Tuesday, 23 February 2016

It's Warming Up!!!

This morning as I sat eating my toast and drinking my cuppa it was so warm that I had to have the back door open. There was a bee banging against the window and I could hear a fly buzzing somewhere. The sky is very blue and the clouds white and fluffy.
Spring is on it's way.

Since hubby came home last Friday all of our meals have been special requests from him for all of his favourite foods so my meal plan went out of the window.
Today his request is for cheese, onion and potato pie with baked beans. Fluffy mashed potatoes, slow cooked onions and vintage cheddar baked until crispy on top......I think I can live with that. It must be about two or three years since we last had it.
I must admit though that I am looking forward to next week when DD and I can get back to the lighter meals we have when hubby isn't here at tea time.

I'm still cutting away at the pattern pieces. I'm desperate to do some sewing but really want to get this job done first so that it is out of the way. Then there is a small heap of fabric that wants sorting out and putting away.
I had to nip out to The Range last night after tea and was very excited to find that they sold vinyl in the perfect thickness for doll boots, shoes and handbags. I bought a half metre each in black and brown and can't wait to have a go with it. All I need to find now is some in a plain red so that I can make some red boots once I have adapted all of the patterns to fit our doll. Most of the patterns are for an American Girl doll and she is a big girl. If she was human size I think she would be quite

Oh well that has spoilt my view. While I have been typing the white fluffy clouds have been replaced by grey ones that look to be threatening rain. Luckily I have no outdoor jobs planned.

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