for Dancing On Ice.
Bye for now

Batch Making!!!

When I need to make a lot of cards to have by me for stocking up at the local shop I tend to do what I call batch making. I take a pile of card blanks, decide on a layout and then make cards based on that layout but use different papers and different colours of ribbons and embellishments. I may move the layout around or up and down but it does help to make a good stash of cards using this method.
Here are a few of the ones I did today using yet another K & Co pad (sorry Christine).
I've also used up quite a few of the Prima flowers that I have had for absolutely ages...crikey...I have just remembered that I bought them at the Great Northern Papercraft show three years ago.....ooooh how time!!!
I made about twenty cards altogether today so I think my day off tomorrow is well earned.
My camera is packed and my comfy footwear is sorted.....I even washed behind my ears.....just in case I get to see!!! I shall let you know tomorrow night if I see anything you need to save your pennies for.

I was a bit shocked to notice that my counter has gone past 80,000. I think I had best sort out some blog candy keep your eye open for that.

Talking of go and shut mine for a bit so I'm awake and ready to be off early in the morning. I don't usually do getting up too early on a Sunday but I'll make an exception just for one day.

Bye for now and thanks for your visit.

Friday, 13 February 2009

I'm Still Breathing!!!

Well this week turned out to be a bit more frantic than expected and left me no time for blogging or much else really.....except work.....ain't that always the!!!
Monday I ended up bringing prep home to do for a class on Tuesday which took me up to 3am to do and then Tuesday I went straight into Tamworth after work and didn't get in until late. Wednesday I decided to get ahead with Mother's Day cards. I need to make a lot this year for the local shop as they bought nearly everything I made last year. Yesterday I got home and felt decidedly odd so just sat quietly cutting stuff up for a while and then had an early night.
How exciting is my life.......not!!!'s cards are one of the styles of Mother's Day cards. I have made twelve of these in various springlike colours which made a good dent in a pad of paper that needed using up.
The Valentine card is just a quickie one made with my new Cuttlebug die and folder set and an XCut tag die.
Cardstock for this is C'oredinations and paper is Basic Grey. Although I'm not a huge fan of pink I really love this paper.

I am absolutely beside myself today as I have got what must be the bargain of the century. A friend rang me to say that she had been to the local garden centre where a Craft Central has closed down and they were selling off some 12 x 12 stacking storage trays which CC had left behind. I got twenty nine of them for £3.50.........can you believe it? I know I couldn't. I am never, ever that!!!
Oooooh how organised am I going to be now?

Off to the NEC on Sunday for a squizz around the trade show with Deb. Hoping to catch Tim Holtz who is on one of the stands but what's the betting he has gone for coffee when I get there.
I didn't go last year so am really looking forward to it this time.

Right well I am off to hoick these trays up two flights of stairs and try not to give in to the temptation to sort out my card and paper into them........I have orders that must be finished first.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Super Sunday!!!

Today has been just sooooo nice. The house is clean and tidy for a change, the laundry is all done, hubby kindly cooked the dinner and it was perfect. BIL is doing OK which is such a relief and it snowed.....the icing on a perfect cake of a!!!

I did get a little time in the workroom after BIL went home and finished off the card order I had to get ready for tomorrow. I sort of did my own sketch thing and took the layout of embellishments I used yesterday and laid them over a larger flower and band......quite surprised meself I!!!

Although the rest of the house is looking good the same can't be said of my workroom so I need to go and tidy that after the Skate Off and get my stuff ready for work in the morning.
Wasn't Ray fab tonight? He is sooooo going to win!!!
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

K&Co.......Just For A Change!!!

Thought I would make a start on using up some of my older K&Co 6 x 6 pads today so have spent most of the the day making variations of the card up yonder. Got quite a nice pile of anniversary cards now so I shouldn't have to make any for a while.
I think the papers were from the McKenna pad.....I did look but can't the bathroom at 10pm does kinda knock stuff out of your!!! Anyhoo whatever they are I love the soft vintage look of them. They remind me of old faded quilts....gorgeous!!!

Doubt if I shall get much done in my room tomorrow as we have BIL coming for dinner along with Barney, Benji and Shep who were my SIL's Shelties. Ooooh it's going to be fun seeing how Smudge takes to three trespassers on his territory for the day.
Not wanting to tarnish BIL's image of me as 'the best sister in law on the planet' ......his words I hasten to add......I shall be cleaning and cooking and generally being a domestic goddess for the duration. Phew makes me tired just thinking about!!!

Best go and have me eight hours downtime to get me strength up.
Ta Ta for now.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Two More G45 Cards!!!

This is the final two cards made with the Graphic 45 paper.
The top card has a pleated centre panel and has been sponged with Distress ink.
Tape measure ribbon was from a local country crafts store.
The stamped border on the centre panel is by Judikins and the open edge has been stamped with the fashion word as used on the previous two cards.

The second card is a mat of distressed red card with a layer of the reverse of the paper sewn onto it by hand.
The image has been matted onto more red card and embellished with a metal corner.
Ribbon is from Cally's Christmas Shop.
Lace edging was from Lakeland.
Prima flowers have been sponged with ink and the centres are self adhesive pearls.

I have just got out of a lovely hot Sanctuary bath and I'm going to have a cuppa with hubby before going back upstairs to my room. I have a couple of ideas I need to sketch out before I forget what they!!! I also need to make a start on a special order.

Bye for now

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Another G45 Card!!!

