Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn Glory!!!

I could barely see these trees for the fog when I got up this morning but now the sun has chased it away.
Orange, brown and yellow are so not my favourite colours except in the Autumn when the trees start to change.
This is the view from my dining room window and I love it at any time of year but especially now.
Tonight this little cul de sac will be filled with tiny witches and ghosties enjoying their Halloween street party if the Mums are doing the same as they did last year. We don't get bothered by them knocking on the door as there seems to be plenty of tricks and treats doing their own thing.

The Urology nurse has rung Andy this morning and from what she says he will be free of the catheter and the staples by lunchtime tomorrow and he'll be able to come home and be a lot more comfortable.
He is desperate to start driving again so that he can get out and about so he will be asking when he will be able to. I must admit it will be a relief when he can as if we need anything we either have to phone DS or DDIL or wait until DD comes home so it has been quite difficult.
Another phonecall from his manager at work has put his mind at rest. They are not expecting him to return to work before Christmas although Andy would like to go back as soon as he is fit enough. I would like him to take the time to recover completely before he does go back as his job is quite heavy and I don't want him hurting himself.
So once he can drive we are going to make a start on the Christmas shopping and try to get it all done before the end of next month. I need to get a sneak peek at Ruby's wish list to see what she wants from Santa. Marlowe won't even be one so I think a few new clothes and a token toy and some money to squirrel away for things she might need later.

I'm not doing much in the way of house jobs today. I'll wait until Andy is gone for the morning tomorrow and then have a quick blitz right through.
Cooking for today will be a homemade tomato soup to use up the tomatoes I roasted with garlic and onions the other week and I think some cheese scones for a change from crusty bread or cornbread....yummy.

Anyway I hope the sun is shining where you are.
Thanks so much for your visit today.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Nearly Dark!!!

Well another couple of hours or so and it will be dark. Not that it has been very light here all day with the low cloud, mist and drizzle.
Just the kind of day to be indoors cooking a lovely Sunday lunch which has been eaten and enjoyed by all of us.
I am now baking a coconut cake which will be split and filled with raspberry jam to have with a cuppa while we watch Tutankhamun later tonight.

Andy didn't have a very good night last night as he was very uncomfortable. I won't go into details as that would just be too much information but he was up at 3am having a warm shower which helped a bit and he did eventually get some sleep.
Today he has done some little jobs as he is fed up of sitting now. He prepped the veg for dinner and poopscooped the back lawn for me as I nearly pass out when I have to do it.
I'll be glad when we can take him for a ride out.....hopefully after Tuesday we will be able to.

Once this cake is cooked I am off for a shower and hairwash and the red snowflake PJ's are going on again.

Hope you are all warm and cosy.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Lot Better!!!

The anaesthetic gel arrived at the surgery and DD had it home by just before 5pm. Since then all is calm and all is bright.
He has had a brilliant night and slept really well.
There are signs of the old Andy coming back. This morning he very carefully cleaned out the fireplace and laid the paper and sticks in case we need to light it tonight and he managed a shower by himself as I was a bad wife and overslept after a restless night.
I thought the lazy mare thing might have relaxed me enough to sleep through but it didn't.

Just Andy and me for tea tonight so we are having pizza with a jacket potato and coleslaw followed by Apple Streudel and ice cream for him. I'm not hugely bothered about puddings.
Sunday lunch will be at home as he still has his leg bag so I have taken a pork loin joint out to defrost for that.

The rest of the day will just go as it goes. Nothing planned apart from doing DD's make up for the party she's off to.
We'll probably drag a film off the shelf and spend the evening watching that so nothing exciting for us.

Hope you all have a more exciting weekend planned.

Friday, 28 October 2016

A Little Better!!!

Things are a little less tense today thank goodness.
Maybe I am a bit more forgiving as I got a break last night when Andy said it would be fine for me to go and do some shopping. DD and I rushed off to T***o and topped up on desperately needed stuff and then rushed back to find he was actually fine. It probably did him good to have an hour or so break from me too.
The anaesthetic gel has not yet arrived at our surgery's dispensery so I have to ring again at 3:30pm. If it's there I will have to ring DD at work and she will pop and get it....if not we will have to wait until Monday:(

Today is a very lazy day as he has decided he wants a Chinese for tea and I am not going to argue after cooking three meals a day for the last week since he came out and then of course there is all of the washing up. My hands have been in water so much that they are like sandpaper and need a bit of TLC.
I am going to do something completely alien to me......I am going up for a shower and then I am going to put my pj's on and park my ass on the sofa to watch some programmes on the food channel or True Crime.....whichever Andy prefers. It's completely unknown for me to do pyjama days but today I just feel like doing it.
I'll be back to normal tomorrow though as I do have jobs that need doing...including putting the finishing touches to DD's costume for the Halloween party she is going to tomorrow night. Her dress up is mainly Dia de las Muertos make up but she has a top hat which is going to be tarted up with raggy black netting and red roses. I can't wait to see what she looks like as this will be quite girly for her.

