Sunday, 30 August 2015

Up, Up And Away!!!

Hubby has spent part of both days of the weekend with his head in the clouds..........literally.
Saturday he had a free trial flight in a small plane at our local airfield and today he finally got his hot air balloon flight which we gave him for his 60th birthday last year. We had to be up at 5am this morning to be at the launch field for 6:15am. It was fascinating to watch them prepare the balloon and see them taking off but you would never get me up in one of them. The brilliant thing is that they film the whole journey and you can order a copy of the film as a keepsake which hubby did. Can't wait to see that.
We went in two cars as DD and I didn't fancy sitting in a field for three hours waiting for them to get back......especially as there were no loos in the area.

At the moment I have swapped my quilting for making Christmas decorations using felt which is something I haven't done for years and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I do need to get on with finishing off the lap quilts for the living room though as it is getting quite chilly at night.

I'm off to do some online shopping now for some felt in vintage colours if I can find any.
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Friday, 14 August 2015

In Quilting Paradise!!!

I have discovered a previously unknown to me quilting shop about twenty minutes away from my house. This could have dire consequences on my!!!
Last week I bought two Jelly Rolls and am just in the middle of turning them into lap two lap quilts ready for when the nights start to get chilly and you just need something a little snuggly.
I am also trying to find storage space for the huge carrier bag full of sewing threads that hubby bought for me from Lidl.
Talking of hubby..........he is my hero at the moment. I have several large cops of thread which are made for overlock machines and will not fit onto the thread holder of my machine so I searched for one of those holders that you stand by the side of your machine. £12 for a bit of plastic and a metal stick so I showed it to hubby and within twenty minutes I had a wooden version standing by the side of my machine and it is awesome. I just need to paint it to make it look nice and I'll take a pic so you can see it.
Off to get myself ready for a trip to Ikea when DD gets home from work. I will be buying there's a surprise.
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