Monday, 29 February 2016

Dolly's Got Boots!!!

Dolly's furry boots.
I have spent most of the day so far putting the house to rights after the weekend. Nothing much gets done while the Doodle is in residence so a big clean up on a Monday is usual. Then there is hubby off on an afternoon shift who needs feeding before he goes although today was pretty easy as I had some milk that needed using up on Friday so I used three pints of it to make a huge rice pudding in the slow cooker and there was plenty left so he had that and enjoyed it a lot.

Dolly's boots are finished. I loved making them and have plans to make other different styles although I may remake these and use some interfacing to stiffen the fabric. I could also do with taking in a little more on the seam that goes over the top of the foot. For a first attempt though they aren't too bad and dolly is very pleased to have warm feet. I'm sorry but I couldn't get a decent picture of the back of the boots.They have been finished with eyelets and tie with a cord.

No major cooking today as DD and I are having leftovers from lunch yesterday and I am not in the mood for baking today.

It's cold and dull here so I think the fire can be lit shortly to get the house warm for DD. Once she is in we will settle down with our meal and watch something together but first I have laundry to fold.
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Sunday, 28 February 2016

One Cream Crackered Ganma For Sale!!!

I am one pooped ganma today. Didn't get much sleep last night as Miss Ruby was on the go all night.........asleep but tossing and turning and muttering fit to bust. The night before she didn't move position from when she went to sleep until she woke up tricksying ganma into thinking that sharing a bed wouldn't be so bad after all. Still I can catch up tonight and it was worth it to wake up to that gorgeous little face next to my ear whispering I love you can't beat that.
She went off home just after 11am as they have a visitor for lunch and I got our lunch done for just after midday so that I had time to nip up to the craft shop at the garden centre as I need some eyelets to finish the doll boots I am making. I was astounded to find they had them and in two different sizes so bought gold and silver in both sizes while they have them.
The rest of today will be spent slobbing on the sofa as I haven't got the energy I was born with to do anything else.
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Saturday, 27 February 2016


Having so much fun with my Doodle Bird. Lots of giggling and heaps of hugs and kisses for this old ganma who is feeling slightly under par.
The migraine that started last Saturday is still hanging about and I woke up with a humdinger of a headache this morning. It has eased a little but not enough for me to go to the cinema with DD and Doodle. I think The Chipmunks would probably finish me

Very grateful I don't have to cook today thanks to my lovely hubby taking us out for a treat.

Right.....I need to go and give the dog a good talking to. He is barking at absolutely nothing as usual and the noise is going straight through me. He is a little tinker.

Catch you later.

Friday, 26 February 2016

My Favourite Kind Of Weekend!!!

My gorgeous Ruby will be here after school to stay for the weekend. Hubby and DD will be here.
Tonight will be snuggle night....eating popcorn and watching a film or two in our PJ's. This is Ruby's most favourite thing.
Tomorrow morning we are off to Derby and then we are going out for tea which is a huge treat. We love Chinese food so we are going to the Chinese buffet restaurant Wing Wah.

Today I want to finish cutting out the last pattern. It has been a longer job than I anticipated and had hoped to have had it done and have a couple of outfits made by now but each pattern seems to have had hundreds of pieces to it.'s almost done and I have such a good selection of patterns now that I don't think I will buy any more. I just need to pick up some fabric to make a really cute nurses outfit and then the sewing can commence.

It's cold and dull here today. The sun is trying to shine but not doing a very good job at the moment.

Up to date on all my jobs with just one laundry load to dry and a quick tidy of the dining table when I have finished this pattern and I shall be ready for my little visitor.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Oh the drama!!!

Ruby is at that stage in her life where her baby teeth are being replaced by lovely shiny big girl teeth. The first baby tooth did it's thing and popped out to make way for the new tooth but this second one............oh my days..........little tooth doesn't want to be shoved out by big tooth which has grown at the back of the little tooth. Little tooth is hanging in there on a thread. One short sharp tug would have it out and awaiting collection by the tooth fairy but Ruby just keeps poking at it along with lots of screaming and crying so last night's teatime visit was very noisy. She did manage to stop crying long enough to polish off some chicken nuggets and a bowl of fruit and jelly but that damn tooth is still hanging in there.

