Saturday, 31 October 2009

Black & White Christmas Scene!!!

Well I managed to get a picture tonight. It looks like my SD card has had it though why is a mystery to me. I don't take that many photos really. Anyway that means I am stuck for a bit and can only take a couple of pics at a time so I have to keep going back and taking shots until I get one that's just right rather than taking a few at once. It's a bit of a bag but hey ho.

So here is the card I should have posted last night. My favourite black and white.
I forgot to check the stamp manufacturer as I did this at work but am almost sure it's Creative Expressions.
The image is stamped in Onyx Black Versafine onto satin card and embossed with holographic EP which gives a beautiful illusion of depth to the sky.

Not heard from DS yet so no news to announce. They travelled down to Cornwall today so maybe they are tired. If he keeps me waiting until they get back I will have a few choice words to say to that young man.

I am a bit whacked myself tonight so I am vegging out in front of the computer for a bit of blog hopping and maybe a game later.
Thanks for the visit today.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Oh Dear!!!

Well the pic I was going to post tonight was not meant to be. All day I kept saying 'I'll do that in a minute'. Got round to it this evening and for once it looked like it was going to be a good picture despite being taken by the light of a daylight lamp...........and it looks like me camera is busted.
Put the plug into the USB and straightaway I knew something was wrong as it didn't do what it usually does. Got into the files for the camera and it was full of folders and huge files........I had only taken six pics........and gobbledegook stuff I didn't even understand. So I took it out pretty sharpish and I shall have a look at it tomorrow when I get back from work.
Fortunately DD has my other one which I gave her after I had dropped it when I was changing the batteries. It wouldn't work after I put new batteries in so I thought it was broke. Sent her out to get me a new one and an hour after she got back with the new one I found that I had put the batteries in the other camera the wrong it wasn't broken at all. This was quite a long time ago and I can laugh about it now although I didn't at the time. Gawd I can hear you all giggling from!!!

We've been out this evening to visit DS and DDIL as they are going on holiday tomorrow and it's also DDIL's birthday so we wanted to make sure she got her card and pressie to take with her.
Tomorrow is 'the big day' when he will be proposing to her and we are all excited and nervous. I am so excited that I feel sick.
DS snuck hubby off to see the ring and he says it's beautiful. I would rather see it when she is wearing it.
I'll update when I know what the answer is.

Off to work tomorrow and the next couple of Saturday's as Deb's mum is in hospital recovering from an operation on her knee. We visited last night and she looks fantastically well.
So I have to have a bit earlier night tonight. Very strange for a Friday as I am usually up until about two or three am fiddling about. Better go and get my beauty sleep if I don't want to frighten the!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Side Step Christmas Card!!!

Really enjoyed doing this Side Step card. Being the plank I am I forget where I got the basic instructions but I have enlarged this to a 5 3/4 inch square. I have also bought the back panel down as I didn't like how it sat when the card was open.
The papers are Papermania and I don't think you can see to well here that they are linen effect. Very beautiful to work with.
Stamps are Inkadinkado.

Another busy day at the shop today. I have almost sold out of the MME Signature Christmas 12x12 pads. Is that paper lush or what?
Today we had lots of new Quickutz embossing folders and a few dies in but I have to resist for the moment.
We are waiting for the Epic to arrive but that is due at the supplier's mid November. One has my name on Christmas pressie from DD. I'm looking forward to trying that out as I have quite a few Sizzlit Extended Cut dies and I don't use them as much as I should.

Anyway I am off to make a cuppa and then have a browse before bedtime.
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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Last Of The Easel Cards For Now!!!

It was very wintery looking this morning when I got up but it's still a bit too warm for me. I can't wait until we have to light the fire every night and I'll be glad when it's dark at 4pm as then hopefully the nice little children that bomb around the back field on scrambling bikes will stay in and watch telly instead. I have no problem with them enjoying themselves but if you could hear the noise of half a dozen of them going drives me insane. Yesterday they were out there from 9:30am to about 5pm and I was almost a gibbering wreck by the time they had much for a peaceful day off.

Been quite busy today and didn't manage to finish my prep for Thursday when I have an all day class so I bought that home. I thought it best as if it's busy tomorrow and I don't get it done I shall be somewhat stuffed because I have work of my own I have to get done tomorrow night.

Having to walk through the shop with my eyes closed now as we have had so many deliveries just lately. I am on a severe stash diet and dare not be tempted.

Sorry tonight's card is yet another Easel Card but it's all I have on the camera at the minute. There will be a new style tomorrow.

