Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A Bit Of Glam!!!

Ruby wanted to paint her nails today. We ended up with full on glam with holographic tips and super shiny gems. It didn't last long before the tips were picked off followed by the gems.
I hope Mummy has some polish remover when we pop by for a visit tomorrow evening.

I have been teaching her French Knitting today. We tried it last year but I think she was a bit young. This year she has cracked it as long as I hold the dolly. We are hoping to make coasters for Mummy and Daddy.

These days full of love, kisses cuddles and laughter are just what I need right now.

Thanks for popping by.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Happiness Is!!!

Waking up to the smiling face of my gorgeous's wonderful.

Today so far we have emptied her wompy twopy tin and counted the coins into bags ready for the bank. She'll need a wheelbarrow....£15 in 1p's and 2p's weighs a heck of a lot.
We have made the lavender bunches. It's a bit past it's best but she really enjoyed doing it.
For the rest she has been playing with her dolls and just chilling out until we pop out later on the hunt for a little china tea set so that she can play picnics with her dolls and pick up the popcorn that naughty Ganma forgot to get.

Tomorrow the craft box is coming out for a making session....of what I do not know but I'm sure Ruby will be full of ideas.

Posts this week will probably be later in the day once Aunty DD is home and they get chattering and giggling.

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely sunny day.

Monday, 29 August 2016

......And A Good Time Was Had By All!!!

Grab a box
Burgers, corn on the cob and American potato bites with chilli cheese and smokey barbecue dressing.
Fancy a Hot Dog? Plain potatoes for Ruby.
The perfect burger additions.
All that's left of desserts....sorry.
I am so glad that we went ahead with our party yesterday. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon.
The weather played ball so that we could have it out in the garden.
The company was fabulous and to top it all we had a superstar guest......Ruby dressed as Wonder Woman which was so perfect for the theme.
After eating we roasted marshmallows over the fire pit and squidged them between chocolate digestive biscuits.....not strictly proper S'Mores but pretty damn nice all the same. Ruby thought it was great fun.
We stayed out until just after 7pm and then DS and DDIL made their way home with two very sleepy little girls.
I want to do it again........soon.

Ruby will be back here later for the start of her week long sleepover and I can't wait.
At hubby's request we are having a roast lunch to use up some more chicken breasts from the freezer although we won't have it until tea time as DD is at work until 3pm.
So I just have to prepare the meal, change the bed and tidy up the bedroom. I'd better do some laundry too......mmmmm so much for a lazy Bank Holiday

Hope you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Garden Stall!!!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments yesterday. I appreciate them all.

Hubby and I so enjoyed our little trips out to have a wander round the little town when he was on holiday that we decided to do the same yesterday.
I was quite excited as it was the last Saturday of the month which meant that the Makers Market would be there and I really wanted another look at the garden stall I had seen earlier in the year...and which I promised you pictures of.
........and here it is

Ox Eye Daisy
Isn't it just beautiful?
I could stand and look at it all day there are so many gorgeous garden themed things to look at.
From the brochure I picked up I found out that the stall owner Louise runs it with her son Matt who is an horticulturalist. She designs and creates the gorgeous wooden garden accessories which are really beautiful and fun too.

Some of the places you can find the stall.
I have not been paid to advertise this business I just wanted to share it with you as I think it's one of the most lovely stalls I have ever seen at a market.

On to other things.
Hubby is in very good spirits and looking forward to the party today. The weather isn't looking fabulous so it may well be an indoor party which is a shame as the garden is looking so nice. Still the food will taste the same in or out so I don't suppose it matters.
I am just about to bake the apple pie and make some blueberry muffins. There are onions to be peeled and chopped,tomatoes to slice and lettuce to prepare, potatoes to par boil and slice so I am going to be quite busy..........once I have had my coffee that
The American Style Diner will be open for business at 4pm. I wish I could invite you all.

Thanks for visiting today.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

So Now We Know!!!

At his post biopsy appointment yesterday they were able to give hubby his results and he does have the dreaded C word.
They think that they have caught it early and he was given three options for treatment....1) Leave it (yeah right). 2) Have it removed and 3) Radiotherapy. He has gone for the remove option and they said that once it's removed that will be that unless it comes back in the future.
He needs to heal completely from his biopsy before they operate as he was very badly bruised and then he will go in, have his operation and be in for five days.
I offered to cancel the party tomorrow but he wants it to go ahead and have a fun day before all the serious stuff starts so have fun we will.

I'll be back tomorrow. I'm just too emotional to write much more today.
Thanks so much for visiting.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Daft Weather!!!