Right.....I am off to do my impression of a lazy

Hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


After a phonecall from the urology nurse at Derby this morning there is not a cat in hells chance that Andy will be having his catheter out tomorrow. It is too soon apparently so he now has to wait until Tuesday.
He is sore and grumpy and somehow this becomes my fault and I am getting grunted at. I am pee'd off with him. He will be lucky to get his lunch in a bowl and not over his
Luckily I have broad shoulders and can take it.
I have phoned our surgery to get a prescription sorted out for some anaesthetic gel for him. Prescription is done but they don't keep the gel in so it will have to be collected tomorrow morning.
Another few hours of grunting won't kill me.

I was hoping to be able to go out and do a little food shopping this weekend but that won't be happening so meals are based around whatever is left in the freezer at the moment.
Today will be homemade burgers in a bun with some fried onions for His Nibs and the last of the salad for DD and me.

It was so wonderful to see my Ruby yesterday although not for as long as I hoped. She chose to go out for tea and then on to the cinema with Aunty DD for a treat.
I had to pretend to be shocked that she had had her hair dyed when she turned up in a pink and silver wig. She kept it going for nearly two hours before revealing that Ganma had been pranked. Oh we had such a laugh about it and even more of one when I tried the wig on. Pink and silver are so not my

Okey Dokey........burgers to make and onions to slice so I'll go and get on with it.
Thanks for stopping by today.


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

It's it's Ruby Day!!!

The best day of the week.
My gorgeous Ruby will be here soon for a play and some tea. A little earlier than usual as she is on half term holidays.
As she will be here earlier there may be time for Aunty DD to take her to the cinema. I won't be able to go as I will be looking after Andy (hubby) but she will love it...espescially as it will be a surprise.

I've had quite a busy morning throwing myself around doing house jobs. I've given the fire a good old rout out, cleaned the doors and the hearth. Andy was watching me so I hope he was taking note as when he does the fire he just gets out the ash and that's door or hearth cleaning.
We have been having discussions about changing our heating system to either oil or LPG.
Has anyone ever done this while actually living in the house and if so what was involved? There is no chance of us moving out while the work is being done.
I'd be grateful for any information.

Not in the mood for any involved cooking tonight so we will be having sausage and chips. Ruby will be happy as she loves Ganma's chips. I am not ashamed to say that they are proper thick cut chips made in a deep fat fryer. We don't have them that often so I go by the maxim that a little of what you fancy does you good.

Andy is coming on in leaps and bounds. The bruising on his stomach is fading by the day and he is sleeping a lot better. There is still some internal pain but that is well managed with painkillers. The only thing is his not being able to get comfortable when sitting due to the catheter so he has to keep doing the rounds of different chairs and cushions to help with that. I'm sure that situation will improve greatly after Friday.

I expect Ruby will be wanting the dolls out today so I will go and get them out ready for her.

Hope you are all having a fab day.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Another Day.........!!!

.......pretty much the same as the last few days have been but today it is really cold and we have the fire lit already. We have to have the fire to be able to run the central heating. We do have an immersion heater for hot water but if we want to be warm then we have to have the fire lit.
I have fetched enough coal up to last us for the day so the patient is happy.

Most of my time seems to spent feeding him, making him drinks, washing up, dressing him and emptying his leg bag. I shall be glad when that comes off on Friday.
He was going crazy for some fresh air so last night I took him a short walk up the road. We must have looked, him and the dog. Good job nobody was about.

I'm just about to give him lunch and then I am going to put some chicken to cook in a tomato sauce. We'll have that with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and roasted Charlotte potatoes....yummy.

Well I can hear his belly rumbling from in this back room so I had best go and get him fed.

Thanks for stopping by.



Monday, 24 October 2016

He's Excited..........!!!