Anyhoo.....I am off for a mooch around before bed.
Thanks for your visit today.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Cricut Swirly Tree!!!

Just a quick post tonight as I have loads of stuff still left to do.

Spent this morning making six of these Cricut Swirly Tree cards. Don't know why the left side of this pic is so blurred and the light was getting too bad to take another one.

Got prep to do for a class tomorrow so I had best go and get on.

Thanks for dropping by tonight.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Santa Easel Card!!!

Loving the Easel Cards. This one is the pretty much the same as the first one I made because I still had some of the bits lying about on my desk. This time I have embossed the tag and stamped a Santa image by Rubadubbadoo on the circle.
I am absolutely whacked today as I spent the morning and early afternoon decorating.......yes you read that right.........I actually got off my behind and did some more to the landing which has been sadly neglected.
So now I am done round to the bathroom door and just have the ceiling and walls to do down the bottom staircase. It will have to be the week after next though because DD will be at work next weekend and she is my little helper who pastes, makes coffee and picks all the horrible bits of wet paper trimmings up off the floor. She's an angel.
After a late lunch I carried on with my sort out. I have a corner in my work room that really, really bugs me so I have tidied it out and have also tidied out the drawers of the sideboard so I now have a sewing drawer and storage for my stock of ds tape and foam pads where I can get at them easily. Plus I have sorted out my box of Christmas stuff and chucked out loads of rubbishy bits.
I should have been making cards but that corner has been bugging me for weeks.
Well what a shock Danyl being in the sing off tonight eh?
He is not my favourite but I didn't expect him to be there. I was betting on Lloyd and Rachel this week.
Was sorry to see Miss Frank go. I think they need to go away now and really work on getting their act together and I'm sure we will see them again some time in the future.
Anyway........thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Once More For The Kids!!!

  • Some more kids cards from my PC Crafter collection.
    Had a lovely comment from Mel at MelStampz who complimented me on my colouring of the images. Sorry but I can't take the credit for that. The images come like that. Some collections come with a black and white option....although not recent releases.....that are fab for colouring in with Promarkers.

  • DD has asked me to announce that last nights tea was fabulous. Well I say asked.....she had me on the floor with my arm up my back and!!! We had bacon and tomatoes in soft rolls.........and Lesley........we love our bacon when it's like crisps. That's OK in a roll but it is difficult to eat with a knife and fork.
    Hubby had bought some ice cream which was so sickly that I won't need any sugar for the next 12 months. Not doing too well with puddings this week am I?

  • Tonight I have done a 'proper' of our favourite winter warmers and here is the recipe for.............

  • Winter Pork Casserole (Bung it in cooks tbsp or tsps here)

  • Cubed pork
    Carrots......chopped chunky
    Sliced onions
    2 small tins Heinz Curried Baked Beans
    1/2 pt chicken stock

    Heat a little oil in a pan and fry the pork until browned.
    Remove the meat to your chosen cooking vessel and add the onions to the pan.
    Cook until lightly browned and then add the carrots.
    Add the veg to the meat and deglaze the pan with the stock.
    Pour the stock over the other ingredients and then add the beans.
    Add the parsley and season lightly.
    You can leave this simmering all day and then about an hour before serving remove the lid and turn up the heat to reduce the liquid.
    Adjust seasoning just before serving as the flavour intensifies as the stock reduces.

  • This is lovely with roast potatoes and brocolli but is just as good with boiled rice.

    I know it sounds disgusting with the curried beans but it really is gorgeous and there is no messing about with tsps of herbs and flavourings. It's all there in those two little tins.

    Morrisons seems to be the only place we can find the beans so if anyone knows anywhere else please let me know and I will post it here.

  • Well now I have fed the wastrels I am off upstairs until X Factor time as I am in the middle of a sort out.
    Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Black & Gold Christmas

I feel like I have been making Christmas cards forever and yet still don't seem to have that many done for the local shop.
Anyhoo.......this is one of a batch of five I made to use up the gold bubble things. Haven't a clue where I had them from....sorry.
Black ones are Paper Cellar......from their 99p stand.
Card has been embossed using the Victoria there's a!!!
Ribbon is black velvet from Dovecraft and the sentiment I think is Habico but not 100% sure on that one.

I must be mad after her little faux pas the other night but I am off to eat tea cooked by DD again. How wrong can you go grilling bacon? Watch this!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Kids Christmas Cards!!!

