Monday, 15 February 2016

Double Duties!!!

As far as I know hubby is now safely in Johannesburg. I managed to track down his plane by looking at arrivals expected at Jo'burg airport and then going to Istanbul airport and looking at departures. He can only text from his phone to DD's phone so I have to wait until she gets home to check for messages. It's no good me looking at it as I don't know how to work it. I dislike mobile phones intensely.

So while he is away I am on double duties which is why I am late posting today. I have to empty all the bins, sort the recycling, clean out the fire, chop the sticks and lay the new fire, take Smudge for a walk and then clean his feet when we got back. Once all that lot was done I started on my own job list of washing up, cleaning the living room, hoovering down the stairs and in the kitchen. I just need to clean the dining room but that is being shufted over to my list for tomorrow.....I've had enough cleaning for today and need to think about plating up tea for tonight....yummy leftovers from yesterday....cauli in white sauce, carrots and peas, fresh spring greens and some new potatoes with gravy and mint sauce in a bowl and to be eaten with a spoon........that is mine and DD's idea of comfort food.
Not one bit of crafting done today. I gave up on the Elsa style dress but I have a pattern on the way which will help enormously. Hubby left me his debit card and a specified sum of money to spend on whatever I wanted as a treat so I have ordered more patterns for doll clothes and some more scrap bags of fabric. They will be here later this week.

We had snow yesterday for all of ten There was a good frost this morning and I could see everyone scraping their cars. I was so thankful that it's not a job I have to do although poor DD did.

I have another half hour to myself before I start sorting the tea so I think I shall go and do a search for some faux leather and faux suede fabric online. I could do with some scrap bags with each piece big enough to make either a pair of doll shoes or boots rather than buying yardage. I'll see what's out there.

Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. Sheila:

    Very good news that hubby arrived safely and well done for working out the flight he was on.

    Your day has been very busy so enjoy your tea with your lovely daughter, sit by the fire and I hope there is something worth watching on t.v.

    We had a couple of inches of snow yesterday and today it is a bit of mess outside. My hubby went with me to the grocery store and when he is along stuff not on the list hops into the cart resulting in a bigger spend than intended!


  2. Snap shells! I'm on the lookout for a faux suede/leather bag for cutting down! Your post just reminded me! Enjoy star fishing in bed!! He'll be fine X

  3. Shells! How very over familiar of my phone!!!

  4. Sandy....that is why my hubby never ever comes to the store with me.
    I only had to work out the flight because hubby's elder brothers son forgot to give me the flight numbers. Got there in the end.

    Rachel......eeeeeh I like it.....Shells.
    I'm not having much luck with the faux suede and leather. I was directed to Etsy where there were lots of scrappy type bags but no indication of how big they might be so I daren't risk still looking.


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