.........about going back to hospital.
We have had a letter this morning to say that he will be admitted as a day patient this Friday to have his catheter removed....a lot earlier than we first thought. He can't wait so if this week flies by you know who it is wishing the days away.
He will also be having his staples removed from the six holes in his stomach which is great news.
He still won't be able to drive but at least he will be able to get out with DD driving so we may take him somewhere at the weekend. Maybe Carsington for a gentle walk. It's lovely up there for blowing the cobwebs away and we are all ready for it I think.

All the housework has been done in a whirling dervish kind of way this morning as we thought the district nurse was supposed to be coming. Due to a lack of communication she now isn't. The rest of the day is ours then but I still can't settle to my sewing...probably because I still have to keep getting up to empty his leg I might take my work basket into the lounge and sit and make pom poms for the snowman wreath I want to make. At least I will be doing something crafty.

Just a simple tea tonight of a crunchy tuna cocktail with salad and crusty bread....and keeping up to hospital standards His Nibs will get his jelly and ice

Hope you are all having a fab day.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

He's Getting Cheeky!!!

You can tell he is getting on the road to recovery as he is getting cheeky now.
Apparently I am letting the side down by not providing jelly and ice cream as they do in hospital....I have threatened to put a clamp on the tube to his leg bag and drown
I duly sent DD out this morning to buy jellies and vanilla ice cream so that should shut him up for a bit.

Today he will get his beef stew and dumplings but he'll have to wait until tea time as DD is at work until 3pm so I am just about to make him a ham sandwich to keep him going. His appetite seems to be as good as ever.

After lunch I am going to cut his hair and help him to have a shower to freshen him up a bit. He's not liking all this sitting about at all. I think I may try and get his jogging bottoms on later and take him for a short walk down the road for some fresh air.

Thank you so much for all of your visits and kind comments.
Yes 50 and Counting he is taking water tablets.


Saturday, 22 October 2016

Slippery Saturday!!!

I don't know where today has gone again. Saturdays seem to be getting shorter.

Hubby had a good night last night and slept for a good few hours.
He is eating well and starting to get about albeit slowly and only short distances.
DS and Ruby came to visit for an hour. Ruby was very hesitant at first but once she saw that Grandad still looked like Grandad she was absolutely fine......even going so far as to help me empty and dispose of the contents of Grandads waste water bag. She had been warned that he was wearing one and she made me howl with laughing when she took me off into the kitchen and said 'Ganma....I thought it would be a carrier bag on his leg'. She is so funny.
The bag is only temporary and hopefully they will be able to remove his catheter and the bag when he goes back to hospital on November 1st and boy will I be glad when it comes off. It has to be emptied every 20 to 30 minutes so I am up and down like a dockers elbow.

It's quite cold tonight so the fire has been lit and later we are all going to snuggle down and watch Downton right from the beginning....again. It's about the only thing that we can all sit and watch together and enjoy.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Friday, 21 October 2016

This Nursing Thing!!!

I don't think I could do it as a job but I am coping pretty well with the things I am having to do for my darling hubby. I must admit I was worried about being too squeamish but I seem to be okay.
He is a model patient and I can see that it pains him for me to have to do these things but I love him and I'll do whatever has to be done.
He got a little sleep last night but the best thing I think was just being in his own bed in a dark room.
He is now sitting watching WarCraft....again.......while I am doing laundry.
We will be pretty much housebound for the next fortnight and I tell you now....if he starts on watching endless episodes of Dad's Army I will either leave home or send him back to

So that is us for today. I think DDIL will be visiting later as she hasn't seen him yet and she is desperate to give him a hug....bless her.

Thanks for your visit today.


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Introducing.......!!! Update Added.

Image from Google
Nurse Tea Towel.............hopefully this will be me later today as it is looking promising for hubby coming home this afternoon or evening. I can't wait to have him back.
He won't get his beef stew today but I am preparing all the fixings for a roast beef dinner which he will enjoy.
We are not planning on going to afternoon visiting time but will just wait to hear from him and then go straight out and fetch him.

So....I am pottering around making the house warm and welcoming for him..........just in case.
I'll let you know later if it is happening or not.

Update to let you know that Mr Tea Towel is home. He has been fed.....he just about left the pattern on the He has had a proper cup of tea and I have just settled him down in bed for the night and hope he manages to get some sleep.
Nurse Tea Towel is now knackered and will be off to bed shortly herself as it will be an early start in the morning.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

It Never Rains But It Pours!!!

The operation hubby has had should hopefully be the end of his brush with cancer although it will potentially leave some problems for him but this morning we have had the dreadful news that my Sister In Law has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
It has knocked me sideways.

