27 October 2016


After a phonecall from the urology nurse at Derby this morning there is not a cat in hells chance that Andy will be having his catheter out tomorrow. It is too soon apparently so he now has to wait until Tuesday.
He is sore and grumpy and somehow this becomes my fault and I am getting grunted at. I am pee'd off with him. He will be lucky to get his lunch in a bowl and not over his
Luckily I have broad shoulders and can take it.
I have phoned our surgery to get a prescription sorted out for some anaesthetic gel for him. Prescription is done but they don't keep the gel in so it will have to be collected tomorrow morning.
Another few hours of grunting won't kill me.

I was hoping to be able to go out and do a little food shopping this weekend but that won't be happening so meals are based around whatever is left in the freezer at the moment.
Today will be homemade burgers in a bun with some fried onions for His Nibs and the last of the salad for DD and me.

It was so wonderful to see my Ruby yesterday although not for as long as I hoped. She chose to go out for tea and then on to the cinema with Aunty DD for a treat.
I had to pretend to be shocked that she had had her hair dyed when she turned up in a pink and silver wig. She kept it going for nearly two hours before revealing that Ganma had been pranked. Oh we had such a laugh about it and even more of one when I tried the wig on. Pink and silver are so not my

Okey Dokey........burgers to make and onions to slice so I'll go and get on with it.
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  1. Hi feel sorry for you and your OH. My OH was discharged from hospital with a catheter and had it for 9 months poor soul. He had to go to be TWOC 'd trial without catheter ( not, taken without consent ). He would then have it removed, sit all day drinking, still couldnt wee so catheter back in again. When it finally did come out he had to "self catheterise" for a couple years and still has to at times. Hope he doesnt get any water infections.
    I've read your blog for quite a while , good luck for the future God Bless xx

  2. Dear Sheila:

    Oh dear so sorry that they first told you the catheter would come out Friday giving you both such disappointment to find out that wasn't the case. Hope that Andy is in a better frame of mind having had his burger with onions.

    Glad you enjoyed Ruby yesterday. My word she is a lucky girl the way her Auntie treats her. It is all good though.

    Take care of yourself. Hugs from across the big pond.


  3. Thank you for your good wishes Ciao.
    I don't know how I'd cope with him if has to be cateterised any longer than next Tuesday never mind for 9 months-x-

  4. Thank you Sandy my dear blog friend.
    He hasn't had his burger yet....they will be for tea time but he has wolfed down a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce to see him through 'til then.
    There is one thing for certain...his appetite isn't

  5. What a disappointment not much fun for either of you. My husbands consultants appointment was cancelled on Monday due to the consultant been ill. A new one arrived this morning for the end of February, I will be on the phone first thing in the morning. Sounds like fun with Ruby, always a bonus.

  6. Just catching up for the first time in several days...Oh what a carry on! Never mind...Tuesday will soon come around, and it's better not to rush things. Still hope the cream does the trick. As someone who has dealt with catheters for others I understand his woes. Hugs. Jackie x


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