Sunday, 7 February 2016

Feels Like Sunday!!!

.......except for the fact that I am not in the kitchen as I normally would be. We will be off to Ruby's house later to have lunch with her and her mummy and we are so looking forward to it. Being out will also mean I won't have time to bake today so some of the scones I made earlier in the week will come out of the freezer to have with a cuppa tonight.

One week and 45 minutes until hubby leaves home on his journey to South Africa. My stomach is already in knots. He has never been on a long haul flight before and I am so worried that he'll get on the wrong plane or something equally daft. I know I'm stupid.

Well I had best go and get my shower and make myself presentable for our lunch date.
Thanks for dropping by.


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  1. Hope you've had a wonderful lunch - it's always nice to have a meal made for you! I'm sure hubby will be fine, but I'll get here to soothe your nerves! I know how you feel X


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