Monday, 22 August 2016

Girl In A Princess Dress!!!

As promised a photo of Ruby in her flower girl dress.
I'm sorry it is only a back view but I am unable to share pics of DD, DS, DDIL and the children due to their jobs.

 I can't wait to see her on Wednesday to hear all about her day.

So much for what I wanted to get done yesterday. I wasn't feeling totally top notch if I'm honest but then I got sideswiped by a very nasty bout of cystitis. Hubby has fetched me a course of oral solution this morning only for me to find that I am unable to use it because of other health issues so that was a waste of money.
Oh well........plenty of water and painkillers today and if it doesn't clear up I shall see if I can get in to see the doctor some time this week.

Tomorrow I will show you pics of a very unexpected transformation which took place in my garden yesterday. There was a general conversation about a choice to be made and the next thing I knew everything had been done.

Today will probably be spent mostly in the kitchen as hubby has requested a pan of onion gravy to be frozen in portions to go with some sausages he wants cooked for him to take as a meal to work, meatballs in gravy for tea and I have yet to make the apple pie so guess what gets shoved to the back burner as usual.....yes my sewing.... for today at least.

Well I am ready for a coffee and a read of my paper before I do anything else.
Catch you tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Exquisite! What a beautiful outfit and hairdo. Enjoy the photos and Ruby's feedback when you next see her. Sorry about your health issue-plent of water as you say will hopefully do the trick. Catriona

  2. The back view is lovely so the front would be stunning. Sorry to hear about the cystitis, have you tried cranberry juice or lemon barley both have helped me in the past. Why do these things flare up when the doctors and the chemist are closed?.

  3. Stunning girl, wishing you a speedy recovery x

  4. Awww thank you ladies for your kind words.
    Pam I hate cranberry juice but I will give the lemon barley a try so thanks for that-x-

  5. Drink plenty it will help flush the infection through. The back view is adorable, exciting times I am sure she will have lots to share with you. Take care.


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