Friday, 31 August 2012

Ooooh Me Aching........!!!

Back, legs, name aches.
DD and I have spent all day today (and most of yesterday) bagging, labelling and putting into baskets all of the car boot stuff and lugging it all downstairs ready to pack the van tomorrow. We are whacked.
Still quite a bit of stuff to go but I think all the fiddly bits are done now like paper, ribbon and embellishment packs etc.
There are some serious bargains to be had so if you are in the area and fancy a look the car boot we are doing on Sunday 2nd September is at.........
It's signposted off the A444
Link to the Moira Carboot website is the postcode
Stuff that's for sale.......
Hundreds of stamps
Colouring mediums
Crafting tools
Paper packs
Ribbon bags
Jewellery making
Embossing folders
and lots more.
Prices start at 50p
Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Christmas 2012 Begins!!!

Look at this fella. Isn't he just the cutest? I am so in love with him.
The card is A5 so he is a big fella.
He's handcut but I have used a Sizzix die for the snowflake.
The sentiment is Papermania Urban Stamps- Home For Christmas (Baubles).
Paper is Dovecraft Back To Basics Christmas-Modern.....and I need more......the papers are gorgeous.

Well Miss Doodle has been a bit of a trial today but she has gone home now and I am going to craft to get my blood pressure back down to somewhere near normal. I don't have her now for over a week......although I am sure they will visit at some point during their week off.
The next couple of days DD and I will be moving all the car boot stuff downstairs ready to load the van on Saturday.
We have decided to do the one at Moira so it will an early start on Sunday!!!
Right....crafting here I come.
Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Circus...Sort Of!!!

Not something you see ever so often on my for children but this is an order for a special little boy.
The card is 8x8.
Dies used-:
Scallop border-Sizzix Tim Holtz On The Edge
Ballons and stars-Sizzix Framelits
Number-Sizzlet Alphabet Round-a-bout
I used a free Craft Stamper stamp for the bunting
The lions stand is handcut.
I must say that I am pretty chuffed with it.

Ruby has just about run me ragged today so a nice gentle evening is in order. I may do some prep for making cards with later in the week.
Thanks for visiting me today.

Monday, 27 August 2012


Another card from the order I have just done.
Backgrounds are some of my inky ones.
Eiffel Tower- Stampers Anonymous.
Carte Postal-Kaisercraft
Sentiment-Personal Impressions.

I nipped up to Byrkley today as I needed some primary coloured card.......and once again I came out with enough stamps to stock a shop. I just had to have the Michael Powell Christmas stamps so had all four and then I fell in love with the new Urban Stamps-Home for Christmas so I ended up with three sets of them as well. Eeeeeeh what am I like?
Since then I have had my head down making. I was a bit stumped for a card for a little boy of two but that's all sorted now and I'll show you that tomorrow.
Mr Manic has lit a fire tonight as it is wet, windy and rather chilly so I think I will wind down now and go have a snuggle after my shower.......talking of which.......I still hate it and don't know if I will ever get to like it. I want me bath back!!!
Thanks for dropping in today.

Sunday, 26 August 2012


One of the cards for the order I have been working on.
The papers are First Edition.
The lady image is by Stampendous and the fashion definition is Rubbadubbadoo.
Punched border is Martha Stewart.

Well it's been a fabulous day today. I spent the morning finishing off the order as there were no house jobs to do......I expect I could have found some but I didn't go!!!
Then when DD got up she took me out for lunch and a wander around The Range where I bought some paper stacks for Christmas cards. Mr Manic was just having ham and salad for tea so I got that prepared and did him some new potatoes to go with it...and that was the extent of my domesticity felt like I was on holiday.
No Ruby tomorrow as DDIL is off work so I just have her two days and then they are all off for a week.......plenty of jobs lined up for me so that won't be a holiday week for me.
I'm going to tidy up in here now and then start on some more cards that need finishing off.
Thanks for your visit.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Good Manic!!! cards to show today but I have been very good and tackled the dreaded housework. It's been a bit of a long job today as I have been sorting out Ruby's toys to go upstairs into her bedroom as I am getting pretty tired of spending half an hour....if not more....tidying up the contents of three boxes at night when she goes home. I wouldn't mind if she played with them but she just likes making a!!! We will just have to go up and choose something to bring down every day.
The day has not been without it's mishaps. I took a chunk out of my thumb end with a pipe cleaner while removing beads Ruby and I had threaded onto it, I have a scrape on my knee which hurts like bahoogery and I ended up with an indoor snowstorm when I emptied the polystyrene beads out of Ruby's bean bag. Then I had to wing it with the tea as the mince I was going to use didn't smell very nice so it went in the bin. The bacon, mushroom, pepper and tomato sauce I made with spaghetti was a bit of a hit though...thank goodness.
Now all is peaceful and I am in my workroom putting the finishing touches to a card order. Hopefully they will be totally finished tomorrow and then I can get some Christmas cards done. I need to get a shift on as we are having the builder in to do some work and he says October/November. This back room desperately needs the windows replacing. It has windows on three sides so we are going to be bricking up one window and reducing the sizes of the other windows by having some more brickwork put in so there will most likely be some days of roof props and tarpaulins....and yes I will have to move all the stuff I have only just got sorted in here....I must be mad.
Anyhoo....another hour in here I think and then a snuggle on the sofa with my book.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Naughty Manic!!!

