Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Big Move!!! going very well so far.
Mr Manic made me very happy indeed when he went out and bought me some new flooring to replace the old carpet I ripped up.
Total cost of my new room so far is £60 plus some very hard graft moving stuff downstairs.
Upstairs will be used as a storage room for car boot stuff for a couple of weeks and then it will be transformed into Doodle's boudoir/playroom. I shan't do a themed room for her as she won't stay that often just yet I don't expect.
I think I have maybe another couple of hours 'go' in me and then it's veg time in front of the tv watching Foyle's War with hubby. It's not something I thought I would enjoy but I am loving it.
DD is making me take a little break tomorrow and we are off out to Derby for noodles and a mooch around the shops before we go food shopping.
Thanks for dropping by.

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