I visited hubby twice yesterday and he looked much better now that the effects of the anaesthetic have just about worn off. He is having problems with his throat from being intubated but that should wear off.
He has phoned me this morning and he was up and out of bed ready to have a wash and a shave.
He is possibly coming home tomorrow. I hope so because he is not eating properly. He said even the toast is disgusting.
I have an order in for beef stew and dumplings......that's my boy!!!

DD and I got in from visiting at 8:30pm and we were so cold we had to light the fire. There was a really icy feel in the wind and rain and the house felt horrible. A fire and a nice cup of tea soon put us right but we both went to bed with hot water bottles.

There will be a little bright spark in my day today as Ruby is coming for tea after school. It will only be a quick visit but I am desperate to see her. We'll drop her home after and go straight off to see hubby although I have to call in at Argos to collect some pillows first. Gosh this is a busy week.

Nothing much to do in the house apart from lay the fire and clean up the dogs carrot crumbs so I might bake some cupcakes when that's done.

Hope you are all having a good day.
Thanks for your visits and the supportive comments.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Patient!!!

Went to see hubby for an hour last night. He was still groggy and sick from the anaesthetic but he looked a lot better than I expected him to.
DS is taking me back to see him this afternoon and then DD will take me back tonight.
Reading through the literature about the robot ops I think there is a possibility that he may be able to come home today but I'm not sure. It depends on several things. Hopefully he will know when I see him later.

I'm too preoccupied with Mr Tea Towel to do any crafting at the moment so everything is on the back burner for now. I'll get back into it once he is home.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Monday, 17 October 2016

The Waiting!!! Update No 2 Added.

Thank you so much for the lovely messages. It is lovely to know that people are thinking of us today and it really does help.

He left home just after 6am and I haven't heard from him so I am hoping that it's a good sign that he has gone into theatre early. He is diabetic and was told that diabetics are usually operated on first.
I won't know anything until after 1pm when I can phone to see if he has been allocated a ward and then I will be able to visit this evening.
I'll do an update here once I know something.

Update 1- I phoned at 1pm. He has been in theatre since 10am and is not expected out for another couple of hours. This is a lot longer than we were told the operation would take although the lady I spoke to said it can be usual with his type of surgery.
I have to phone again at 3:30pm when he should be out and in recovery.

Update 2- Hubby's surgeon phoned at 3pm to say that the op went smoothly and hubby is now out of theatre and in recovery. We can visit between 6pm and 8pm.
I am so relieved but will feel even better when I have seen him later.
Thank you again for your kind thoughts. Love you all muchly-x-

I am trying to keep myself busy. The kitchen has been cleaned, one lot of laundry is in the drier, another is washing and I am just about to start on the lounge but it's hard trying to do anything when your stomach is in knots and you feel sick.
There are quick and easy meals planned for this week although DD has told me not to worry about cooking as she is happy for us to eat out on the way to the hospital....but we'll see.

Thanks for dropping by today.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bye, Bye Saturday!!!

I'm sorry I didn't get round to blogging yesterday.
The time just went so quickly I didn't really get chance to compose a post.
The trip to The Tin Shed was disappointing on one hand because we had gone to look at what looked to be a fabulous array of Christmas stuff.....turned out it was just some clever photography that made it look more than it actually was. On the other hand though they did have fantastic ranges of clothes and household goods at really good prices.
I did pick up three Christmas decorations so not a total loss. 
We also discovered a store called Surplus Supermarket which sold some amazing furniture at very reasonable prices. I spotted several pieces that would be ideal for the landing so I think we will be going back there.

As we were so close, on the way back we called in at Bridgemere Garden Centre as DD wanted something to fill in some gaps in the pots and I wanted to pop into the Hobbycraft and get a set of the pom pom makers and a couple of the papier mache cone trees. We had lunch there and then it was back home to where the rest of the day went by in a blur.

I could have blogged last night instead of wasting two hours of my life watching a film called WarCraft. Gawd it was diabolical but I wanted to spend the evening with hubby so I endured it with as good a grace as I could.

Today we are off out for lunch shortly and then I need to nip out and stock up on some shopping to see us through for a few days while we are busy with hospital visiting and getting the house ready for hubby coming home. Everything will be scrubbed within an inch of it's life and disinfected to make it as germ free as possible.

Anyway must dash and get changed.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Freezer Friday!!!