Oh dear....I am such a bad girl. My plans to get the housework done today went a little bit awry when I woke up this morning with a very strong urge to that is exactly what I did.
I started with preparing a few card fronts ready for decoration and then went on to cutting card blanks which were desperately needed.
I was able to condense the white and cream cardstock enough to be able to fetch more stuff from upstairs which was waiting for space in the cupboards down here so I have spent pretty much all day in my workroom.......happy day!!!
Is it me or have the nights gone a tad chilly? The heater has had to be switched on in this backroom tonight as my poor toes were freezing. I'm not complaining.......I like me a bit of chilliness. I function better and sleep better when I am not all hot and bothered.
The housework must be done in the morning and then I may spend a couple of hours pricing up some more car boot stuff as we will be doing one a week on Sunday.
Well I had best go and clear up the last few pots from tea and put the kettle on for a well deserved cuppa.
See ya later.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Messy Day!!!

This card has been made using a free image from Dover.
I just love the colours and the touch of glitter really compliments the picture in my humble!!!
Background papers are from The Clipart Fairy.

Today has been quite a messy, disorganised kind of day.
Ruby was dropped off at eight this morning and then picked up again at eleven to go for her developement assessment. After that everything was a bit off kilter with her being late for her nap which she has to have or she is a little minx so her lunch was late which meant we had to have a later evening meal than normal...grrrr I don't like my day messed up.
Everything is calm now as she has gone off home to bed and I am just giving myself a few minutes to sit and have a cold drink and catch my breath before I start work on a card order. Then I have four days to catch up on the housework which I hope to get all done tomorrow so that I can spend the other three days crafting....yay!!!
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Huge Flower!!!

This card is six by six so you can tell how big the stamp (Stampendous) is.
It has been stamped with Versafine onto one of my inky backgrounds.
I'm just having five minutes while the Doodle Bird is having a pre lunch nap. She's been a little angel this morning. I think the terrible two's are behind us now as we have had no tantrums for some time.
If the weather holds out we shall be out in the garden this afternoon....if not we will be making matching games. I've printed off some cards from Activity Village and laminated them so hopefully Ruby will have fun with those.
A bit of cooking to be done and then tonight I shall be crafting as I have persuaded Mr Manic to save the last episode of Foyle's War for Sunday night.
Does anyone know of any other series similar to Foyle's War? I have really enjoyed it even though it's not my usual type of viewing.
Right......I'm off to make the most of my hour of peace.
Thanks for your visit.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Inky Butterfly!!!

A butterfly collage (Papermania) stamped onto two inky backgrounds. I couldn't begin to tell you which inks and sprays I used. They were the results of a mad late night inky session in the kitchen a few weeks ago where I made a huge stack of backies from some watercolour paper I found in my stash.
The butterfly has been cut out and mounted over the background and then glazed with Glossy Accents with a little glitter sprinkled into it.
The flourish is from a set of stamps by Viva.

I am slightly traumatised by the mess Miss Doodle has made today. She makes a mess any day of the week but today was mega mess day. As part of her toilet training she gets a sticker for performing and for every seven stickers she gets a treat. Today she chose a glittered cowboy hat for her dressing up box which she decided to chew and scrape at with her teeth......which made me feel sick anyway but gawd you should have seen how far the glitter spread. She was covered, the sofa was covered...I even had it in my tea.
I had to take her out onto the back yard and hose her legs off it was so bad before I could get her ready for being picked up. The carpets have been hoovered three times and I still see pink glitter winking at me. The blame is squarely on DD's shoulders as she bought the damn thing...I'm off to give her a!!!

I should get some crafty time in tonight and tomorrow Ruby will be out with daddy so once the house jobs are done I shall be in the back room!!!
Bye for now.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cards At Last!!!

