Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Frozen Memories!!!

Melted snow and frozen lake jelly made from tinted sugar free lemonade and gelatin.
The food table.
Snowflake cupcakes.
A bowl of sleeping trolls.
I fell in love with Frozen before I had even seen the fact I had never heard of it. I had walked into the Disney Store in Times Square, New York in December 2013 in search of a Snow White dress to bring back for Ruby and was amazed by a Frozen display of the cutest characters and most beautiful colours.........and that was it.........I was smitten.
We came home with the limited edition dress, the wig, the shoes, the gloves and a doll and when we eventually got to see the film we became a family of Frozen nuts.
This time last year DD and I were in our element as we did a lot of the preparation for Ruby's 5th birthday party on a Frozen theme while Ruby and her parents were away on holiday. We made everything ourselves and hunted down special items like the stone sweets to use as trolls. We made games and die cut hundreds of snowflakes to cover the floor. I found cracked ice fabric to use as a table cover which we put over the top of some icicle lights. It looked amazing. 
Despite the fun we had arranging it all my most abiding memory of the day is Ruby's face when she walked into the village hall and saw it all set out. That will stay with me for the rest of my life. The other memory was sweeping up the snowflakes and glitter from the floor at the!!!
I would love to show you some pics of Ruby with her friends....all miniature Elsa's and Anna's but I am unable to share pics of Ruby or her parents due to the nature of their work.
This year because DDIL is heavily pregnant there will be a party at home with a few friends from school and Ruby will enjoy it just as much but ganma will miss doing all the work.

It's still pretty windy here today but bright and sunny. I will be lighting the fire later though as it is very cold and I like the house to be warm when DD comes in when she has been out in it all day.
I think she will appreciate something hot for tea so I have pulled a casserole out of the freezer.
We finished Downton last night so will start on Call The Midwife tonight although we do still need to buy season four of that.

I'll be sewing today. I am going to make a Frozenesque version of the Christmas dress for the doll. The fabrics are all the right sort of colours but the design won't be to an exact pattern of Elsa's dress.
So that's me snuggled up for the day. Music on and sewing machine whirring once hubby has left for work.
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  1. What a gorgeous themed party! The invitees will remember it for many years!

  2. Waw! That party looked must have been soooo chuffed! I have never seen Frozen...yet anyway...or watched a single episode of Downtown or Call The Midwife...but have just realised that the latter is on Netflix which we share with other family members but so rarely watch...I was working shifts when they were on originally which made it hard to follow anything so didn't bother...have been considering getting Downtown on DVDs...Jackie x


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