01 August 2016

August Already?!!!

Happy August 1st......a 'not Bank Holiday Monday'
Won't be long now until my favourite time of the year is here.....Autumn and Winter. I count the days.
We had a touch of Autumn here yesterday. After such a lovely start to the day it went very dull and cold during the afternoon and evening. I was very grateful for the lap quilts that I keep on the sofas I can tell you.
This morning is dull but warm. If it's going to rain it needs to wait until hubby gets back and mows the lawns.

My day will be a pottering about day. I need to throw the hoover round but mostly the kitchen needs a good tidy and wipe round and the floor needs mopping so that will get done while hubby is mowing. After that I am hoping he might offer a ride up to the garden centre for a stroll doesn't take much to amuse

Tea tonight will be chicken steaks in a bun with a side salad and I am going to have a go at making the American potatoes which we sometimes have at F&B's. They are delicious and are the reason I wanted the chilli cheese sauce and the barbecue sauce I bought from Morrison's.

Just sitting here with the door open so Smudgie can do his morning routine of wanting to go out half a dozen times.....and it's not as warm as I thought it was.....there's quite a nip in the air.....and it has just started raining damn it.

Oh well. I hope it's warm and dry where you are.



  1. Yes it is warm and dry over here on the East coast, I have two full lines of washing hanging out.

  2. Like you I am looking forward to Autumn this year which is unusual for me as I have always loved Summer best. Today the weather is lovely but for the most part it has been mediocre to say the least. X

  3. Been lovely warm n sunny so I washed the yards of material I had all ready to be ironed and sewn. Except whilst I was out at the hospice it rained ffs


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