Sunday, 28 February 2016

One Cream Crackered Ganma For Sale!!!

I am one pooped ganma today. Didn't get much sleep last night as Miss Ruby was on the go all night.........asleep but tossing and turning and muttering fit to bust. The night before she didn't move position from when she went to sleep until she woke up tricksying ganma into thinking that sharing a bed wouldn't be so bad after all. Still I can catch up tonight and it was worth it to wake up to that gorgeous little face next to my ear whispering I love you can't beat that.
She went off home just after 11am as they have a visitor for lunch and I got our lunch done for just after midday so that I had time to nip up to the craft shop at the garden centre as I need some eyelets to finish the doll boots I am making. I was astounded to find they had them and in two different sizes so bought gold and silver in both sizes while they have them.
The rest of today will be spent slobbing on the sofa as I haven't got the energy I was born with to do anything else.
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  1. Bless you, I know the feeling I haven't been able to do too much today either. Well worth it though.

  2. Hope the headache is subsiding now...and have a good rest! What do you do with all the dolls clothes you make? x

  3. Yes MM it is so worth it-x-

    Jackie....the clothes are for my grandaughters dolls. She has a DesignAFriend doll at home and one here and she loves new outfits for them. The price for the branded ones is just ridiculous so I have set myself up with patterns and fabrics and we can have a new outfit every week.
    The headache was gone this morning but has crept back over the day unfortunately-x-

  4. 7. I used to love my littleys in bed with me! Hope you are a less knackered Ganma ( awwwwwww so cute ) now!

  5. I was less knackered Rachel but now I have this cold/flu thing I feel like I have been run over by a bus. Hope it does one soon as I can't stand being off kilter-x-


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