We had torrential rain nearly all day yesterday but this morning we have bright sunshine with a chilly little breeze. I have to hope that it stays like this now until Sunday to dry out the lawn else we will be either wearing wellies for our party or having it indoors.

Hubby has just gone off to Derby Hospital for his post biopsy check up and then he has to wait until September 16th for his results. I will be so glad when we know whether we have to deal with anything or not.

The chicken I made for tea last night was a huge hit so I will definitely be making that again. I had never used sun dried tomatoes before but they will become a store cupboard staple now along with a jar of chargrilled peppers.
No cooking tonight as hubbby is treating us to fish and chips. He just fancied them and who am I to argue when it gives me a night off.......although I do have to make a blackberry pie for him with some berries he collected the other day.

Not a lot to do today. Everywhere is clean and tidy apart from some carrot crumbs to hoover up but I might do some laundry today instead of tomorrow so that it can be hung out......just in case we are back to rain again.
I just have the hem to do on my dress now. Not my most favourite part if I am honest. It has to be done by hand rather than machine as it is a flared dress and has to be eased in. It's a long way round the bottom of it so it could take some time.

Right....I am off to start my day with a cup of tea and some toast as I didn't want breakfast when I first got up.
Hope you all have a fab day.


Thursday, 25 August 2016


It's a blissfully cool and damp start to the day here today and I love it. DD will be grateful for it I know as she spends all day outside even in the blistering heat we have been having and she comes home at night totally done in.

Ruby arrived rather later than expected yesterday as she had been out all afternoon meeting up with school friends and parents for a mass picnic at Sudbury Hall. We had a nice couple of hours though and she loved the meatballs. Some plans were made for next week and I think she is looking forward to spending some time at home. She has had a very busy few weeks of holiday and I think she will enjoy some time just kicking back and relaxing.

I had a dig in the bottom of the meat freezer yesterday and found a tray of four chicken breasts. They will be stuffed with peppers, sundried tomatoes, garlic and herbs, roasted and then topped with a slice of Mozarella and returned to the oven until melted. I'll serve it with some roasted baby potatoes and a small spinach salad.
The freezers are going down slowly. Yesterday I used up one and a half bags of meatballs so loads for tea and packed lunches.
I can't wait until I can start refilling as I saw a fantastic tip for onions on You Tube the other day using a spiraliser. You just peel your onions and run them through the machine which gives you long strands of curly onions. Pop them in a freezer bag and freeze. When you want to use them take them out and while still frozen squidge the bag about to break up the onions and hey presto.....chopped onions without the tears. Fantastic as I use loads of onions but don't like chopping them.

All I have to do this morning is wash a few pots, stuff the chickens and put a load of laundry in and then the day is mine until I have to cook tea so the sewing machine is coming out of hibernation and I am determined to finish my dress so that I can wear it on Sunday for the party.
You all know what I am going to be doing first though before I start anything......yes the kettle is going

Catch you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Always Something To Do!!!

Well despite the heat yesterday I got pretty much most of my list of jobs done and.......I actually sewed. Granted it was only some hand basting of the neck and armhole bindings on my dress but I sewed and it made me happy.

On to a new day and another list of jobs. It's a nice day so I will wash the sofa quilts and dry them outside, sweep and wash the back yard and wipe over the window sills which have got very dusty.
It's going to have to be salad for tea tonight and as Ruby will be here for tea I am going to make some of my sweet and sticky meatballs to go with it. I think she will like those.

I'll be seeing lots of my Doodle over the next week or so as she will be here with Mummy, Daddy and Marlowe on Sunday for our Diner Style party and then Monday she comes to stay for a week. Our plan of her coming to stay when DD was on annual leave didn't work out so there won't be many trips out with me not being a driver but we will find lots to occupy ourselves and lunchtimes can be a picnic at the little park near us.....if the weather stays nice.

Another job I might do today is gather some Lavender from the huge bush in the front garden and tie it up into little bunches for the airing cupboard. I haven't done that for a while but I feel like doing it today.......or I wonder if Ruby might like to do that next week and make up some bunches to take home to Mummy. We usually do something crafty so that she has a gift or two to take home. Mmmm I shall have a think about that. is needed now so the kettle is going on.
Bye for now....and thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Before & After!!!