The top up shop didn't go very well last night either. My list consisted of mostly fresh veg but by the time we got to T***o it looked like a plague of locusts had been through and there was nothing left. That means another trip tonight or tomorrow which I could have done without. Luckily I don't need any for tea tonight as I am doing a curry for hubby and DD with chicken and a jar of sauce. I'm afraid I don't make it from scratch as I don't like curry so the quicker I can cook it and get it out of the way the better. I don't know what I will have but there is some salad left from last night which I'm sure I can find something to go with.

Not much to do on the housework front today. A quick tidy up in the kitchen and then I will set to and finish cutting out these patterns. I have one to finish and then two more to do and I will be so glad when they are done.
I think I will have a coffee before I start.
Thanks for stopping by today.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Cheese, Potato and Onion Pie
As it was so cold last night hubby's choice for tea was perfect and it was delicious even if I say so myself. It was a pretty frugal make too as the potatoes needed using up before shopping tonight and the cheese was a half price bargain a couple of weeks ago. I made a smaller pie than usual so no leftovers to use up....more's the pity.

I've had a lovely morning catching up with my daughter in law who has been in a whirlwind of socialising since finishing work on Friday. Normally it's a quick hello/goodbye when she drops Ruby off on Wednesday afternoon as she has invariably been hot footing it to a work appointment. It was nice to just sit and chat, make plans for when the baby comes and put her mind at rest that we are ready to take Ruby at a moments notice when baby starts arriving. It was so nice to see her without black circles round her eyes from being so tired. As I have said before....her work hours were horrendous.

Bits and bobs with a bowl of salad for tea tonight. There is a pack of cocktail sausages that want using up and a few chicken nuggets. I'll add in some hardboiled eggs and crusty bread and that should suit everybody.

Mmmm....that has made me hungry so I had best go and get some lunch.
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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

It's Warming Up!!!

This morning as I sat eating my toast and drinking my cuppa it was so warm that I had to have the back door open. There was a bee banging against the window and I could hear a fly buzzing somewhere. The sky is very blue and the clouds white and fluffy.
Spring is on it's way.

Since hubby came home last Friday all of our meals have been special requests from him for all of his favourite foods so my meal plan went out of the window.
Today his request is for cheese, onion and potato pie with baked beans. Fluffy mashed potatoes, slow cooked onions and vintage cheddar baked until crispy on top......I think I can live with that. It must be about two or three years since we last had it.
I must admit though that I am looking forward to next week when DD and I can get back to the lighter meals we have when hubby isn't here at tea time.

I'm still cutting away at the pattern pieces. I'm desperate to do some sewing but really want to get this job done first so that it is out of the way. Then there is a small heap of fabric that wants sorting out and putting away.
I had to nip out to The Range last night after tea and was very excited to find that they sold vinyl in the perfect thickness for doll boots, shoes and handbags. I bought a half metre each in black and brown and can't wait to have a go with it. All I need to find now is some in a plain red so that I can make some red boots once I have adapted all of the patterns to fit our doll. Most of the patterns are for an American Girl doll and she is a big girl. If she was human size I think she would be quite

Oh well that has spoilt my view. While I have been typing the white fluffy clouds have been replaced by grey ones that look to be threatening rain. Luckily I have no outdoor jobs planned.

Thanks for visiting today.

Monday, 22 February 2016

It's A Lovely Day Today!!!

........or so far anyway. Blue sky and a bit of sunshine but very cold.......and ten minutes after I post this you can bet it will be thrashing it down with rain because I want to go out and have a bit of a tidy in the garden.
Oh well plenty of jobs to be doing indoors today including getting back into the swing of cooking for hubby. Today will be meatball stew as he has asked for it. I'll use a whole bag of meatballs and put some portions by for him and DD to take to work. I've also been asked to do another batch of the lemon meringue cupcakes as we didn't get any but I may leave those until later in the week.

Once I have some time to myself later I will carry on preparing the new doll clothes patterns. I cut all of the pattern pieces and store them in plastic CD covers inside an A5 folder along with the pattern envelope and instruction sheet which makes it easier to find which pattern pieces I need. Five are done and I have another five to go.

