Monday, 6 April 2015

Cracking On With It!!!

Yay...........I have reached the halfway point with the curtains....3 down and 3 to go. They look gorgeous so far although we have had trouble with the curtain poles. We bought three the same from Arg*s which expand up to 300cm so you can imagine the size of the curtains at full width...........and you get 15 rings to hang each curtain with no spares available to buy for these particular poles. We have scoured every shop that sells curtain rings and can't find any to match so we have had to replace them all at quite some cost so not very happy with Argos at all.
While in The Range this morning I fell in love with some table covering they had and ended up persuading hubby to get some to protect the new table. I'll show that when I do pics of the finished room.
Gorgeous day today albeit a tad warm for me but it has given DD a chance to go out and tidy up the borders in the back garden and that looks fairly smart now thank goodness.
Salad for tea and then back to the sewing machine for me tonight.
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Up To My Ears In.............!!! gingham. I am now making the curtains for the new dining room and beginning to wish I had chosen something else for them but they will look so pretty when they are done.
Tuesday evening I took a trip to Ikea with my daughter in law to buy dining room things and spent a little bit more than I intended to.......ooooops!!! I made a list of what I wanted but came back with more you!!! Only one thing out of stock so that means another trip there which is no hardship. I could live in Ikea.
Missing my little Doodle Bird this week. She is on holiday staying with London grandma and grandad until Sunday but I shall see her on Wednesday next week when she comes for tea and a sleepover.
Well I had best get back to these curtains. I am onto the linings now so hopefully it won't be too long until they are finished.
Thanks for dropping by.
Sheila -x-