When hubby was putting in the new washing line posts on Saturday I told him it was OK to chop a bit off the side of the Mad Hypericum if it was in his way as it would eventually be coming out anyway.
So I took him a drink out later and the Hypericum was gone completely. I had wanted to wait until later in the year because I loved to cut the stems of berries to add to vases of flowers but he looked so chuffed with himself that I couldn't say anything......and it was too late
He asked me what I wanted doing in that space and the next thing I knew he and DD had disappeared to the garden centre and so we have gone from this..... this

I can't believe the difference It looks so light and bright.
It's never been a very good area for growing much as it doesn't get much sun and is very wet there.
More pots will be added gradually but I will put my foot down about any more DD saw it at the garden centre and fell in love with it. He has been named Hades.....Guardian of the Garden.
Apart from the lawn this side of the garden is now looking lovely.

So much for my mission to empty the freezers.
Yesterday I used up a bag of meatballs and a pack of large sausages and have ended up putting back four boxes of sausages in onion gravy and a box of meatballs in gravy......although I have taken out a container of leftover roast beef in gravy and one of just gravy for tea tonight and later I will take out a bag of leftover yorkshire puddings. I have a feeling this is going to take me longer than anticipated.

Today I have a little laundry to finish and I will be able to hang it out on the line without wondering if the apricot tree is going to come crashing down on my
There is a small amount of ironing to do and the kitchen floor to sweep and wash then hopefully I can crack on with finishing my dress and make a start on whittling down the list of sewing projects.
First though is that all important cup of coffee.

Have a lovely day....whatever you are doing.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Girl In A Princess Dress!!!

As promised a photo of Ruby in her flower girl dress.
I'm sorry it is only a back view but I am unable to share pics of DD, DS, DDIL and the children due to their jobs.

 I can't wait to see her on Wednesday to hear all about her day.

So much for what I wanted to get done yesterday. I wasn't feeling totally top notch if I'm honest but then I got sideswiped by a very nasty bout of cystitis. Hubby has fetched me a course of oral solution this morning only for me to find that I am unable to use it because of other health issues so that was a waste of money.
Oh well........plenty of water and painkillers today and if it doesn't clear up I shall see if I can get in to see the doctor some time this week.

Tomorrow I will show you pics of a very unexpected transformation which took place in my garden yesterday. There was a general conversation about a choice to be made and the next thing I knew everything had been done.

Today will probably be spent mostly in the kitchen as hubby has requested a pan of onion gravy to be frozen in portions to go with some sausages he wants cooked for him to take as a meal to work, meatballs in gravy for tea and I have yet to make the apple pie so guess what gets shoved to the back burner as usual.....yes my sewing.... for today at least.

Well I am ready for a coffee and a read of my paper before I do anything else.
Catch you tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

So Sunday!!!

Dull, damp and very quiet here this Sunday morning but it is still too warm for me.
DD is out in the garden, hubby has gone to fetch the papers and I have just put a chicken in the oven for our lunch. I do love a roast chicken lunch. We don't have it often though as hubby doesn't consider chicken to be meat......what is he like?

I was hoping to share a pic of Ruby today in her flower girl finery but I haven't been sent any yet. They were obviously having too good a time to remember to send them. As soon as they do and I can figure out how to blur faces on photos I will post one.

Once lunch is done today I will be peeling and chopping apples to make an apple pie ready for next weekend. It will go uncooked into the freezer and be cooked on the morning of the party leaving me free to prepare everything else. When that is done I need to have a clear up in the dining room and put all of my new fabric away and leave the table free to start my sewing marathon tomorrow. I am looking forward to it now that my mojo seems to have returned.

Okey dokey.......there are vegetables and a knife with my name on so I had best go and get chopping.
Thanks for dropping by today.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

It's The Weekend!!!

Today my gorgeous Ruby will be fulfilling her duties as a flower girl. I hope she has a wonderful day and I can't wait to see the pics that DDIL has promised to send me later.

We are having a busy day here at Tea Towel Mansion. I am doing laundry and hubby is putting in new washing line posts as the apricot tree will no longer take the weight of a line of I discovered recently.
DD has nipped into big town this morning and when she gets back I expect she will be out in the garden if the rain stays off as she wants to put the new Agapanthus into the pot we got the other day.
Once all the jobs are done we will all be doing our own thing until we go out for tea tonight.....another treat for her Dad and I from DD. She is such a lovely daughter.

While I am typing I can see down the road that one of the trees is already turning yellow and shedding it's leaves. Although it is still quite warm it does feel quite Autumny this morning.
I was glad of the rain yesterday though for all of the new plants in the garden. They all look properly bedded in now that we have had a good downpour.