Miss Doodle will be coming on Friday afternoon for the weekend. We are off to Derby on Saturday to see if we can find any faux leather, faux suede and pvc to add to our collection of fabrics for the doll. I'm sure we will find something as Derby market is brilliant for fabrics.

Right......I will go and start my day properly now (I have been up for a couple of hours or so but have had a shower and a coffee....anything to delay the
Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Cupcakes For The Baby Shower!!!

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes
Strawberry Cupcakes
After posting yesterday I decided that I would not bake the cupcakes but rather leave them until this morning so that they would be as fresh as they could possibly be.
The lemon drizzle cake became lemon meringue cupcakes instead after the discovery in my decorations box of a bottle of mini lemon meringue sprinkles. After icing the cakes I used a small piping tube to drizzle lemon curd over them and then sprinkled with crushed meringue pieces.
The strawberry cakes had a sprinkle of green sugar. They looked so pretty. Luckily I made enough to keep half a dozen back for us to have with a cuppa later but we didn't get any of the lemon ones.
DD and I left the party after an hour or so as we had to get back to Sunday lunch which hubby was desperate for. I think the girls will have had a good time though.
Ruby was certainly in her element writing out peoples name badges for the match the baby picture to the adult game and passing round drinks. She loves a good party does our Ruby.

So lunch is over now, washing up is done and I feel like I could do with a nap. I had a disturbed night last night. After settling down to sleep at around midnight I was awake at 2am, 4am and 6am. Don't know why as I was warm and comfortable and wasn't in pain apart from the remnants of a migraine from earlier in the day. I suppose it could have been the wind which was quite fierce.

Right.......I shall go and light the fire and pootle around for a while until Call The Midwife.
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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Aren't We A Funny Lot?!!!

One weary traveller safely returned and we are so happy to have him back.
Usually when he is here and under my feet I wish him a thousand miles away so that I can get on but I will never do that again....maybe just wish him over the back fields taking the dog for a walk. I'm sure I'm not on my own with this. We are a funny lot aren't we?
He missed his home cooked meals while he was away and just about inhaled his stir fry last night. Mind you it was very nice if I say so myself. We had it with vegetable spring rolls and sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Another unexciting day today. Food prep, baking for the baby shower tomorrow and laundry.......whoopie doo!!!

My daughter in law is now on maternity leave so we are countdown to baby's arrival. Due date is 24th March but she has a feeling that he or she will make an appearance before then. I am glad she has some time to herself for a while. She works long and very stressful hours in her job.

Well I hope you all have a good weekend. The weather doesn't look too good from where I am sitting though.
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Friday, 19 February 2016

Sixth Sense?!!!

I think Smudge knows his Daddy is coming home. He slept all pacing, no fussing and I got some much needed sleep too.
Three hours and everything will be back to normal in my little world and I am very thankful for that.

Nothing else too exciting going on here today just a pile of veg to prep for the stir fry requested being very careful not to put the knife through my hand again......talking of was all healing very nicely until I was changing the brush on the hoover yesterday twisted it a bit too hard and ripped the wound open again. Blood everywhere and back to square one and it hurt worse than when I put the knife in. I could have cried.

I expect hubby will want to go and have a sleep when he gets home as he has been travelling and hanging about in airports for nearly twenty four hours so I'll get the noisy jobs done before he gets home.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit today.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Overnight Guest!!!

Ruby ended up staying over last night as her Daddy was very poorly. This morning he has been diagnosed with tonsilitis. It's plagued him all his life but hasn't had such a bad bout for a couple of years. Mummy has just picked her up and they are off out for lunch and I need to get on with my jobs although I could quite happily go back to bed and get the sleep I didn't get last night due to the dog pacing all night long. I will be sooooo glad when his Daddy is back.

I've done a load of laundry this morning but no sense in putting it out now as it is too late for it to even half dry....there is no breeze at all.

DD and I will be having the chicken wraps for tea tonight which didn't get done last night as Ruby was taken out for tea by an indulgent Aunty DD. I stayed home and took advantage of a quiet hour......she does chatter that

I think a cuppa and a rifle through the fabric parcels that have arrived this morning is in order before I start chucking myself about with the hoover.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Here Comes The Rain Again!!!

