Monday, 1 February 2016

Happy February!!!

Well here we go.............
Another new month full of hope and possibilities.
Not a month I have been looking forward to as my darling hubby will be going far away in a couple of weeks. He is going to Johannesburg in South Africa to visit the grave of his younger brother who died a year ago. He will be travelling with two other brothers but none the less I am not looking forward to him going. I have all kinds of nightmare scenarios playing through my mind. I am glad though that Martin's wife will be there to meet them and guide them around.

This wind is driving me mad. It has hardly let up all night.
No rain at the moment but there are some very black clouds which are threatening some to come. Luckily all my jobs are indoors today putting my house back in order after Doodle's sleepover.
The sofa quilts need washing as Ruby loves to have them on the floor so they will get done today.
Crafting will depend on what time there is left between finishing the housework and Ruby arriving for her tea after school. She has requested tomato soup and DD and I will be having leftovers from Sunday lunch while we watch the last episode of Downton and then the finale. So no major cooking today.

I think I'll just have a coffee and a quick read of the papers before I start anything.
Thanks for visiting today.


  1. You're just like me, a worrier. I tell myself it comes from having an overactive imagination and I would hate to have no imagination at all! I hope it all goes well for him.

  2. Thanks least I know that I am not alone-x-

  3. I'm quite envious of your Downton newbie binge watch!!
    I was like that when I watched Game of Thrones for the first time. Not until season 4!! It was great not having to wait for the next series!


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