Right.....I'll go and pop another load in the washer and put the kettle on for coffee. I expect hubby could do with one as he is working out in the drizzly rain digging away in our heavy clay soil.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

Friday, 19 August 2016

I Only Wanted Needles!!!

While we were out yesterday we popped back to the garden centre as DD had a £10 off voucher to use before the end of this month and she wanted to get another pot. I thought while we were there that I might as well stock up on machine needles with the £20 available from my loyalty card.

Funny looking needles

More funny looking needles.

.....and yet more funny looking needles.

Actual more grips for my rulers.
The Advent calendar I made for Ruby last year is a little bit too traditional for me so I will make her the beautiful Scandi one instead. The star fabric is to back it.
Christmas fabric to build my stash back up after using up lots to make the scrap quilt earlier in the year.
Yellow fabric was bought to co-ordinate with the William Morris Layer Cake DD bought for me a few months ago. It will probably be the binding and the black is just to add to my stash of plain fabric.
The Schmetz needles are for me a recent discovery and they are awesome.
I have yet to try the TrueGrips but I am hoping that they do their job and stop my rulers sliding about......I'll let you know.

I sat last night and made a list of UFO's and projects I want to do. Thankfully the mojo is creeping back as I have to......
Finish my dress.
Finish the quilt top for Marlowe and buy backing and binding fabric.
Back, quilt and bind the scrap quilt.
Back, quilt and bind the Scandi quilt top I made last year.
Make two Advent calendars.
Make the quilt for Smudge.
Make the quilt for DS and DDIL.
Make Christmas gift bags using up some fat quarters I got for Christmas last year.
Make at least two sets of the Mug Mats to add to foodie Christmas gifts.
I'm hoping to make a start next week when I have the house back to myself after three weeks of hubby and then DD being home.
I can't wait.

It's raining heavily here this morning and the garden really needs it so no complaints here. It's still warm though.
Just simple jacket potatoes with cheese and beans tonight which we will be having later than usual as hubby doesn't finish work until 7pm.....I don't want to have to have the oven on twice so we will wait for ours.
As DD can't get out in the garden today she is helping me with house jobs.....bless her......and once we've done we are starting season seven of 24.

Hope you all have a fab permitting.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Quick, Quick, Quick!!!

Just a quick post today.
I have taken advantage of DD being at home and we have been out since 10:30am doing a big shop going to all the shops that I can't usually do unless there is someone here to take me.
So veg from the farm shop, Lidl for a few things, B&M for household cleaners etc, Poundland for tissues and Asda for groceries....all with a short stop for a light lunch and just back home at nearly 4pm.
We are shattered.
All put away now so we are going to flomp on the sofa and finish season six of 24.
Tara for now.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Name Is Sheila........!!!

.........and I am a

We went to the garden centre to get some bark.....none to be had except for two badly split bags with half the contents this is what I came home with.......
 The contents of two scrap bags which are just perfect to make Smudge dog his very own little snuggle quilt.
 A selection of fabrics for a sofa quilt for DS and DDIL.
 An Advent calendar for Miss Marlowe.
I also picked up a pack of TrueGrips.....non-slip adhesive rings to put on the back of my 24 inch long ruler and two metres of my favourite batting.
There was so much gorgeous fabric. I could have gone completely mad. I filled another loyalty card so that means I can have £20 worth of free goodies next time I go. Looking at the piles of fabric I think I had better stock up on machine

Hubby is going back to work today so it's just DD and I for tea and it will definitely be salad with something......probably just a simple cheese salad with a crusty roll. We will be complete slobs and eat while watching more 24.

The solar lights looked amazing on the tree last night but I couldn't get a decent picture of them unfortunately. We had thought that the lights would be the final touch but hubby thought differently......he hid a comedy snail in one of the pots which had DD and I in hysterics. It's flippin' horrible but it will stay.

Back into the routine of having to feed hubby before he goes to work so I will go and put the oven on to warm up the pasty he is having today. He wants chips and beans with it so that is what he is getting.

Thanks for visiting today.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hubby Is Home!!!

They let hubby come home at 5pm yesterday. Biopsy done, post op appointment for 26th August made, but then we have a long wait for the results until 16th September. I will be wishing the days away.

I kept myself occupied yesterday by using up all the part bags of frozen veg to make a big pan of soup and using up the leftover chicken from Saturday to make a chicken and leek filling for the pie we are having today which will also use up a pack of frozen puff pastry. My mission is going very well so far.

DD added the most beautiful finishing touch to the pots in the bottom border yesterday.......some small crackle glazed globe solar lights which look just as pretty in the daylight as they do at night. I'm not normally a huge fan of solar lights as I think they are ugly looking things but I do love these.......and she has just arrived home from town with a huge string of solar lights for the apricot tree. They are going to look awesome.

