Thursday, 5 February 2009

Another G45 Card!!!

I decided that instead of just shoving the offcuts from yesterday's card into my offcut Bermuda Triangle of a box I would use them up and see how many cards I could make out of the sheet I cut into.
For this card I have teamed the image with a fabric patterned paper from the S.E.I Windsor stack that I had for Christmas.
The spotted strip with the brads is from the G45 paper and the lace edging by Paper Cellar......sort of a plasticky, papery type self adhesive stuff which doesn't actually stick very well....I had to glue it.
I found some grungy number stamps for the 1930's and used the fashion word again that I used yesterday.
I've started another card and there should be enough left to do a fourth so for 85p my G45 paper has gone a really long way. I do love value for money.

Got another unexpected day off today as Deb phoned me at 8am to say that she had got several phone calls from various people about the state of the roads and travelling conditions to the shop so we weren't opening.
Why is it that this sort of day off feels so much more delicious than say a days holiday?
I cooked a proper tea for DD as she will be out in whatever the skies throw at us tonight and then got the washing up done. Sauntered upstairs and threw a few bits of card and paper together and had a game of Freecell on the computer. I am sooooo relaxed that I am almost horizontal which is a very strange feeling for!!!

Well 'the boss'...........or the man who thinks he is will be home soon so I had best go and sort out his supper then I can mop the kitchen floor before I disappear back upstairs.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.


  1. Nice card as always Sheila!I had one of these special off day, actually two last on Monday and Tuesday, school was closed.It was too good to be true!Glad to hear you managed to relax a bit. Take care.This stamp you have used on this card is fantastic!

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