It's very wet here this morning. I will have to put my coat and wellies on to fetch the coal in from the bunker at the bottom of the garden. I will probably light the fire once it's laid as I have a visitor coming for coffee this morning......a friend who is leaving the village to live in France. She has a house out there already, her son is enrolled in school and they are just going with no idea for how long. I will miss her.
Once we have said our goodbyes I will be getting ready for Miss Doodle to come and visit for her weekly tea. She has requested chicken wraps with corn on the cob......and my wish is her Strike that.....Ruby will be here for lunch and tea....DS has been taken ill and needs to go to the doctors so he just phoned and asked to drop Ruby off at 10:00am.

No message from the travellers since Monday so I am just assuming they are all OK. They fly out of Jo'burg tomorrow and hubby will be back here by lunch time on Friday. Not only have I missed him but Smudge has too. He has been acting up something chronic and driving me mad wanting to go out every five minutes to check if his Daddy is outside and wandering round like a little lost soul. Poor little sausage.

Well I did have my day planned out but that's all gone by the wayside now with Ruby coming early so who knows how the day will go. Hopefully lots of cuddles and kisses, maybe a bit of baking to keep her occupied and then a snuggle up with a film as it doesn't look as if we will be going out for a walk.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Safe And Sound!!!

There was a message from hubby yesterday to say 'the eagle has landed' and a further message from his nephew to say that they had arrived and everything went to plan so I am happy now.

Another busy day today with my double duty list. I am going to get done double quick as one parcel of patterns has arrived this morning and I am excited to have a proper look at them once I have finished tidying the dining room. The table is covered in piles of fabric I have been sorting and I can barely see it let alone do anything on it.

I did a tiny bit of crafting last night and made up one of a pair of boots for the doll from a pattern I have. I had to do quite a bit of adjusting so I just made it up in some felt bits I had in my stash before I make a pair in the fabric I want to use.

No cooking to do today as DD and I have decided on beans on toast for tea. I'm not doing much baking this week until Saturday when I will be making cupcakes and a lemon drizzle cake for my daughter in law. She is having a baby shower on Sunday.

Sitting here won't get my jobs finished so I'll get off and get done.
Thanks for visiting today.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Double Duties!!!

As far as I know hubby is now safely in Johannesburg. I managed to track down his plane by looking at arrivals expected at Jo'burg airport and then going to Istanbul airport and looking at departures. He can only text from his phone to DD's phone so I have to wait until she gets home to check for messages. It's no good me looking at it as I don't know how to work it. I dislike mobile phones intensely.

So while he is away I am on double duties which is why I am late posting today. I have to empty all the bins, sort the recycling, clean out the fire, chop the sticks and lay the new fire, take Smudge for a walk and then clean his feet when we got back. Once all that lot was done I started on my own job list of washing up, cleaning the living room, hoovering down the stairs and in the kitchen. I just need to clean the dining room but that is being shufted over to my list for tomorrow.....I've had enough cleaning for today and need to think about plating up tea for tonight....yummy leftovers from yesterday....cauli in white sauce, carrots and peas, fresh spring greens and some new potatoes with gravy and mint sauce in a bowl and to be eaten with a spoon........that is mine and DD's idea of comfort food.
Not one bit of crafting done today. I gave up on the Elsa style dress but I have a pattern on the way which will help enormously. Hubby left me his debit card and a specified sum of money to spend on whatever I wanted as a treat so I have ordered more patterns for doll clothes and some more scrap bags of fabric. They will be here later this week.

We had snow yesterday for all of ten There was a good frost this morning and I could see everyone scraping their cars. I was so thankful that it's not a job I have to do although poor DD did.

I have another half hour to myself before I start sorting the tea so I think I shall go and do a search for some faux leather and faux suede fabric online. I could do with some scrap bags with each piece big enough to make either a pair of doll shoes or boots rather than buying yardage. I'll see what's out there.

Thanks for dropping by today.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

He's Gone!!!

Well that is hubby on his way. He should be at the airport now and on his way to check in. He flies at 4:30pm to Istanbul but I don't know what time his flight is then on to Johannesburg. He will text us when he knows.
I can't say that I hope he has a good time because it's not like he has gone on holiday but I hope he stays safe, eats properly and doesn't forget to take his medication.
Roll on Friday......I know he's coming back safe as he has ordered a pork stir fry for his tea.