Just a couple of jobs to catch up on and then we are off to fetch some decorative bark to add to the borders and I might have a sneaky visit to the quilting shop. As it is at the garden centre we are going to it would be rude not

Thanks for stopping by today.


Monday, 15 August 2016


Apparently today is National Relaxation Day.
I don't think I am going to be very relaxed least not until I have my hubby home from the hospital anyway.
There aren't a lot of jobs to do this morning but I will need to find something to occupy myself so maybe a bit of cupboard sorting or something of that nature.

DD is off now for the week and we are hoping to get the hall, staircases and landings freshened up with a coat of paint which we will probably start on Wednesday when hubby should be back at work.

Ruby is going to be very excited this week as it will be this Saturday coming that she will be a flower girl. I can't wait to see the photos as I haven't seen the dress or the shoes yet but I know that she is going to look like a little angel.

I think I will leave this post here then as I feel that if I carry on I will just waffle and bore you all to death with my nervous chatter.
Hope you all have a fab looks like it's going to be a nice one weatherwise.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Looking Fuller!!!

A few more pots and some bargain white pansies have filled this border out a bit.

Chickens on a stick.

The mad Hypericum which will be coming out in the autumn.
DD had a good spell out in the garden yesterday and managed to fit in all the new containers and plants so the borders are looking fuller and more colourful now although there are still a few places that things could be tucked to fill it out a bit more.
Next year we will be working on the other side of the garden which is going to be a paved area for the garden furniture and barbecue and we are hoping to dig up the lawn, improve the ground and replace it with some new turf. It's not a huge area.
The mad Hypericum will be coming out and we will try to raise that area so that anything we put there gets a little more light. We are thinking a gravel bed with pots but we'll see when the time comes.
Eventually we will have a lovely garden worth sitting out in.

I've done very well with my using up mission for the freezers. This weekend I have used a bag of chicken breasts....three for chargrilled chicken last night and the two for a chicken and leek pie for in the week. Today I have used a bag of lamb leg steaks, a tub of white sauce and a tub of lamb gravy so the contents are going down and we have quite a bit of space in both of them now. I will condense everything down into one when it will all fit and clean one of them out then swap over and clean the other.

Poor hubby is a little subdued today. He is not looking forward to his time in hospital tomorrow. He's not so worried about the procedure I don't think but the fact that he doesn't know if he will be able to come home tomorrow......and more importantly if he will get fed. 
I'll just be glad when it's over and we have the results...good or bad so that we know what we are dealing with.

Right....lunch is smelling delicious and it will soon be time to serve it up so I'll go and put the plates to warm.

Thanks for dropping by today.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Out And About....Again!!!

Up early, showered and out the door this morning as DD wanted to get to Trentham Gardens before all the parking spaces had gone near to the garden centre as she knew we would be buying plants.
We had a lovely slow walk round looking at everything but only buying what we had gone for.....and we got some lovely stuff including bargains of reduced bedding and a Sedum from the clearance corner.
No room in the car for the compost so we went home to clear the car and then nipped up to our local garden centre for that.
Home now and I am shattered. It was so hot out there today and that is what does me in so I am inside by the fan and DD is sorting out all her garden goodies and deciding where everything is going. It's going to look gorgeous when she has finished.

All I am fit for now is cooking tea......chargrilled chicken and salad today....and then another session of 24 tonight followed by a cool shower and bed.
That will be my Saturday done and dusted.
Hope yours has been fabulous too.

Friday, 12 August 2016


Today I had planned to get on with some of my unfinished sewing projects but hubby has put the kybosh on that....he wants to go for a ride out somewhere. I don't think he wants to go far but as he is nearing the end of his annual leave he just wants to be out and about. Also he will be in hospital all day on Monday and maybe even overnight so I think he wants to fill his lungs up with some good old fresh air.

The house is still clean and tidy so no mad Friday dash around today which makes a change and tonight we are having another simple tea of fish and salad so no major cooking.
It's given out some hot weather this weekend but even so I have promised a roast lamb dinner on Sunday to keep him going as he won't be able to eat again until after his op which could be any time on Monday depending where he is on the list.

Right I'll go and get changed and see where we end up today.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Party Talk!!!

Today I thought I would share with you some of the things we have been able to pick up for our Diner party later on this month. I am amazed at what is actually available and so glad that we have been able to pull the theme together.
Plates, napkins and cupcake picks.
Fries containers and sauce bottles.
Drink cups with straws.
Burger and hotdog trays.
There will also be stars and stripes bunting one lot of which I made last year and another that I am going to make using the roll of Fablon I got.