Tonight I am sharing a couple of the cards I was making last night. I usually make up a couple of batches of kids cards and more often than not use my Hugware collections.
These pics are from a collection by Laurie Furnell who is my favourite PC Crafter artist.
I have just printed two of each image, trimmed one down and layered onto the other with foam pads.
I embellished with glitter around some of the white areas and then things like carrot noses and holly with Glossy Accents.
Sorry I don't know whose the paper is. It is some I bought from a clearance rack.
Well I am lucky I lived to finish these cards and post them. DD has tried to do away with me tonight by poisoning me with an apple pie.
For days I have been fancying apple pie......don't know why as it isn't really my favourite dessert. Anyway hubby picked one up from the supermarket as I didn't have time to make one and DD kindly offered to make the tea tonight. Now I may have told you before that she is in no way domesticated so we just had soup and then she put the apple pie in the oven (without reading the instructions) to warm through for ten minutes. It was only when I spat mine out that she realised that it should have gone in the oven for 35 minutes.
Stone cold, raw apple and half cooked pastry........not!!!
Aww least she tried......bless her!!!
I've been a busy bee since I got in from work so I am taking the rest of the night off to gather my strength for a workshop in the morning.
Finished the rubbish didn't get any better but I had to know what happened........and I have started a new one which is much better so I am going to put my feet up and have a good session with that.
Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Busy Evening!!!

Sorry I don't have any pics tonight because the six cards I have made since I got in from work have Glossy Accents drying on them before I assemble them and I went and left the card I made at work at work.
I may have to drop into town tomorrow on the way home but I hope to do some finishing off and pic taking when I get in.

I'm shattered now so I think a quiet half hour with my book before bed and I shall sleep like a log.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Inky Post At Inky Antics!!!

Had a horrible day today. A banging headache and no mojo to speak of. I couldn't settle to anything so I had a dig in my background box and altered a background I had already started.
You can see the finished results HERE.
Of course now it's nearly time for bed the headache has gone and I could just go up and have a cardmaking session........Sod's Law.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Favourite Santa!!!

This has to be my most favourite Santa image of all time. Isn't he gorgeous?
He was a free image from Karen at Graphics Fairy.
Paper is Basic Grey.
Swirl frame fragment is Sizzix.
Metal charm is Papermania (not sure if they do these now).

Manged to have a pretty peaceful morning. My tummy is now full of hubby's fabulous roast beef which should hopefully sustain me through another packing!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

My Life As A Domestic Goddess!!!

Well honestly.........for saying that I am supposed to earn my living as a cardmaker I'm doing an awful lot of everything but at the!!!
I have had to do the cooking two days on the trot as hubby seems to have his winter belly on already and is taking some filling up......bless him.
So while I have been waiting for things to hubble and bubble I have been doing other domestic chores........I tell you it's like living in a homes magazine in our house. Everywhere is clean and tidy and I have nearly finished this week's laundry. Hubby has done his bit today though and has been tidying things in the garden and mowing the lawns so all is comfy and cosy at Manic Towers.
Got a bit of prep done for some cards to put together tomorrow as I get the day off cooking so there will be pics then.

My view on X Factor tonight........
Lloyd.........I thought he sang great....what were they on about?
Stacey........She is so her.......didn't love the song.
Danyl.........Not my cup of tea and the song was horrible.
Rachel.......Not crazy about her but she was OK.
Miss Frank.....Not brilliant.
Ricky.........Not bad.
They who shall be nameless.......Crap.
Actually I have renamed them........The Double Damiens (Think Omen Trilogy).

Hubby is watching Muriel's Wedding for the 100th time. I think he has a bit of a thing going for Toni!!! So I am going to browse the net a bit and then try and finish a rubbish book I am reading at the moment.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Return Of The Poinsettia!!!

Sorry.......she's back again.......I just can't resist!!!
To be honest I did stamp and emboss a small pile of the poinsettias and am trying to make a different card with every one.
Here I have stamped the card blank using the Rubber Stampede text stamp and a Vivid ink pad in Taupe.
The swirl frame is Sizzix and the centre circle was cut with a set of Quickutz nesting circles.

Got to pull my socks up tonight after taking the night off last night. I want to finish off all of the tote bags I have made and print some tags for them.

Best go and crack on.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Easel Does It!!!

Managed to find time to have a quick play with the Easel Card and this is the result.
I found instructions HERE and I sized it up slightly to my favourite 5 3/4 inch square.
It was fun to make and I will make more of them.
The cards on the site where I got the instructions are just stunning.
For mine I have used Papermania paper and stamps.
The swirly frame behind the tag is a Sizzix die cut.