I decided that instead of just shoving the offcuts from yesterday's card into my offcut Bermuda Triangle of a box I would use them up and see how many cards I could make out of the sheet I cut into.
For this card I have teamed the image with a fabric patterned paper from the S.E.I Windsor stack that I had for Christmas.
The spotted strip with the brads is from the G45 paper and the lace edging by Paper Cellar......sort of a plasticky, papery type self adhesive stuff which doesn't actually stick very well....I had to glue it.
I found some grungy number stamps for the 1930's and used the fashion word again that I used yesterday.
I've started another card and there should be enough left to do a fourth so for 85p my G45 paper has gone a really long way. I do love value for money.

Got another unexpected day off today as Deb phoned me at 8am to say that she had got several phone calls from various people about the state of the roads and travelling conditions to the shop so we weren't opening.
Why is it that this sort of day off feels so much more delicious than say a days holiday?
I cooked a proper tea for DD as she will be out in whatever the skies throw at us tonight and then got the washing up done. Sauntered upstairs and threw a few bits of card and paper together and had a game of Freecell on the computer. I am sooooo relaxed that I am almost horizontal which is a very strange feeling for!!!

Well 'the boss'...........or the man who thinks he is will be home soon so I had best go and sort out his supper then I can mop the kitchen floor before I disappear back upstairs.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Times Nouveau Fashion Card!!!

I couldn't decide whether to post this card here or on my other blog but then I realised I had marked it as manicstamper so here it!!!
Can't quite believe that I have cut into a sheet of this paper by Graphic 45 from the Times Nouveau range......I haven't even had it six months!!!
Anyhoo.....the tiny spot background is MM.
The L shaped border is cut from the G45 paper as are the ladies and the larger spot strip.
There's a bit of inking around the edges and the fashion word is a stamp from the same set as the lady with the felt flower I posted the other night.
Lace Tape is by Paper Cellar and the tape measure is just something I picked up on my travels but can't remember where from.
Decorated the border with some tiny self adhesive pearls and added a brad to the stamped word.

I think I am going to treat myself to an early night tonight. I feel proper weary and me poor toes are nearly blue with cold sitting in this back room. Hubby has just got in so I shall have a nice hot cuppa with him and then go and snuggle down.
Thanks for dropping by

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Age Is Just A Number!!!

Tonight's card is one I made today to pass a bit of time while I was at the shop.
I love this numbers embossing folder which has been done onto Co'redinations cardstock and sanded.
The numbers have been outlined with a black marker pen.
Tag is a XCut die and stars are a Sizzlet die.
The rub on letters are from Kars.

It was awfully quiet today but then I don't think I would have gone out if I hadn't had to go to work.
Still.......I got this card done and Deb made up a couple with the Kanban Concept packs so there are samples out for people to see.

Tonight I have been diecutting as the drawers where I keep all my offcuts won't shut properly and while I have been doing it I have been sorting the dies to get rid of some.
I have so many that have similar versions on the Cricut cartridges that it seems silly to keep them lying on a shelf doing nothing.
I'm hoping to have chance to make a dent in the pile of offcuts at the shop tomorrow as well and do some diecutting.....also in the hope that the exercise will keep me!!!

Well hubby is standing at the door with a 'feed me' look on his face so I had best go and see to him.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 2 February 2009

I Made A Whole Card!!!

Due to a bonus day off today.......well a part day.......I have had the chance to have a go at a fabulous technique which I had seen on MEL'S blog using wax paper and matt Mod Podge.
I did the technique as described but didn't have the same ink pads so I used Distress Ink pads which worked very well.
For an image to go on my background I chose this gorgeous one from a set of UM's by Elusive Images and added a felt flower which I cut with a Sizzix die and embossed using the Swiss Dots folder in the Cuttlebug.
I spritzed the flower with water before embossing and coloured the top layer with DI's and quick daub of a Timber Brown StazOn to make the spots stand out a bit.
I really enjoyed Mel's technique and will be trying it out again as I have a roll of wax paper which I have only ever used for the wax resist technique and I got a bit bored with that.

So why did I get a bonus day off today? SNOWED......YAYYYYYY!!!
It wasn't so bad at home but when we were travelling to the shop it just got worse and worse. At one roundabout we went into a skid which frightened us both and by the time we got to the shop it was like a whiteout so Deb decided to close for the day.
When I got home it started to snow a bit and then a bit more. Eventually we had about four inches though I think it is starting to melt now.
I had a good tidy up in my room before I started playing as it hadn't been touched for a few days. Moved some furniture round and made a bit more space. I am hoping this year to be able to afford to buy some of the proper 12 x 12 storage units I keep drooling over in the magazines so some of my mismatched stuff will have to go.

I am off for a nice soak in a hot bath now and a read of the Jeffrey Archer book I am just reading. Not my normal choice but I picked it up from DD's shelf as I had nothing to read. I have to say it is flippin' good.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Artless Day!!!

Well so much for doing artistic things yesterday.
I didn't get upstairs until very late last night as I had forgotten that it was my week for doing the laundry and then hubby had asked for a beef stew for last nights tea. So that was all I did all day.....washing and cooking. Then while hubby was out at a retirement party last night I got DD to do my hair.........I do have to keep some secrets from!!!
By the time I got upstairs it was getting on for midnight so I just finished off and packed some Valentine cards for the local shop.
Won't get much done today either as we are off to my brother in laws for Sunday lunch and I don't really know what time we will be back.
Roll on next!!!
Thanks for dropping by.