The menu will be........

Homemade burgers
Hotdogs (made with proper sausages)
Fried onions
There will also be lettuce, tomato and sliced red onion (my preference) and Monterey Jack cheese slices.
Rather than fries I am doing the American potato bites with chilli cheese sauce and smoky barbecue sauce and there will also be a bowl of corn on the cob.
For desserts we will have apple pie with cream, blueberry muffins with a cream cheese topping, lemon meringue cupcakes or S'Mores.

Hopefully the weather will be nice and we will be outside enjoying ourselves to 1950's/1960's music. I can't wait.

Hubby has just gone off to the hospital in Derby for his pre-op appointment. We're both pretty calm about that but I am not looking forward to Monday when he goes for his biopsy or the subsequent wait for the results and what they might turn out to be.

Well I'll go and do a bit of tidying....although after my mega domestic goddess gig yesterday there is really nothing needs doing. Just a couple of mugs to wash and the worktops to wipe over and then I think I will watch a couple more episodes of Homes Under The Hammer on You Tube.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Clean And Nearly Clutter Free!!!

Spending £30 on that cupboard yesterday plus a little sorting out this morning means I now have a lovely clean and nearly clutter free bottom end of the kitchen. What was utter chaos is now neat and tidy and it will be so much easier to keep it that way.
I am chuffed to little mintballs....odd saying but very

So while I have been sorting and tidying in the house my lovely hubby has relieved me of a job on my list and neatened up the edge of the lawn along the path. He has also cleaned and refilled all the bird feeders and we are now inundated with squabbly starlings who are not giving any other birds a look in. There are hundreds of them......very Alfred Hitchcock out there.

Ruby will be here within the hour and we have a very simple tea planned to use up some part bags of chicken strips and chicken nuggets with a bowl of salad and some crusty bread. She will be one happy bunny. She loves chicken.

I'll need to do a top up shop tonight as we are nearly out of salad and veg. I've missed out my Wednesday fridge sort and clean this morning as I have been doing other things but it will get done tomorrow.

Just need a quick tidy up of the kitchen now before my princess gets here and the whole of downstairs is done and dusted for today.

Hope you are all having the kind of day you want today.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Bit Behind!!!

Late posting today as I have been out and about all morning with hubby.
We went back to the farm shop as hubby wanted some more of the George Stafford black pudding which we bought last week. Wierdly the deli manager denied all knowledge of them stocking it but I know damn well that the label on the display definitely said it was George Stafford and hubby got rather excited because he grew up eating that particular product as George Stafford was a butcher in the village where he lived. Unfortunately the gentleman has passed away but there is a place that still makes it to his recipe.
We'll go back again some time and see what is said.
So we just made a few small purchases and then travelled back to little town for coffee and a look round the charity shops. I am on my last book and needed to stock up. I managed to get four and then also picked one up from T***o and I picked up two DVD's for 50p is a family tree programme for the PC and the other a Catherine Cookson film of The Dwelling Place for a nice Sunday afternoon watch.
We also had a look in the YMCA shop as we are looking for a coffee table. No luck but we did see a useful cupboard for the kitchen....came home and discussed and now he has gone back to get it if it hasn't gone.
Back home and I have just put a homemade spag bol sauce on to simmer for tea. Hubby has walked Smudge and cleaned the difficult windows for me.

Tomorrow Ruby will be here for the afternoon and then Thursday hubby has to go to the hospital for his pre op before he goes in for his biopsy the following Monday. He's made a bit of a cock up as DD is supposed to be taking him to the hospital early in the morning and then fetching him back as he's not allowed to drive after but he's only gone and booked her car in for a service and MOT on the same day. So....she has to drop him off at the hospital and get back to take her car in for 8:30am and somehow get home from little town (diabolical bus service) and back in again later in the day to pick the car up. Oooooh I could slap him sometimes.
It's all fun here at Tea Towel

Hope it's bright and sunny where you are.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Look What She Did!!!

As I said yesterday....DD went for a ride out to the garden centre to pick up some plants to fill in some gaps in the garden......and look what she did for me.......

This border was totally empty.

Nothing grows very well at the base of the dead apricot tree so the pot was a very inspired idea. She bought three new pots and found others we had lying about.