I'm a bit tired today and have a sore back and knee so I am being kind to myself and giving me the night off to play games on the computer and maybe browse a few blogs and shops before bedtime.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Super Quick Cards!!!

Just got in from work and have had tea so i thought I'd do a quick post before I go up and start work again.
These are some of the anniversary cards I was making at the weekend. I thought they looked quite nice in the soft ice creamy colours.
I think the Victoria Cuttlebug folder is going to be worn out soon as I am using it so much.

Got lots of inserting and packing to do tonight........oh joy!!! After that I am going to be having a go at an Easel Card and a Side Step card.....if I haven't bored myself to sleep doing the!!!

Thanks for dropping by today.

Monday, 12 October 2009

It's That Poinsettia Again!!!

I knew I shouldn't have got this stamp out. Once I start with it I find it hard to stop. It's just sooooo beautiful.
The embossed background behind the flower is cream glitter card which has been distressed with Antique Linen and Taupe inks to tone it down a bit.
Paper is Papermania.
........and Gert......the answer is can't have the stamp!!!

Haven't got as much done today as I would have liked. Too many interruptions such as a bit of housework and cooking the evening meal as hubby was working later than normal.
Still I have a couple more hours up there before I have to do anything else.

What sad and shocking news about Stephen Gately. I still can't quite believe it. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
Shame on the people leaving such disgusting comments on the Orange news board. It makes me ashamed to be part of the same species to read some of the awful things people say at times like this.

Can't say I was surprised at the Terrible Twins getting through last night although I was actually surprised that Kandy Rain went.
I thought Danii was well out of order with the comment about Danyl. So unnecessary.
Robbie Williams was awful. What a weird song that was. Alexandra's song on the other hand was quite catchy and I loved all the dancers.......fab.
Although I quite like Jamie I didn't like him doing a Marc Bolan song.......nobody can do a Marc Bolan song like Marc don't do it again matey.

Anyway looks like I get to do the washing up tonight......nobody else is making a move!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Simple Joy Fold!!!

The other week I said that I was in the mood for making some Joy Fold cards. Well I got as far as cutting the card bases and chopping up some papers and that was it.
This morning I found the bag I had put them in and decided to take a few minutes off from the batch making and put together this quite simple Christmas card.
I have used K & Co papers to cover the card and then I inked a card panel with Antique Linen Distress Ink before overstamping using my favourite Rubber Stampede Christmas text stamp and Taupe ink. Scraped the edges with scissors and inked around again with the Antique Linen.
The poinsettia is stamped and embossed onto Curious Metallics vellum.
I think there are instructions in the resources on Splitcoast Stampers for the Joy Fold card.

Having a pretty restful day today although I am a bit miffed with three of the white wedding cards I have done. For some reason the embossed panel keeps lifting up in places from the card blank. I have tried all sorts of different DS tape. The cream ones are fine even though I have used identical materials to the white ones. My next thing to try will have to be glue as I am no way binning them.

Can't wait for the results show of X Factor tonight. I would like to see Kandy Rain and John & Edward in the sing off.

Hubby cooked a lovely lunch as always and I just feel like curling up on the sofa now but I hadn't better. I'll go up and do some more work.

Thanks for your visit today.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Load Of Old Garbage!!!

All the cards I have made today are at various stages of construction and I didn't have any ready to I thought I'd let you have a share of me!!!
Garbage Broth with a side order of toasted French bread with cheese........served in my new bowls. It were dead nice.

Managed to get nearly all day up in my room so I have been batch making cards for the local shop. I had stopped doing batches but I am so behind with everything that I just had to to catch up with myself.

Just watched X Factor and now I am off for a nice soak in the bath before I go back upstairs for a couple of hours.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ribbon Tree!!!

Just a quick and easy card tonight.
The tree is handcut from green Core'dinations, embossed with a Cuttlebug folder and then sanded. It was then layered onto a piece of gold and trimmed round.
The ribbon is from a selection at Monks Den Crafts as is the peeloff in the top corner.
This has been placed onto a piece of gold card and then cut out. Some of the edge detail has been removed because it was just too darn fiddly to cut!!!

Well that's my working week over and done with. Got nothing particular planned for the weekend as I just know that if I plan it all goes belly up anyway. So just going to take it as it comes although I have been asked to make a pot of Garbage Broth.......sounds disgusting I know but all it is is my homemade veg soup. I just throw all sorts of veg into it and it's very tasty and warming. I shall serve it in the beautiful new bowls hubby bought for me this week which were an absolute bargain from Tesco. They are red glazed terracotta and were reduced from about £7.50 to £3.50 each.

