Saturday, 8 October 2016

Saturday Doings!!!

Up and out early this morning to Derby.
I only had a small shopping list.....a pair of winter weight trousers, some embroidery cottons and some bits and bobs from Hobbycraft to put in with one of the Christmas gifts for Ruby....half a dozen things on that list and managed to get one so I may have to do a bit of online shopping to complete that.
Came back with a stonking headache as it was too warm in the shopping centre as usual. I've taken a painkiller and had a cuppa so hopefully that will see it off.
I was very sad to see that the quilting shop just on the outskirts of the market is closing down. He said he just can't afford the rent anymore. All of his fabric was reduced to half price so I bought some from him but I hated the feeling of taking advantage of his misfortune.
I'll take some pics tomorrow to show you my purchases.

DD is off out with friends tonight to see Girl On A Train. I'd love to see it too but don't think it is really one that hubby would enjoy so I guess I will wait for the DVD.
She'll be home quite early I think so we can still watch a film when she comes in. It will be the last one of the box set of the four Bourne films we picked up last weekend. I have quite enjoyed them.

Tea today is a spicy pork and bean casserole with some roast Charlotte potatoes. Nice and warming as it has gone very cold again today. I started the casserole yesterday and just need to go and put it back on for the gravy to reduced down and thicken up. It should be very tasty.

Hope you are keeping warm and don't have the horrible green clouds that are just making their way over our house......they look like they are full of rain.


  1. Sheila, I've never commented before but I read your blog every day! I wish you could send some of that cold weather to me in Florida! We are still hitting the upper 80's every day with the AC going full blast! It's always sad when a small business closes..I feel so terrible for the owners. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Hellooooo from sunny warm Oop north! I've been looking at Crewel work. Hellishly spendy yet ever so beautiful. Have I room for another craft?!!!! Lol best stick to finishing off everything I've started!

  3. Its always sad to see some of these small independent shops go.


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