Sunday, 21 February 2016

Cupcakes For The Baby Shower!!!

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes
Strawberry Cupcakes
After posting yesterday I decided that I would not bake the cupcakes but rather leave them until this morning so that they would be as fresh as they could possibly be.
The lemon drizzle cake became lemon meringue cupcakes instead after the discovery in my decorations box of a bottle of mini lemon meringue sprinkles. After icing the cakes I used a small piping tube to drizzle lemon curd over them and then sprinkled with crushed meringue pieces.
The strawberry cakes had a sprinkle of green sugar. They looked so pretty. Luckily I made enough to keep half a dozen back for us to have with a cuppa later but we didn't get any of the lemon ones.
DD and I left the party after an hour or so as we had to get back to Sunday lunch which hubby was desperate for. I think the girls will have had a good time though.
Ruby was certainly in her element writing out peoples name badges for the match the baby picture to the adult game and passing round drinks. She loves a good party does our Ruby.

So lunch is over now, washing up is done and I feel like I could do with a nap. I had a disturbed night last night. After settling down to sleep at around midnight I was awake at 2am, 4am and 6am. Don't know why as I was warm and comfortable and wasn't in pain apart from the remnants of a migraine from earlier in the day. I suppose it could have been the wind which was quite fierce.

Right.......I shall go and light the fire and pootle around for a while until Call The Midwife.
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  1. Sheila:

    Oh I love your cupcakes and really makes serving so easy. Yes, I am sure little Ruby enjoyed herself and hope lots of needed baby gifts were received.

    Sleeping problems are the worst and no sympathy from anyone who has never experienced this. Hope tonight is a better one.

    Enjoy Call the Midwife. I love that program.


  2. Thank you Sandy. Yes the ease of serving was what decided me to make the cupcakes instead of the drizzle cake.I've just had a nap and woken up with a just can't win can you? -x-

  3. Now there's what you call cupcakes! Jackie x

  4. Wow your cakes look YUMMY! Vair professional!


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