Thursday, 23 July 2015


So I finally got round to finishing off my quilt. The binding took so long to finish as I can't use a thimble and I kept getting little sores on the end of my needle pushing finger........ouch!!!
The three main fabrics I had had in my stash for probably five and a half years waiting patiently to have something to use them on but the spotted binding fabric is a little newer.......probably two years!!!
All the main fabric was chopped up into two and a half inch strips and then sewn into one continuous strip before being folded, sewn and cut then repeated until you end up with a quilt top (if you Google Jelly Roll Quilts you can find lots of videos and instructions for making them). Mine is long and narrow as I want it as a shoulder quilt for when I am reading at night. The quilt top took me about an hour or so to make so it's very quick and easy.
I'm now on the lookout for some gorgeous fabric to make a sofa quilt for the winter when I am snuggling up to watch a film.

I'm getting a bit fed up of these low grey skies now. I'm not a big fan of summer but if it's meant to be summer then a least let's have a bit of sunshine eh? I hope we get some nice days from August 17th as my Doodle Bird is coming to spend a week with us and I am planning lots of outdoor things to do......days out and garden picnics and games. I can't wait.

Well I think I'll have half an hour browsing for some fabric and then I am off out to do the weekly shop with DD and maybe we'll grab a cheeky Starbucks while we are out........ I do love my Starbucks Coffee.
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Monday, 6 July 2015

Beautiful Rose!!!

I'm not over fond of roses in the garden but I have always wanted a climbing rose to grow up this dead apricot tree in our back garden.
This one was purchased from Wilko last year for £3.99 and I have to say if it never flowers again we have certainly had our money's worth in flowers this year. In just one year it has grown to halfway up the tree and is smothered in flowers from the ground up. It is not heavily scented ( for which I am eternally grateful) it just has a slightly sweet smell. Next to it is a very well established Buddleia so once the flowers bloom on that the lovely purple will look gorgeous next to this beautiful pink.
I seem to have been bitten by the sewing bug and have been making bags and fabric baskets. Just now I am putting the binding on a strip quilt I have just sewn together and it's looking very nice. I will take a pic once it's I am getting to grips with this bl**dy laptop and can actually get pictures on to it.
Not enjoying the warm weather we are having especially when my job list today included cleaning in the kitchen and tomorrows list has cooker cleaning on it. I should be out in the garden really but it's been a tad wet today on and off.
I'm waiting for a nice dry day to take my bargain find outside to sand. I've been after a nice round coffee table for ages and when Ruby came to stay last weekend we had to take her to a birthday party in Tutbury where we parked right outside an antique shop. There on the pavement was the most gorgeous round coffee table which I picked up for the princely sum of five quid. Couldn't quite believe it. It's in very good condition although the top is slightly worn so it's in need of a light sanding and then it will be chalk painted and distressed and hopefully look lovely in my lounge when it's done. I am well pleased with my bargain.
Right........I am off to do a bit more hand sewing on my quilt for half an hour then I am off to try and finish a book that I am not enjoying much but need to know what!!!
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