04 October 2016

That Gorgeous Carpet!!!

I thought I had better show you some pics of my beautiful new carpet...................

The first staircase. The bannister is going to be taken off and stripped at some point and then I will stain and varnish it in an oak colour.
The landing awaiting it's piece of furniture.
The attic staircase. This bannister will also be removed and stripped.
It is absolute bliss to hoover a carpet that actually looks like you've done something when it's finished.

Tea for tonight is ready except for the rice which I will cook fresh so I am having a bit of a sort out day in the dining room and tidying up some of my crafting and sewing stuff. I really want to get on with some sewing this weekend and I thought that if I have a really good tidy up then I might feel more like doing it.

It's another bright and cold morning with a little breeze but I don't think the towels will dry on the line so they will be going into the dryer.

DD bought me another bag of beetroot from work last night so that needs cooking. I will need to get another couple of jars for that so I'll get hubby to pick me some up when he gets up and goes into town.

Looking forward to seeing my Ruby tomorrow. I know I am very lucky to see her every week but I don't half miss her between visits. We bumped into her and Daddy at the supermarket on Saturday and it's just amazing how much she lifts my spirits.

Huh....I thought the fairies might have come in and finished the tidying for me while I wrote my post but's still there waiting to be

Hope you are all having a fab day.


  1. Beautiful carpet, exactly the colour we used to have in the hall and going up the stairs, love it x

  2. It really is a beautiful carpet, love the colour.

  3. Gorgeous. A new carpet is such a treat. Do you keep stroking it? ☺ X

  4. Love the colour, it must feel lovely underfoot, I love new carpets, we put new cheap carpet in when we first moved in and wont be changing them until we get building work all done.

  5. I love the carpet , Wish i could convince my husband to go back to carpet but i constantly drop things so i know its not practical xxx

  6. I love the color of that rug! The oak stain is going to complement it well. I was curious though, what kind of furniture are you waiting for or planning to put on the landing? There is a bare landing in my home and I can’t figure out what to do with it. Seeing this made me think of project for this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Delbert Powers @ Minute Man Intl


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