Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Cheese, Potato and Onion Pie
As it was so cold last night hubby's choice for tea was perfect and it was delicious even if I say so myself. It was a pretty frugal make too as the potatoes needed using up before shopping tonight and the cheese was a half price bargain a couple of weeks ago. I made a smaller pie than usual so no leftovers to use up....more's the pity.

I've had a lovely morning catching up with my daughter in law who has been in a whirlwind of socialising since finishing work on Friday. Normally it's a quick hello/goodbye when she drops Ruby off on Wednesday afternoon as she has invariably been hot footing it to a work appointment. It was nice to just sit and chat, make plans for when the baby comes and put her mind at rest that we are ready to take Ruby at a moments notice when baby starts arriving. It was so nice to see her without black circles round her eyes from being so tired. As I have said before....her work hours were horrendous.

Bits and bobs with a bowl of salad for tea tonight. There is a pack of cocktail sausages that want using up and a few chicken nuggets. I'll add in some hardboiled eggs and crusty bread and that should suit everybody.

Mmmm....that has made me hungry so I had best go and get some lunch.
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  1. I love cheese pie too , Like you said it can be frugal especially if you can get the cheese reduced , I managed to get two large blocks last week that were reduced so i grated and froze them just use it in any cooked dish from frozen , Perfect xxx


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