So it's just DD and I for lunch today. It will be later as she is at work until 3pm. I've done our favourite......cauliflower in white sauce, carrots, peas, roast potatoes and mint sauce. No meat today thank goodness. I do eat meat but like to have a break from it now and again. If there are leftovers we will have the same tomorrow with some steamed spring greens and new potatoes instead of roasties.

I'm hoping to get some crafting done this week but I won't be able to take any pictures as my camera will be in South Africa. I shall catch up when it comes back.

Time to light the fire. Poor DD is out in the cold at work and although it's dry and sunny it's bitterly cold so she will appreciate a nice warm house when she comes in.

Bye for now....and thanks for your visit.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Late Again!!!

Late blogging again today as I have been sorting out stuff for the mister. Printing travel insurance documents, making sure he has enough medication to last him and a bit extra and all the niggly last minute bits for a trip away.
My head is pounding with stress and I am frightened. I really don't want him to go but I know he has to for his own peace of mind. He missed his brother who had lived in South Africa for a long time and only came back to visit three times in thirty years. His death was a huge shock and hubby needs to know what happened and why.
I'll be glad when it's midday on Friday and he will be home.

Thanks for your visit.

Friday, 12 February 2016


So yesterday I was a good frugal bunny and had a sort out of all the leftover veg in the fridge. I chopped a mountain of carrots, celery and leeks and got a pot of celery soup on the go. Then I started on the potatoes for a chunky veg soup and my knife decided it didn't want to play nice and shot across the top of the potato and straight into my hand. Oooooh it flippin' hurt. I didn't scream as I normally would despite the blood gushing out of it (I didn't want to wake hubby) but I did stamp my feet and swear a bit. Managed to get a dressing of sorts on it. It really needed stitching but I couldn't face hours waiting at the hospital so hubby fetched me some adhesive strip things to hold the cut together. This morning it is throbbing a bit but not too bad so I think I will live.

I'm off out for coffee and a catch up with some old friends this morning. Looking forward to that and then when I get back I shall get the weekend clean done and start on hubbys' packing to make sure he has everything he needs for his trip.

My shower calls so I'll go have that and then find something warm to wear. It's pretty nippy here this morning.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Touch Of Frost!!!

What a lovely morning to wake up to. A little frost and bright sunshine. The Midlands have snow predicted for the weekend but as much as I love it I hope it's not enough to disrupt hubby's travel on Sunday. He's not got a lot of patience and it will drive him mad.

My new shopping regime had a slight hiccup this week. Ruby wasn't picked up until 7pm yesterday. Usually we take her home and then go on into town but Daddy was working later last night so it was arranged for her to be picked up. DD and I will go tonight after tea. My job for today is a sort out in the fridge. Any salad will get used up for tonight's meal and any veg that doesn't look too perky will be made into soup and veg hash for the freezer. I'll give it all a good wipe out and then restock it tonight.

We had a lovely evening with Ruby. She was so excited that I made her a birthday cake and of course delighted that she had gifts to open. There were lots of kisses and cuddles. Being a ganma has to be the best thing ever.

Right......I shall go and have a ferret in the freezer to see what we have to with this salad and then get chopping and simmering.
Thanks for your visit today.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

3 Ingredient Brownies!!!

They are done.
I tried a tip I found in the comments on the Food Network website and added some peanut butter so they are actually four ingredient brownies.
I think they are dry but hubby thinks they are nice so I suppose it depends on your taste. For me they are not chocolatey enough.
On the plus side they are a quick make if you have nothing in for lunch boxes as preparation is quick and easy and they take 25 minutes to cook.
I will make them again but maybe bake them for a couple of minutes less to see if that makes a difference to the squidginess. I have a fan oven which does sometimes dry things out a bit.


A Cake For Ruby!!!

Not the official birthday cake but it will have candles.
I won't see Ruby tomorrow on her birthday so I thought we'd make a fuss of her tonight when she comes to tea after school.
Strawberry flavoured sponge sandwiched with strawberry jam and topped with strawberry flavoured buttercream and raspberry fudge sprinkles. I will add the candles later as the lid on my cake plate is too low to put them on now.
I always use a recipe from Primrose Bakery for my buttercream but instead of butter I use block Stork margerine which I find takes both colourings and flavourings better and tastes so much nicer.......not quite so sickly.

