Wednesday, 10 February 2016

3 Ingredient Brownies!!!

They are done.
I tried a tip I found in the comments on the Food Network website and added some peanut butter so they are actually four ingredient brownies.
I think they are dry but hubby thinks they are nice so I suppose it depends on your taste. For me they are not chocolatey enough.
On the plus side they are a quick make if you have nothing in for lunch boxes as preparation is quick and easy and they take 25 minutes to cook.
I will make them again but maybe bake them for a couple of minutes less to see if that makes a difference to the squidginess. I have a fan oven which does sometimes dry things out a bit.


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  1. Well thank you for the feed back. I usually try and purchase the box brownies when on offer and then add a extra egg when making as this results in a more cake like brownie which we prefer.


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