Monday, 24 October 2016

He's Excited..........!!!

.........about going back to hospital.
We have had a letter this morning to say that he will be admitted as a day patient this Friday to have his catheter removed....a lot earlier than we first thought. He can't wait so if this week flies by you know who it is wishing the days away.
He will also be having his staples removed from the six holes in his stomach which is great news.
He still won't be able to drive but at least he will be able to get out with DD driving so we may take him somewhere at the weekend. Maybe Carsington for a gentle walk. It's lovely up there for blowing the cobwebs away and we are all ready for it I think.

All the housework has been done in a whirling dervish kind of way this morning as we thought the district nurse was supposed to be coming. Due to a lack of communication she now isn't. The rest of the day is ours then but I still can't settle to my sewing...probably because I still have to keep getting up to empty his leg I might take my work basket into the lounge and sit and make pom poms for the snowman wreath I want to make. At least I will be doing something crafty.

Just a simple tea tonight of a crunchy tuna cocktail with salad and crusty bread....and keeping up to hospital standards His Nibs will get his jelly and ice

Hope you are all having a fab day.


  1. I am thrilled all is going to plan and that a trip out is possible next weekend. Making pom poms sounds like a fun way to spend the afternoon.

  2. I too did the district nurse clean yesterday and will be doing BY on Wednesday too!
    The snowmen Pom poms sound like fun!

  3. Really good news! Hope you can get out for a little trip.


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