Feeling a bit weary this morning after being woken in the night by the most horrendous rain storm. It took ages to get back to sleep. Looking out of the window now we have blue skies and sunshine and not a cloud in sight.....actually I have just spotted a couple of clouds lurking behind the trees at the bottom of the road. As long as they don't bring any more rain they can stay where they are.

Just a bit of tidying to do today and a quick hoover round when hubby gets up this afternoon and then I am going to try out a recipe I saw on tv the other day. Pioneer Woman's Three Ingredient Brownies. They are made with Nutella spread, flour and eggs so we'll see how they turn out........I'll let you know. My daughter in law makes the most wonderful brownies but I very rarely make them. They will just be something different for the lunch boxes.

Only four days now until hubby goes off on his travels. I don't envy him the flight........four and a half hours to Istanbul and then ten hours to Johannesburg. I did eight hours to New York and that was more than enough for me. Hubby has done one and a half hours to Cork so I don't know what he will make of it all.

Anyhoo I shall go and get on with my chores after I have taken something for this headache which is not shifting on it's own.
Thanks for visiting today.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

For SandyExPat!!!

Sandy....just to let you know the measuring cup is fabulous.
I used it to measure Golden Syrup which I usually find a pain up the backside. Easy peasy and no mess at all.
I think it will come out every baking day.

Well I Never!!!

One of those things you never knew you needed until you got one.
When we went for lunch with Ruby and mummy on Sunday I was given this little kitchen gadget which I think is going to become my most loved gadget of all time. Just a very simple measuring cup but a measuring cup with a difference. You can use it with the spout upwards for measuring liquids but the magic for me is to turn it to the way it is standing in the picture. You push the tube down to the measurement you need....such as 6 tablespoons, a cup or whatever of say honey or golden syrup, fill it to the brim and then push the white tube up to eject the contents, scrape off the top of the white tube and hey presto a perfect measurement with no mess. I love it. I will be using it today to bake the mister some of his favourite Coconut and Tropical Fruit biscuits and I will also be making cupcakes for Miss Ruby for when she comes to tea tomorrow. We will have a little birthday tea as I won't see her on Thursday the actual day of her birthday.

It's a beautiful morning here with sunshine and blue skies but very cold. Not enough of a breeze to dry any washing outside so the drier will be going on today. I don't like using it but I don't have the space for having things drying in the house if they don't dry on the line.

I never got into the whole loom band thing when it was all the rage and after having a go at it last night I can see I have sorted out what I will use for the nappy cakes and the rest Ruby can have to play with.

Anyway....I shall go and crank up the oven and get some baking done.
See you tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 8 February 2016

I'm Late!!!

We've had a busy day today which is why I am late blogging. 
We've been to the solicitors to sign our Powers of Attorney then hubby treated me to a late breakfast out at Wetherspoon's. After that we were out in town in the foul weather picking up bits for hubby's suitcase ready for the weekend although we forgot the mosquito spray.
Got home and dried off a bit then lit the fire as I wanted the house warm for DD when she got home as she would have been outside for a good part of the day and despite wearing waterproofs the rain still manages to get inside her clothes. She is home now, changed into her pj's and tummy full of pork casserole so she is happy. 

I had a lovely phonecall today from an old friend that I haven't seen for a good while. She has invited me out for coffee on Friday morning. We are going to the garden centre so I am looking forward to that. It will be great to catch up with her and her sister. We all used to work together at the same pub when I was in catering and we got on like a house on fire.

Not much doing on the crafty front at the moment as I just haven't felt like doing anything. I'm just tidying and sorting which usually gets my mojo fired up again eventually.

The washing up is calling my usual so I had better go and get it done so that everywhere is nice and tidy for when DD and I settle down to watch Call The Midwife. We'll start at 9pm when hubby has gone off to work and watch a couple of episodes with a nice cup of coffee and maybe a biscuit.

Thanks for your visit today.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Feels Like Sunday!!!

.......except for the fact that I am not in the kitchen as I normally would be. We will be off to Ruby's house later to have lunch with her and her mummy and we are so looking forward to it. Being out will also mean I won't have time to bake today so some of the scones I made earlier in the week will come out of the freezer to have with a cuppa tonight.