It's really cold what have I chosen as my 'job of the day' ?
I am going to be moving the few bits from the inside freezer to the outside, emptying the fridge and then turning it off to give it a really good clean out. After that I will move everything into the inside freezer, switch off the outside one and let it defrost before I clean that too.
I thought I would get it done as we didn't go shopping last night after all. We went somewhere different for tea and it would have been too much of a rush to get back and shop so the fridge is relatively empty.

Tomorrow I have an eye test at 10am and then we are all going for a ride to Market Drayton to a place called The Tin Shed and I make no apologies for the fact that we are going to be looking at Christmas stuff.
Sunday we'll be out for lunch at the pub as a treat for hubby before he goes into hospital at 7am on Monday.
Unfortunately I won't be able to go with him in the morning as not being able to drive I wouldn't be able to get back until after 5pm and I can't leave Smudge on his own for all that time. As hubby says though....we would only be sitting about waiting so it's better if I phone at the time the hospital has given us and then visit him later when he is settled on his ward. He's quite happy with that.

OK......I'll go and get working on these freezers and save my coffee for after when my hands need warming up.

Hope you have a fab weekend.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Giving Thanks!!!

Thank you so much for all your kind and supportive comments over the last couple of days.....and also the hugs. I appreciate them all.

Hubby and I have been having quite a giggle this morning over the fact that he will be operated on by a robot. I hope it's not a rogue.....have you seen the Will Smith film I,

I am also thankful this morning for this little lot that DD bought home from work last night........

This is my massive mixing bowl and these aren't even all the tomatoes. I think there must be at least eight pounds or more of them. They will be roasted with lots of garlic and red onion and made into a tomato sauce which I will freeze in portions to be used with minced beef for bolognaise sauce.
The chillies and peppers will be chopped and frozen as I don't have an immediate use for them.
These have all been grown in her greenhouses at work and I am so proud of her.

I have woken up actually feeling like I have been to sleep rather than having to haul my slug like ass out of bed and I am ready to tackle something.........I don't know what but I'm ready. It won't be any of the outside jobs as it is thrashing it down with rain so I'll just have a tidy, wash the lunch pots and throw the hoover round and then as the table is clear I think the sewing machine can come out for a bit of a play.
The house feels cold so I am going to light the fire so it's nice and warm for DD who is no doubt out in the rain getting soaked to the skin.
No cooking tonight as DD has invited me out for tea for a treat. It will only be a quick meal at Wetherspoons in town followed by a quick top up shop at either A**a or T***o and then home to snuggle and watch something on tv.......perfect.

Hubby is just going to have a coffee before he goes to work so I think I might join him.

Hope you are all keeping warm and cosy.

PS....mamasmercantile asked for the cornbread recipe and THIS is the one I use. There are lots of recipes out there. This one is quite a sweet one but you can use less sugar and honey if it's too sweet for you. I put a lot less in my second making than I did in the first and it was just as nice.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A Soupcon Of Soup!!!

I've just spent rather a long time chopping up veg for the soup that hubby has requested to have with his new favourite cornbread. 
I can see me getting sick of cornbread quite quickly.
So now there is a lovely huge pan of soup simmering on the hob some for us which we like to eat chunky and some which I shall turn into magical vegetable soup with no vegetables in it for Ruby.......nothing actually magical about it at all.....I just give it a whizz with the stick blender until you can't identify any of the veg and she will eat I thought she might enjoy some while she has this cold.

Hubby has been for his pre-op this morning and has come home with the biggest pile of paper I have ever seen. It will be left to me to go through it I expect as he hasn't the patience.
We now know that he will be in hospital for three to five days but will only be discharged if he can perform his bodily functions easily and get about by himself and he will be off work for up to three months. He won't know what to do with himself as he won't be allowed to drive or lift or anything much.
He doesn't read apart from the papers so I expect lots of time will be spent sleeping and watching films or tv and most of my time will be taken up with making sure he eats and drinks properly and gets his excercise. I will also be taking on the jobs he does such as the dog walking, bin emptying and putting out the bins on a Friday, stick chopping and fire if I miss a blog post or two you will know why.

Right I had best go and make a couple of pans of this cornbread. I'm making extra today so that I can take some for Ruby to have with her soup too.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Bit Of A Wobble!!!

It has always been my wish that both hubby and DD left the house at the same time in the morning and returned at the same time each night giving me a free day to get all of the house jobs done with nobody under my feet.
So today hubby has had to change from his afternoon shift to a day shift as he is on a safety training day.
I came down to an empty house, the dog had crapped and pee'd on the kitchen floor and I just sat and bawled for half an hour. I think it hit me that this time next week hubby won't be here either and I won't be expecting him home at 4pm as I am today.
In fact I won't know when to expect him home as nobody can give us even an inkling of how long he will be in hospital.....anything from three days to two weeks depending on his progress after the operation.
They do careful what you wish for.