Feeling the need for a bit of rubber bashing now. My room should be nice and cosy as I have the oil radiator on low just to keep the chill off. I filled the kettle this morning so I just need some milk and that's me happy until hubby gets home.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A Snowy Outlook!!!......I Wish!!!

Made a start on some samples for the shop today using a set of Papermania stamps and some WRMK Whiteout paper.
The tag is an empty image and you chose which of the main images to put into the middle.
The little band at the top is stamped with one of the elements and then I just added a punched and layered snowflake.
Only managed to get another half a card made as it was quite busy today.

That's all folks......I have a date with a cup of tea and my first mince pie of the!!!
Hubby .....bless him.....always buys me some as soon as he sees them in the shop as he knows I love them but no-one else in the house does so I never make them.

Thanks for dropping by.

Oooooh........forgot to say........all outstanding Lucky Dip parcels have now been posted.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cuttlebug Christmas!!!

I don't very often make C6 cards these days but I have loads of blanks which need something doing with instead of them just sitting in a drawer. So with that in mind I have set to and am designing some quick and easy ones......they have to be quick and easy as I have 500 plus blanks to get!!!
I really love this Victoria folder for Christmas cards and am quite smitten with the bird embossing folder from a Cut and Emboss set........don't like the die quite so much but never mind I thought it was a good idea at the you do.

Nearly finished my Noel word book that I am making at the shop and I have to say that for a first attempt it ain't bad. I can't see me doing another one but I had to try it to find that out. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow morning and then get on to some badly needed cards for workshops. Luckily DD will be coming to spend the day with me so I should get plenty done.

Just waiting for hubby to come home and then I am back upstairs to pack a bag with stuff I might need tomorrow. He needs a bit of mollycoddling with a hot drink and stuff tonight as he has a cold.........and you know what they are like when they have a!!!

Thanks for your visit today.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Tote With Cards!!!

Today's project is a tote bag with a set of cards. There is only one card showing but the bag holds five........and they are in!!!
All paper is Basic Grey-Wassail and the project used up quite a lot of leftovers.
On the cards the trees are handcut and the oval greeting plaque is cut on the Cricut.
On the bag the edging is a Fiskars border punch and the flowers on the bottom of the handles are a Woodware punch.

Today I have spent the day finishing up jobs.
All outstanding Lucky Dip prizes are now packed and ready to go to the Post Office. If hubby has the time I will get him to post them tomorrow for me but if not it will be Thursday.
Sorted out loads of card blanks and covered them with paper ready to make sets for all of the totes I have ready.
Now I'm just in the middle of clearing my desk before I go to work tomorrow.

I did spend a very lazy ten minutes watching a couple with their three comical dogs in the field at the back this afternoon. Awwww they were so cute. Two black labs and a teeny tiny Jack Russell playing football. The ball was bigger than the little JR but my word he gets points for trying. I think he was definitely the!!!

Back to my tidying for now.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Chipboard Christmas!!!

Today's card is my current favourite technique........painting naked chipboard.
The tree shape is handcut and embossed in the Victoria Cuttlebug folder.
The swirl is a Sizzix die cut.
Both have been painted with acrylic paint to begin with and then the tree was spritzed with a Moonglow spray and sealed with hairspray. I let it dry and then added gold pen around the edges.
The swirl has been dabbed with Versamark, sprinkled lightly with Metal Magic EP in gold and
then heated to add a bit of texture.
The bauble is a Cuttlebug die which has been stamped and shrunk before colouring the back with Stazon-Black Cherry.
This one was just to get my basic idea down onto card but I will be playing with it a bit to add a little more texture or something to the background.

Had a lovely peaceful day yesterday and today we are neither going out or having visitors. Just hubby, DD and me. Hubby is cooking a late-ish lunch as DD is in bed for another hour or so after being on a night shift last night.
My idea of a perfect Sunday.

After lunch I shall be back upstairs working my little socks off to try and make some headway into catching up with my Christmas stock for the local shop until it's time for X Factor. I have two favourites and I don't mind which of them wins. I am just hoping that John and Edward go home tonight........if not I may at some point in the coming weeks throw something heavy at the

Thanks for dropping by today.

ETA.......I just knew those annoying twins would get through......bah!!! Ah well my two faves got through too which I am very happy about.