One week and 45 minutes until hubby leaves home on his journey to South Africa. My stomach is already in knots. He has never been on a long haul flight before and I am so worried that he'll get on the wrong plane or something equally daft. I know I'm stupid.

Well I had best go and get my shower and make myself presentable for our lunch date.
Thanks for dropping by.


Saturday, 6 February 2016

Bl**dy Technology!!!

I don't know what went wrong but I have been unable to use the computer since last night. Couldn't get on Facebook or use Google or anything. It has had to be reset to factory settings and I am now wading through and putting back everything that needs to be put back. It's a bloomin' pain.

Nipped out to Derby while the computer was resetting itself and picked up some great fabric bargains....mostly offcuts and remnants from the market. Got the rest of Ruby's birthday present ready for her to take home on Wednesday ready for Thursday.
The Works was amazing today. I picked up packs of six nine inch zips for £1, self adhesive fabric letters for Ruby's birthday card for £1, 8 A5 self adhesive glitter foam sheets for £2 and a beautiful set of fabric, buttons and trims for £2. They have some wonderful craft stuff in at the moment for cardmakers and home decor crafters. I also picked up £48 worth of loom bands for £2.40. I need to make a couple of nappy cakes and the loom bands are perfect for that. What I don't use will go to Ruby as she has the tools for making the bracelets and everything.

It's absolutely filthy out today so now we are back and staying firmly put for the night. Once I have finished with the computer we are having hot dogs and watching some more Call The Midwife.
Hope you are all keeping dry.
Thanks for visiting.


Friday, 5 February 2016


I think it's time for a new bed.
I have woken up this morning aching from head to toe and it's taken me forever to loosen up and get going.
We will have to go to a store I think so that I can try out different mattresses as I am very picky....well no that sounds a bit like I'm a spoiled brat which I'm not. I just need to be comfortable so it's best to go and do a try out.

Today will be a no sew day as I will be tidying and getting the house ready for the weekend. I might even cook tea for tomorrow and leave it in the fridge overnight.
Once that is all done I shall do a bit of research into products I want to use for two DIY projects I have on my to do list. One is a beautiful round table I picked up for £5. I would like to chalk paint it and use it as a coffee table in the living room. The other is a fire surround which we have had for twenty years. It needs a bit of tlc so I am going to strip it and stain it but can't decide on what colour I want to do it yet. I'm thinking oak but not sure. So far it has been pine and then white and I think I'm ready for a change.

Tomorrow DD and I are off to Derby. Last week I saw some beautiful offcuts of fabric on a stall in the market which would make beautiful clothes for the doll and they were quite cheap. DD will be searching for books to tick off her list. We didn't get much chance to look last week with having Ruby with us.
No need to plan for Sunday lunch as we have been invited to dine with Miss Doodle and her mummy. Looking forward to that.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sausage Fingers!!!

How lovely to discover two new followers on my blog.
Hello ladies...........and welcome.

Sausage fingers? Well that's what mine feel like as I struggle with the fabric I have chosen for this flippin' doll dress. It is so slippy and has a mind of it's own. I will persevere and it will get done but there may be a few swear words along the way.....maybe more than a few!!!

Yesterday I was very good and made hubby a fruit cake using my Bero recipe for Easy Fruit Cake which is boiled. I had no run of the mill mixed fruit so I measured out a mixture of dried fruits I did have.......apricot, mango, pineapple and cranberries. All part bags that needed using up. I tasted a little piece (I don't like fruit cake) and it tasted very nice. Hubby and DD declared it yummy.
So that's four things used up and a little more space in the cupboard.
Today I will make a lemon cake and some scones. Although we love scones I don't make them that often as we only like them on the day they are made and there are usually too many. I am going to follow Pam from A New Life In Wales and try freezing some cooked ones to warm up in the microwave and that will solve that problem.
It's cold, dark and wet here today so what nicer way to spend the afternoon.....baking in a nice warm kitchen.

Thanks for visiting today.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Greedy People!!!

I don't know if it's just me but I feel so sad reading and hearing about people's greed these days.
There is a student wanting a lifetime supply of Kit Kats because she ate one that had no wafer biscuit in it. I hope that nothing worse than that ever happens to her else God knows what kind of state she'll be in.
Then there's the woman who wants paying because someone took a photograph of her horse and won a holiday competition with it. Honestly it just beggars belief what people will stoop to to get a bit of money or something for nothing.
Sad, sad people.

