Saturday, 27 August 2016

So Now We Know!!!

At his post biopsy appointment yesterday they were able to give hubby his results and he does have the dreaded C word.
They think that they have caught it early and he was given three options for treatment....1) Leave it (yeah right). 2) Have it removed and 3) Radiotherapy. He has gone for the remove option and they said that once it's removed that will be that unless it comes back in the future.
He needs to heal completely from his biopsy before they operate as he was very badly bruised and then he will go in, have his operation and be in for five days.
I offered to cancel the party tomorrow but he wants it to go ahead and have a fun day before all the serious stuff starts so have fun we will.

I'll be back tomorrow. I'm just too emotional to write much more today.
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  1. I know how this feels, mine was caught early,it is a nasty shock for all the family.
    Keep positive, at least it was caught early.
    Sending hugs, Marlene xx

  2. Thank you Marlene it was a nasty shock but we will be positive and fight this horrible thing-x-

  3. My dear Sheila:

    I am so sorry to hear the bad news and I echo the 'glad it was caught early' sentiment. Medicine has come a very long way. I am a strong believer in prayer and will add your hubby for healing and strength for you and your family during this difficult time.

    Take care my blog friend.


  4. Ah Sheila, I know some of what you are going through as we had the same with dad a couple of years ago, though sadly not caught as early. However, he had his chemo and is as right as ninepence now (what a strange expression that is. Just had to google it to know where it came from!). I am sure that your husband will weather this well too and your positivity will definitely help. Hugs, Helen

  5. Kind thoughts being sent to you today. Catriona

  6. So sorry your husband has cancer, Sheila. That can be daunting when you are first told. I do know of what I speak here because I've had breast cancer (and it was a stage 3, and it only goes to a stage 4, and so my prognosis wasn't great ... but hey, I'm still here, 11 years later!) and husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 18 months ago, but because of his age (late 70s at that time) - and I don't think this is our hospital being ageist - and because his cancer is at a very early stage, it's no treatment in his case as this is the better option (or so we think or were led to believe.) We discussed fully with his consultant; if he had radiotherapy for prostate cancer he could be rendered doubly incontinent, and so he's having regular PSA blood tests and so far, there has been no increase in the level of prostate specific antigen in his blood count. So much depends on the type of cancer and the age of the patient and the stage of the cancer, so if the option is do nothing, this is sometimes right for a patient, it's not just a hospital going for the cheapest option.
    Margaret P

  7. The things available for treating cancer now are just incredible so hopefully they will soon get started on treatment and he will be sorted. The cancer nurse specialists are all brilliant and a great help.
    Lots of positive vibes coming your way.

  8. Hi Sheila

    This is the first time I have commented although I have read your blog for a while. Although we now live in Norwich we are from Derby originally so when you tell us about visiting the market I can visualise it. Sorry to hear the news about your hubby but as they have caught it early, then hopefully everything will be ok. Like someone previously said that they are praying for you, then I will be as well. Our church has seen some marvellous answers to prayer particularly for people with cancer.

    Keep positive.

  9. Oh Sheila poor you and Hubby having to go through this. The treatments are fantastic now especially when it is caught early. I have enormous faith in our wonderful NHS and am sure things will work out. I'm sending you and Hubby loads of hugs and every positive thought I can think. Jane xx

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  11. Enjoy the party sending lots of positive thoughts to you both and a virtual {{{HUG}}}

  12. Oh Sheila...very sorry to hear this news...It sounds very positive at moment with the fact they are giving him the options and hopefully after surgery no further treatment will be necessary...he'll also be very well checked over in the while no one wants to ever hear that they have the big C, all being well he's hearing it from an as good as it gets angle. Big hugs x

  13. Shelia, just trying to catch up. So sorry to hear your news. Hope all goes well and this will soon become just a distant memory. Sending you a hug and best wishes.


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