Some new plants to fill in some more gaps with space left for some winter bedding.
 I think it looks fabulous compared to what it was before. Just need to decide if we are keeping the floppy jasmine. It has flowers that you need a microscope to see. We might just trim the top off and see if it will bush out more.
Thanks so much my wonderful DD.

Suzanne at Life At Number 38   has asked if our American themed party is for a special Suzanne just a family get together with me being clever enough to get out of cooking a roast

Quite a few jobs to be done this morning. The airing cupboard is still on the list and I also want to sort my wardrobe out. Hubby wanted to go for a ride out but I would rather get my jobs done today so that we can go out tomorrow.
Tea will be quiche (need to make that) and salad for DD and I...his nibs is having roast belly pork with salad.

.......and that's me for today. I'm just finishing my coffee and then I am off to do battle with that airing cupboard.

Have a lovely day.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Another Mission!!!

Happy sunny Sunday everyone.

I am on another mission to use up everything in the freezers so that they can both be cleaned out ready for Christmas (sorry for using that word) so today I am using a large piece of beef which hubby picked up for half price. Half will be used for our lunch today with some left for sandwiches and the other half will be sliced into some gravy and will go back into the freezer. I'll also make some extra yorkshire puddings to be frozen and that will be another Sunday lunch to use up in a couple of weeks all ready to go without having the oven on for hours.
Another mission will be to stop hubby picking up random pieces of meat so that I can actually get the freezers completely empty.

We are having a day at home today except for DD who has gone for a ride to the garden centre to look for some plants for the garden. We need to fill in some bare spaces.
The cleaning is all done and there will just be the kitchen to tidy after lunch so I might sneak in a bit of sewing today before we settle down later to watch some more 24.

Ruby will be back from her London holiday today. I'll see her Wednesday when she comes for her tea and I can't wait for my cuddles.

Hubby will be back with the papers shortly so we'll have a coffee and a read of those before the roast potatoes need to go in.
I love me a good lazy Sunday.
Hope yours is relaxing too.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Feeling Me Age!!!

After a good four or five hours out with DDIL yesterday followed by the food shopping last night and carrying heavy bags I am feeling every one of my fifty nine years this
My back and shoulders ache and my legs feel like they've been smashed with a cricket bat so my catch up clean is going rather slowly.....doing a bit and then having a sit down. It may not all get done today.
I have washed one load of the new towels and the other is in now then I will need to have a sort out in the airing cupboard and see what can go to the vets before I can stack the new stuff in there.

Sweet and sour sticky meatballs for tea tonight but we are trying the chicken ones for a change. They'll be lovely with some salad and a crusty roll.

We have a date set now for the American Diner style garden party which will be the last Sunday in August at 4pm. DD and I have made a start on planning the menu and gathering the accessories. I absolutely love doing themed parties and finding or making all the bits we need for it and hopefully making lovely memories for Ruby. She still talks about her Frozen birthday party now....bless her.

Talking of Ruby.....apparently she has picked a most stunning princess dress to wear when she is a flower girl later this month. Both Daddy and I have asked not to see either a photo of her or the actual dress until the day of the wedding when she has had her hair done and we can see the full effect. The only thing I do know is that once the bride, bridesmaids and flower girl can relax for the evening they are going to be changing out of heels and posh shoes into Converse and Ruby has bubblegum pink ones. She will be stoked with them.

Right.....I'll go and do a little bit more. Tidying is done and I just need to polish and hoover now.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Friday, 5 August 2016

A Gentle Stroll!!!

......well as much as you can have a gentle stroll around Ikea.
Having said that it wasn't that bad actually and we did manage to get a seat in the restaurant for a coffee.
Lots of time drooling over the kitchen displays and looking for ideas for a bedroom for Marlowe when she is ready to go into a proper bed.
I came home with some new bath sheets, hand towels and face cloths as ours are a little shabby now. The vets will benefit as they are always looking for blankets and towels to make use of.
I also bought some new cereal bowls in plain white. The Mr is very clumsy when he washes up so I have decided to replace stuff as needed with plain white so that it matches in colour at least....if not design.
There has just been time for a sit down and a cuppa and then I will be off out again to do the food shop as it hasn't been done yet.

Hubby and DD will be kicked out tomorrow morning to go looking at cars while I have a good clean round.....I've hardly done a thing this week with being out nearly every day but I have enjoyed the time spent with hubby.

DD will be here soon so I'll go and get ready.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Carsington Water!!!

We call this area the beach.

Smudge enjoying the view.

Hubby (in the white shirt) had the ducks eating out of his hand.