This is a card I made just before I started moving downstairs.
The image is from The Wax Fruit Company and is printed onto two different papers. The small flower has been coloured with Promarkers.
A few gems added for a bit of sparkle and a large stamped sentiment by Woodware.
I am loving being back downstairs. My mojo is definitely at it's best down here. I made six cards yesterday and the same today so I am in seventh heaven.
Boring bit now though.....I have to go and do inserts and packing as it's fill up day at the shop tomorrow.
The gorgeous Ruby will be here in the morning and I bet she is going to have a field day in the back room but I shall be keeping a close eye on her after she ruined twenty one quids worth of ink pads last Wednesday.....the little munky.
Best go and get on then.
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Big Move!!! going very well so far.
Mr Manic made me very happy indeed when he went out and bought me some new flooring to replace the old carpet I ripped up.
Total cost of my new room so far is £60 plus some very hard graft moving stuff downstairs.
Upstairs will be used as a storage room for car boot stuff for a couple of weeks and then it will be transformed into Doodle's boudoir/playroom. I shan't do a themed room for her as she won't stay that often just yet I don't expect.
I think I have maybe another couple of hours 'go' in me and then it's veg time in front of the tv watching Foyle's War with hubby. It's not something I thought I would enjoy but I am loving it.
DD is making me take a little break tomorrow and we are off out to Derby for noodles and a mooch around the shops before we go food shopping.
Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back To The Beginning!!!

When we moved to this house nearly seventeen years ago the extension on the back of the kitchen became my craft room. Since then I have been up in the loft and then in one of the bedrooms. Now I am back where I started in the extension but it is kitted out now with some secondhand kitchen units which I was given for free by the lovely man who does all of our building work and I am slowly moving stuff down to fill all of the cupboards and shelves.
I doubt that there will be much going on in the way of actual crafting for a couple of days but just you watch me once I have everything sorted. I'm going to be one happy bunny back in the heart of the house.
See you soon.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Had Enough Now!!!

This stamp sorting/packing/pricing thing is starting to get a tiny bit teejus now. I am being completely ruthless and keeping only ones I know I will use again/can't bear to part with and when you consider that I have literally thousands of stamps to go through I'm sure you can understand the boredom.
A change of job tomorrow....which I am sure will do me good....Miss Doodle will be here and I have to carry on with the toilet training started on Friday. With that in mind I have given the outside loo a thorough scrubbing and installed Ruby's training seat.
I quite often thank the previous owners of this house for putting that loo out useful when you're out in the garden and I am sure we will have less accidents than if we haul Ruby upstairs every time.
For saying it's been dark and wet today it sure has been warm. I really regretted offering to cook a full roast for our lunch today. I looked like a cooked lobster by the time I had was very tasty though....roast lamb with all the trimmings.....yum, yum!!!
Ah peace for the wicked. There is laundry to fold and a few pots to wash before I can settle down with my book.
Bye for now......thanks for visiting.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

What Am I Like?!!!

You know I am sorting out stamps and stuff to do a car boot why did I nip into Byrkley yesterday to pick up some bags for packaging them in.....and come out with four new stamps?

Oh my......they are just gorgeous and I can't wait to play with them but I have to clear some space somewhere first as I have boxes of packaged up stamps all over the place along with all the bags and labels plus I got fed up of bagging stamps and started on embellishments so there's literally nowhere for me to put anything.
It was a fun day yesterday with Ruby phoning me with updates on the toilet training which started as soon as she got up. She is taking to it really well and has earned eight stickers in one day. One or two mishaps but after sticker four things started looking up and she was just so excited to be a 'big girl'. Bless her little heart.
 A bit of excitement for me in the shape of some freebie kitchen units.....if they are kit out the back room downstairs as my craft room once again which will free up the bedroom to make a room for Ruby and allow me to craft later at night and also be on hand downstairs at other times to keep an eye on meals cooking etc without belting up and down every ten minutes....fabby!!!
 Busy day later today with housey stuff so I best go and get some shuteye.
Bye for now.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hey Peeps!!!

Did that weekend go by too quickly or what?
Just getting into the swing of sorting stuff out for a car boot when we get a decent weekend and it was time for the housey stuff to take over. So today was a carpet shampooing day and although it was grey and wet outside it was a bit of a warm job but worth it....until Doodle Pants and the dog start mucking it up!!!
I did get a day out with DD on Saturday. We did Derby market....ribbons for me and books for DD, ate noodles for lunch and then moved on to Burton for a mooch around The Range. I don't rate their craft department much but found some very nice housey things to decorate my mantlepiece.
After that we called in at Byrkley Garden Centre for a few crafty needs in the way of ink pads and a couple of die sets.
As we'd eaten a rather hearty lunch we decided not to have an evening meal so Mr Manic saw to himself and I went upstairs to sort out stamps that need getting rid of......there's rather a lot I have to say......and papers that I know I won't use.
Got some cards made but with the sorting there's not a spare inch to photograph them on at the minute so I shall have to have a session when I have finished tidying.
DD is now upstairs watching a film and Mr Manic has gone to bed early for work tomorrow so all is peaceful and quiet and I am going to see if I can find something to watch on the computer.
Bye for now.