No Ruby visit to look forward to this week as both she and Marlowe have bad colds and we are trying as best as we can to avoid Mr Tea Towel catching anything which might delay his op.
I will be desperate for her kisses and cuddles when she is better.

So......I have the house to myself for several hours.
Am I being a domestic goddess? Am I heck as like.
There is no domestic mojo coursing through my veins this morning. All I have done is wash pots and put some chicken in a marinade to have with some salad for tea......what a useless article I am to be sure.
I do need to move shortly though as there is washing to go in the dryer. I'm not chancing it outside today as it's looking very murky out there and there's not much of a breeze.

I've just realised I am cold so I think I'll go and fire up the kettle for a coffee before I empty the washer.

Bye for now.....and thanks for visiting today.

Monday, 10 October 2016


It's such a glorious morning this morning. 
Beautiful blue sky and sunshine and cold......just as I like it so I might get a couple of outside jobs done later.

Hubby is on afternoon shift this week so DD and I get to have our simple evening meals.
Today will be a cheese and pineapple salad with a crusty roll.
I'm looking forward to DD coming home tonight to hear how her day went.
On Friday she was given a different job. Still in gardening but instead of being on general grounds maintainence she is now in charge of the planting plans and the growing of all the plants and vegetables needed for those plans and she gets the use of all of the greenhouses to grow them.......which she is more pleased about than anything It doesn't take much to please us Tea Towel girls.

Well in the few minutes I have been sitting here typing the grey clouds have gathered so outside jobs may not be on my to do list today if it starts raining.
There are just a couple of tidying jobs to do and then the sewing machine is coming out at last. I really want to make a good start on finishing Marlowe's quilt this week.
Once that is finished I will back, quilt and bind the two Christmas quilts and make the Advent calendars.
I am making myself do that lot before I start on my gingerbread men because once I start on making those.....I may never

Thanks for dropping by today.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Crafty Shopping Share!!!

Yoooo hoooooo.......Waving hello to Amy who reads my blog all the way over in Florida, USA and left her first comment yesterday.
Thank you Amy. we go with the crafty spending this week

Fabric Freedom Christmas fabric from the poor chap who is closing down. Half price £6 per metre instead of £12.

 Unknown brand also £6 per metre

I spy gingerbread men.

 I really needed embroidery threads for felt work and this assorted pack was good value for money and looks pretty decent.

 Beautiful trim destined for a summer top for Ruby next year.

 A bit of inspiration with a couple of free useful tools.

I was really happy to find the felt in that colour as I couldn't get any last year that was suitable for the gingies.

We've had a lovely Sunday so far. A roast beef dinner cooked and eaten....utter bliss to have our first brussel sprouts of the winter. Now we are all just doing our own thing. Hubby is watching something antiquey on tv, DD is reading and I am about to start pinning some blocks together ready to sew either today or tomorrow.
I've  put some eggs to pickle so they have gone into the stores for Christmas and all the laundry is cleared ready for the new week so the rest of the day should be pretty relaxing.
Not sure what next Sunday is going to be like as it will be the day before hubby goes in for his operation. I'm not sure if he would like a quiet day at home or if he'd like to go out for lunch along with Ruby and family. I'm going to have to sound him out on that one.

Hope you are all having a lovely day too.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Saturday Doings!!!

Up and out early this morning to Derby.
I only had a small shopping list.....a pair of winter weight trousers, some embroidery cottons and some bits and bobs from Hobbycraft to put in with one of the Christmas gifts for Ruby....half a dozen things on that list and managed to get one so I may have to do a bit of online shopping to complete that.
Came back with a stonking headache as it was too warm in the shopping centre as usual. I've taken a painkiller and had a cuppa so hopefully that will see it off.
I was very sad to see that the quilting shop just on the outskirts of the market is closing down. He said he just can't afford the rent anymore. All of his fabric was reduced to half price so I bought some from him but I hated the feeling of taking advantage of his misfortune.
I'll take some pics tomorrow to show you my purchases.

DD is off out with friends tonight to see Girl On A Train. I'd love to see it too but don't think it is really one that hubby would enjoy so I guess I will wait for the DVD.
She'll be home quite early I think so we can still watch a film when she comes in. It will be the last one of the box set of the four Bourne films we picked up last weekend. I have quite enjoyed them.

