Friday, 12 February 2016


So yesterday I was a good frugal bunny and had a sort out of all the leftover veg in the fridge. I chopped a mountain of carrots, celery and leeks and got a pot of celery soup on the go. Then I started on the potatoes for a chunky veg soup and my knife decided it didn't want to play nice and shot across the top of the potato and straight into my hand. Oooooh it flippin' hurt. I didn't scream as I normally would despite the blood gushing out of it (I didn't want to wake hubby) but I did stamp my feet and swear a bit. Managed to get a dressing of sorts on it. It really needed stitching but I couldn't face hours waiting at the hospital so hubby fetched me some adhesive strip things to hold the cut together. This morning it is throbbing a bit but not too bad so I think I will live.

I'm off out for coffee and a catch up with some old friends this morning. Looking forward to that and then when I get back I shall get the weekend clean done and start on hubbys' packing to make sure he has everything he needs for his trip.

My shower calls so I'll go have that and then find something warm to wear. It's pretty nippy here this morning.

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  1. It was nippy here first thing but no frost. Ben did not want to tarry and was quick to turn round on a sixpence and head for home. Hope the cut heals fast, that is all I do if I have a slip up. As you say the wait at the hospital is awful and you would have to stick it together or bleed to death waiting for a couple of stitches. Enjoy your trip out.

  2. Oohhh. Hope it's getting better...nasty little spilt personality those knives minute they're your best buddie slicing away your future dinner...and the next they attack you! x


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