The rain clouds rolling in.
It was a beautiful morning when we set off. Sunny with a good stiff breeze to cool us down. We had a good walk around the reservoir which Smudge enjoyed so much.
Normally we would take a picnic with us but hubby said it was a holiday outing and we would eat at the pub....we got there just as those black clouds unleashed their rain in spectacular fashion.
We spent nearly two hours in backed up traffic on the way home due to a lorry overturning on the Ashbourne road. We couldn't turn around to go another way home so Smudge and his Dad snoozed and I read a paper so we have only just got in at 4pm.

I only have to get a meal for DD and if hubby or I need anything later we will have a sandwich.
For now all I need is a cuppa.

Out again in the morning to Ikea. I have a bit of money I can spend  but I honestly can't think of anything I need so the money will probably stay my purse.
After all these days out I have got behind with the housework but nothing that can't be caught up with at the weekend.

Hope you are all having a great day.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Back In One Piece!!!

I am glad to report that I am back in one piece after a morning of clay pigeon shooting although our stand was a bit tight for space and I had to stand almost directly behind hubby so kept getting hit by the empty shell cases. Also the wind was quite strong and I took a couple of pieces of shattered clays to the head but it didn't hurt.
For saying we haven't been for a while hubby was quite good.

We've been into town too as we wanted to pick up a cast iron fire pit for the garden from B&M. I looked at them a couple of days ago and they were still full price but we scored this morning and the one we wanted was reduced by £15.
Home now and hubby is making us a bacon sandwich for lunch.

Off out again tomorrow to Carsington if the weather is nice and then Friday I have had an invite from DDIL to go for a ride to Ikea with her and Marlowe which will give hubby a bit of peace from my
I'll probably be back out tonight to do a bit of food shopping with DD. I don't do food shopping with hubby as I end up with all sorts in my trolley and spend twice as much.

Ooooh......bacon sarnie and a cuppa is ready so I'll go and eat.
Have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Day No 1....Disaster No 1!!!

Yesterday was day one of hubby's annual leave and the first disaster of many to come over the next two
I love him to bits....I really do. He is kind, funny, generous and loving but put a tool of any kind in his hand and he grows horns and turns into a one man demolition team. Take yesterday.....he was putting a trim along the roofline of his shed and his hammer shot out of his hand and shattered my glass garden table. I could do nothing but laugh hysterically when really I wanted to cry.
The boy did good though and went off to town to replace said table and came back with a whole new suite of table, benches and chairs as it was cheaper than replacing just the table. Good job as I have an American diner style garden party planned for a weekend before Ruby goes back to school.

This morning we have been out together for the first time in ages to visit Denstone Hall Farm Shop and Cafe. Oh boy what a fabulous place. We bought some meat for the freezer and a few other bits. We didn't visit the cafe this time as hubby wanted to take me to a fairly new coffee shop in little town but next time we go.....and there will be many next times.....we will time it so that we can have lunch there.
A visit to Wilko bagged me a bargain roll of New York themed Fablon which I can use to make things for the garden party. It had been reduced to £2.
Tomorrow I have agreed to go clay pigeon shooting with him and Thursday we are taking Smudgie for a good walk around Carsington permitting.

All I have to cook tonight is a pan of new potatoes to go with some salad and cold meat and there aren't many jobs on the housework list......and what there are can be ignored for a couple of days while I spend some much needed relaxing time with my hubby.

Hope you are all having a lovely day today.

Monday, 1 August 2016

August Already?!!!

Happy August 1st......a 'not Bank Holiday Monday'
Won't be long now until my favourite time of the year is here.....Autumn and Winter. I count the days.
We had a touch of Autumn here yesterday. After such a lovely start to the day it went very dull and cold during the afternoon and evening. I was very grateful for the lap quilts that I keep on the sofas I can tell you.
This morning is dull but warm. If it's going to rain it needs to wait until hubby gets back and mows the lawns.

My day will be a pottering about day. I need to throw the hoover round but mostly the kitchen needs a good tidy and wipe round and the floor needs mopping so that will get done while hubby is mowing. After that I am hoping he might offer a ride up to the garden centre for a stroll doesn't take much to amuse

Tea tonight will be chicken steaks in a bun with a side salad and I am going to have a go at making the American potatoes which we sometimes have at F&B's. They are delicious and are the reason I wanted the chilli cheese sauce and the barbecue sauce I bought from Morrison's.

Just sitting here with the door open so Smudgie can do his morning routine of wanting to go out half a dozen times.....and it's not as warm as I thought it was.....there's quite a nip in the air.....and it has just started raining damn it.

Oh well. I hope it's warm and dry where you are.