Tea today is a spicy pork and bean casserole with some roast Charlotte potatoes. Nice and warming as it has gone very cold again today. I started the casserole yesterday and just need to go and put it back on for the gravy to reduced down and thicken up. It should be very tasty.

Hope you are keeping warm and don't have the horrible green clouds that are just making their way over our house......they look like they are full of rain.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Don't You Flippin' Dare!!!

I wish the weather would get a grip on itself.
The last couple of mornings have been lovely and chilly......this morning......not so chilly. I have had to sit with the back door open while I had my breakfast to cool myself down a bit it was so warm.
Mrs Nature......don't you dare bring the heat back. It's October for goodness sake and officially snuggle season.

The pickle stores are looking pretty healthy after doing the beetroot yesterday. We now have......
3 large jars of pickled onions
4 large jars of beetroot
1 large jar of red cabbage.
Today I think I am going to do some pickled eggs. I used to love them but haven't had any for years so just a dozen or so in the Kilner jar I have left.

Not much else on the job list today so I think I will lay out the stuff I need for sewing over the weekend. I want to finish the quilt for Marlowe and then I have two Christmas quilts that need backing, quilting and binding and two Advent calendars to make so that I can start filling them for Ruby and Marlowe.
DD has asked me to go to Derby with her tomorrow morning so I won't be able to start until I get back but at least I will be making a start.

Not sure what to do for tea tonight so it might just be something with salad. I rather fancy a spinach, cucumber, tomato and Feta salad as we haven't had that for a while but I will need to go and get the salad stuff as the drawer is empty apart from about four tomatoes.

Before I do anything else I need to go and use some hand scrub to try and remove the last traces of the beetroot from my fingers. I obviously didn't do a very good job yesterday.

Have a smashing weekend......whatever you are doing.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Warm And Cosy Things!!!

Crikey's cold today.
Just the right kind of day for doing cosy things in the kitchen so I will be making leek and potato soup, cornbread and cooking beetroot for pickling now that hubby got me the jar I needed.
Lovely smells and lovely warmth from the cooker.
I think we may have to have a fire this evening as I was so cold last night that I could have cried. I soon warmed up though when I took myself off to bed with a hot water bottle and snuggled up with Alan the form of his autobiography I hasten to

I got the shock of me life when we dropped Ruby off at home after tea last night. Teeny, tiny Miss Marlowe greeted me at the door in a baby walker. How did that happen? She was absolutely full of herself......whooping and swooping round the kitchen. It was hilarious and I could have stayed and watched her all night.

Well although it's cold this morning it is bright and windy so I think I'll chance the washing out on the line. It's only a load of lighter clothes so they should dry......but first a cup of coffee to wrap my chilly hands around before I start peeling potatoes and chopping leeks.

Have a lovely day y'all.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Windy Wednesday!!!

Thank you for your comments yesterday........and yes I do keep stroking the carpet.......and taking my slippers off and squidging my toes in

Well it's a bit wild outside this morning. Blue skies and sunshine and a wind that would take the hairs off your legs. Why couldn't this have been yesterday when I washed the towels?

I got pretty much most of my tidying done yesterday with just a little more to finish today. One bag of stuff for the incinerator and two bags for the charity shop.
Tomorrow will be my least favourite bit......moving the table out so that I can hoover right into the corners. It's a bit of a tight squeeze in this room and everything has to be shufted one way and then the other until it's all done.

Flu jab day today so I will have a very sore arm for a few days as I always do. It always feels like I've been punched with a jack hammer rather than the little thin needle they use....I don't know why.

Once I have finished here I am going to get on with cooking tea and plating it up so that Ruby can have hers as soon as she comes in. She is always so hungry when she gets in from school.....even more so now that she finishes later and doesn't arrive here until just before 4pm.
Sausages with new potatoes, veg, stuffing, gravy and apple sauce tonight so that will please just about everybody I think.
I might have a coffee first though. I've not been having one every day just particular reason......just busy I guess.

Anyway hope you all have a lovely day today.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

That Gorgeous Carpet!!!

I thought I had better show you some pics of my beautiful new carpet...................

The first staircase. The bannister is going to be taken off and stripped at some point and then I will stain and varnish it in an oak colour.
The landing awaiting it's piece of furniture.
The attic staircase. This bannister will also be removed and stripped.
It is absolute bliss to hoover a carpet that actually looks like you've done something when it's finished.

