29 October 2016

A Lot Better!!!

The anaesthetic gel arrived at the surgery and DD had it home by just before 5pm. Since then all is calm and all is bright.
He has had a brilliant night and slept really well.
There are signs of the old Andy coming back. This morning he very carefully cleaned out the fireplace and laid the paper and sticks in case we need to light it tonight and he managed a shower by himself as I was a bad wife and overslept after a restless night.
I thought the lazy mare thing might have relaxed me enough to sleep through but it didn't.

Just Andy and me for tea tonight so we are having pizza with a jacket potato and coleslaw followed by Apple Streudel and ice cream for him. I'm not hugely bothered about puddings.
Sunday lunch will be at home as he still has his leg bag so I have taken a pork loin joint out to defrost for that.

The rest of the day will just go as it goes. Nothing planned apart from doing DD's make up for the party she's off to.
We'll probably drag a film off the shelf and spend the evening watching that so nothing exciting for us.

Hope you all have a more exciting weekend planned.


  1. Dear Sheila:

    So pleased to hear the gel has made a difference. Sounds like things are going in the right direction. Following a long illness with her hubby one of my friends said to me "unexciting is good" and I knew exactly what she meant - better than the 999 (911 in America) stuff!

    Take care and enjoy your day.


  2. Glad to hear the gel has made a difference. Enjoy your film.

  3. Glad to hear your hubby is getting there slowly x

  4. Men are such grouchy patients , but at least he's getting there

  5. well done Andy on completing little tasks

  6. Glad the gel arrived. I bet Andy feels better for being able to do a few bits and bobs for himself. Have to laugh at the way you tell it as it is though, I can well imagine me and Mark getting on each others nerves if one of us was ill so I think you're doing really well.

    Hope DD enjoys her Halloween party. Amy has gone to one tonight and I think she's taking Thomas trick or treating on Monday, depending on whether they can find costumes. xx


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