Saturday, 25 August 2012

Good Manic!!! cards to show today but I have been very good and tackled the dreaded housework. It's been a bit of a long job today as I have been sorting out Ruby's toys to go upstairs into her bedroom as I am getting pretty tired of spending half an hour....if not more....tidying up the contents of three boxes at night when she goes home. I wouldn't mind if she played with them but she just likes making a!!! We will just have to go up and choose something to bring down every day.
The day has not been without it's mishaps. I took a chunk out of my thumb end with a pipe cleaner while removing beads Ruby and I had threaded onto it, I have a scrape on my knee which hurts like bahoogery and I ended up with an indoor snowstorm when I emptied the polystyrene beads out of Ruby's bean bag. Then I had to wing it with the tea as the mince I was going to use didn't smell very nice so it went in the bin. The bacon, mushroom, pepper and tomato sauce I made with spaghetti was a bit of a hit though...thank goodness.
Now all is peaceful and I am in my workroom putting the finishing touches to a card order. Hopefully they will be totally finished tomorrow and then I can get some Christmas cards done. I need to get a shift on as we are having the builder in to do some work and he says October/November. This back room desperately needs the windows replacing. It has windows on three sides so we are going to be bricking up one window and reducing the sizes of the other windows by having some more brickwork put in so there will most likely be some days of roof props and tarpaulins....and yes I will have to move all the stuff I have only just got sorted in here....I must be mad.
Anyhoo....another hour in here I think and then a snuggle on the sofa with my book.
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