Tea for tonight is ready except for the rice which I will cook fresh so I am having a bit of a sort out day in the dining room and tidying up some of my crafting and sewing stuff. I really want to get on with some sewing this weekend and I thought that if I have a really good tidy up then I might feel more like doing it.

It's another bright and cold morning with a little breeze but I don't think the towels will dry on the line so they will be going into the dryer.

DD bought me another bag of beetroot from work last night so that needs cooking. I will need to get another couple of jars for that so I'll get hubby to pick me some up when he gets up and goes into town.

Looking forward to seeing my Ruby tomorrow. I know I am very lucky to see her every week but I don't half miss her between visits. We bumped into her and Daddy at the supermarket on Saturday and it's just amazing how much she lifts my spirits.

Huh....I thought the fairies might have come in and finished the tidying for me while I wrote my post but's still there waiting to be

Hope you are all having a fab day.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Appointments Coming Out Of Our Ears!!!

Poor Hubby is feeling a little besieged at the moment. Every postal delivery brings more appointments for him to attend at the hospital so the calendar page for October is filling up quite quickly.
To cheer him up a bit we have been out for a bit of a wander. Not too far as he seemed quite weary this morning after not sleeping too well. I treated him to a coffee and he'll be off to bed shortly to grab some sleep if he can before going on a nightshift tonight.

I picked up the most hilarious book for DD from a charity shop for 49p.........50 Ways To Kill a Slug (Serious And Silly Ways To Kill Or Outwit The Garden's Number One Enemy). She will love it.....especially the picture on the front which shows a cartoon of a sweating slug holding a white flag.

Scoured the town for some cornmeal to make some cornbread and have ended up having to order it from Holland & Barratt for collection later in the week. Good job we're not not having the soup it's meant to go with for tea tonight. T***o are supposed to stock it but they didn't have any in ours.

Nothing in the YMCA shop this morning in the way of a piece of furniture for the landing. I want something...either a narrow sideboard or console table in maybe an oak colour. It may take a while to find.

Well I have a pile of onions and a knife with my name on as I am just about to make a chilli for tea tomorrow and some hash jackets for tea tonight so I had best go and get chopping.

Thanks for dropping by today.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Is It Summer Again?!!!

Goodness me....what a difference in the weather today.
Yesterday we were freezing our doo dahs off and it was pouring with rain all day.
Today wall to wall sunshine although a little cool unless you are travelling in a car and then it feels like a sauna.

We've had lunch at the pub which was another part of hubby's birthday present and then DD and I have just got back from a quick nip to The Range to have a look at the Christmas stuff and pick up another couple of rolls of the plain brown Kraft paper which we are going to use to wrap presents in this year.
I'm going to do the same as last year and set up a wrapping station in the attic with everything to hand and storage boxes to put all the wrapped presents in to keep it all neat and tidy.

Loving the new carpet....especially the colour. He left us quite a large offcut and I am thinking of carpeting the bathroom with it as I seriously hate the tiled floor in there. The new towels I bought the other week will clash a bit but hey ho.

Smudge is just having a bit of a beauty treatment. DD is cutting his hair ready for him to have his bath tomorrow. I've found some dandruff in his fur so I've just picked up some new medicated shampoo for him to see if it will cure it.

.....and that's about us for today. No plans to do much else really.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


So sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.
I was out for a good part of the day at the coffee morning at DDIL's house. She did a lovely job and I am so proud of her. I got the fabulous job of watching Marlowe so no complaints from me. Poor little sausage has a terribly runny nose as she is just getting over a nasty cold but there were still lots of smiles and giggles going on.
I got caught up on some jobs when I got in, went out and did a bit of shopping and by the time we got back, put the shopping away and had tea the day had gone and it was time for bed.

Today I am rather happy as the carpet fitter has turned up to fit the rest of the carpet. Once he's gone I can hoover through and get everything back in it's place and the proper hunt can begin for the piece of furniture I would like for the landing.

Tonight is hubby's birthday tea as he wasn't here to have one on Thursday. We are having his favourite steak and chips followed by birthday cake which much to my shame and embarrassment is a bought one.

For now I am catching up on laundry and have a pan of beetroot on the stove cooking ready to pickle and put away for Christmas. I didn't have to buy any in the end as DD bought me a bagful from work. They are all small so I won't even have to slice them.

Hubby is out in the rain putting the garden furniture away in the shed for the winter as we won't use it again now.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.