Well despite the blue sky and sunshine outside I don't think I will risk putting any washing out today as there is not much of a breeze. I don't think it will dry so I might as well just put it in the dryer.

I didn't get any sewing done yesterday as I spent the afternoon making a copy of the pattern I want to use and making some alterations that I didn't want to do on the original pattern pieces. I think I have it sussed now so I will put scissors to fabric today and cross my fingers that it works. All this trouble for a flippin' dolls dress but it is worth it for my Ruby.

I've changed my top up shop day to Wednesday from Thursday now. We have to take Ruby home on tea nights and as she lives only minutes away from the town it seems silly to go out two nights on the trot. I'm still using stuff up so I shouldn't have a big list today just basics like milk, butter, flour and sugar.

Hubby will need feeding before he goes off to work so I am off to put the oven on and cook him some faggots. Not home made unfortunately as I can't stand the things.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Frozen Memories!!!

Melted snow and frozen lake jelly made from tinted sugar free lemonade and gelatin.
The food table.
Snowflake cupcakes.
A bowl of sleeping trolls.
I fell in love with Frozen before I had even seen the fact I had never heard of it. I had walked into the Disney Store in Times Square, New York in December 2013 in search of a Snow White dress to bring back for Ruby and was amazed by a Frozen display of the cutest characters and most beautiful colours.........and that was it.........I was smitten.
We came home with the limited edition dress, the wig, the shoes, the gloves and a doll and when we eventually got to see the film we became a family of Frozen nuts.
This time last year DD and I were in our element as we did a lot of the preparation for Ruby's 5th birthday party on a Frozen theme while Ruby and her parents were away on holiday. We made everything ourselves and hunted down special items like the stone sweets to use as trolls. We made games and die cut hundreds of snowflakes to cover the floor. I found cracked ice fabric to use as a table cover which we put over the top of some icicle lights. It looked amazing. 
Despite the fun we had arranging it all my most abiding memory of the day is Ruby's face when she walked into the village hall and saw it all set out. That will stay with me for the rest of my life. The other memory was sweeping up the snowflakes and glitter from the floor at the!!!
I would love to show you some pics of Ruby with her friends....all miniature Elsa's and Anna's but I am unable to share pics of Ruby or her parents due to the nature of their work.
This year because DDIL is heavily pregnant there will be a party at home with a few friends from school and Ruby will enjoy it just as much but ganma will miss doing all the work.

It's still pretty windy here today but bright and sunny. I will be lighting the fire later though as it is very cold and I like the house to be warm when DD comes in when she has been out in it all day.
I think she will appreciate something hot for tea so I have pulled a casserole out of the freezer.
We finished Downton last night so will start on Call The Midwife tonight although we do still need to buy season four of that.

I'll be sewing today. I am going to make a Frozenesque version of the Christmas dress for the doll. The fabrics are all the right sort of colours but the design won't be to an exact pattern of Elsa's dress.
So that's me snuggled up for the day. Music on and sewing machine whirring once hubby has left for work.
Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Happy February!!!

Well here we go.............
Another new month full of hope and possibilities.
Not a month I have been looking forward to as my darling hubby will be going far away in a couple of weeks. He is going to Johannesburg in South Africa to visit the grave of his younger brother who died a year ago. He will be travelling with two other brothers but none the less I am not looking forward to him going. I have all kinds of nightmare scenarios playing through my mind. I am glad though that Martin's wife will be there to meet them and guide them around.

This wind is driving me mad. It has hardly let up all night.
No rain at the moment but there are some very black clouds which are threatening some to come. Luckily all my jobs are indoors today putting my house back in order after Doodle's sleepover.
The sofa quilts need washing as Ruby loves to have them on the floor so they will get done today.
Crafting will depend on what time there is left between finishing the housework and Ruby arriving for her tea after school. She has requested tomato soup and DD and I will be having leftovers from Sunday lunch while we watch the last episode of Downton and then the finale. So no major cooking today.

I think I'll just have a coffee and a quick read of the papers before I start anything.
Thanks for visiting today.