Friday, 14 October 2016

Freezer Friday!!!

It's really cold what have I chosen as my 'job of the day' ?
I am going to be moving the few bits from the inside freezer to the outside, emptying the fridge and then turning it off to give it a really good clean out. After that I will move everything into the inside freezer, switch off the outside one and let it defrost before I clean that too.
I thought I would get it done as we didn't go shopping last night after all. We went somewhere different for tea and it would have been too much of a rush to get back and shop so the fridge is relatively empty.

Tomorrow I have an eye test at 10am and then we are all going for a ride to Market Drayton to a place called The Tin Shed and I make no apologies for the fact that we are going to be looking at Christmas stuff.
Sunday we'll be out for lunch at the pub as a treat for hubby before he goes into hospital at 7am on Monday.
Unfortunately I won't be able to go with him in the morning as not being able to drive I wouldn't be able to get back until after 5pm and I can't leave Smudge on his own for all that time. As hubby says though....we would only be sitting about waiting so it's better if I phone at the time the hospital has given us and then visit him later when he is settled on his ward. He's quite happy with that.

OK......I'll go and get working on these freezers and save my coffee for after when my hands need warming up.

Hope you have a fab weekend.


  1. My freezers need a good clean out I have been slowly trying to empty them and then find bargains so they are filled up again. It seems to be a vicious circle that I need to break. Hope you have a good trip tomorrow.

  2. I did a big clean of our main freezer last week, found a couple of things I'd forgotten about... oops xx

  3. Don't go falling in those freezers! Have a lovely browsing weekend. x


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