Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hey Peeps!!!

Did that weekend go by too quickly or what?
Just getting into the swing of sorting stuff out for a car boot when we get a decent weekend and it was time for the housey stuff to take over. So today was a carpet shampooing day and although it was grey and wet outside it was a bit of a warm job but worth it....until Doodle Pants and the dog start mucking it up!!!
I did get a day out with DD on Saturday. We did Derby market....ribbons for me and books for DD, ate noodles for lunch and then moved on to Burton for a mooch around The Range. I don't rate their craft department much but found some very nice housey things to decorate my mantlepiece.
After that we called in at Byrkley Garden Centre for a few crafty needs in the way of ink pads and a couple of die sets.
As we'd eaten a rather hearty lunch we decided not to have an evening meal so Mr Manic saw to himself and I went upstairs to sort out stamps that need getting rid of......there's rather a lot I have to say......and papers that I know I won't use.
Got some cards made but with the sorting there's not a spare inch to photograph them on at the minute so I shall have to have a session when I have finished tidying.
DD is now upstairs watching a film and Mr Manic has gone to bed early for work tomorrow so all is peaceful and quiet and I am going to see if I can find something to watch on the computer.
Bye for now.

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