Sunday, 14 February 2016

He's Gone!!!

Well that is hubby on his way. He should be at the airport now and on his way to check in. He flies at 4:30pm to Istanbul but I don't know what time his flight is then on to Johannesburg. He will text us when he knows.
I can't say that I hope he has a good time because it's not like he has gone on holiday but I hope he stays safe, eats properly and doesn't forget to take his medication.
Roll on Friday......I know he's coming back safe as he has ordered a pork stir fry for his tea.

So it's just DD and I for lunch today. It will be later as she is at work until 3pm. I've done our favourite......cauliflower in white sauce, carrots, peas, roast potatoes and mint sauce. No meat today thank goodness. I do eat meat but like to have a break from it now and again. If there are leftovers we will have the same tomorrow with some steamed spring greens and new potatoes instead of roasties.

I'm hoping to get some crafting done this week but I won't be able to take any pictures as my camera will be in South Africa. I shall catch up when it comes back.

Time to light the fire. Poor DD is out in the cold at work and although it's dry and sunny it's bitterly cold so she will appreciate a nice warm house when she comes in.

Bye for now....and thanks for your visit.


  1. Sheila:

    You sound very cheerful today and a great mum to have a warm house/lovely meal waiting for when your daughter returns from working outside in the cold.

    Won't be long and you will need to think about "he has ordered a pork stir fry for his tea on Friday"


  2. There's nothing better than coming in from the cold into a lovely warm house and a hot tea X

  3. Enjoy your girlie time then...may as well look for the plus! x


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