Friday, 21 October 2016

This Nursing Thing!!!

I don't think I could do it as a job but I am coping pretty well with the things I am having to do for my darling hubby. I must admit I was worried about being too squeamish but I seem to be okay.
He is a model patient and I can see that it pains him for me to have to do these things but I love him and I'll do whatever has to be done.
He got a little sleep last night but the best thing I think was just being in his own bed in a dark room.
He is now sitting watching WarCraft....again.......while I am doing laundry.
We will be pretty much housebound for the next fortnight and I tell you now....if he starts on watching endless episodes of Dad's Army I will either leave home or send him back to

So that is us for today. I think DDIL will be visiting later as she hasn't seen him yet and she is desperate to give him a hug....bless her.

Thanks for your visit today.



  1. Dear Sheila:

    So pleased to read this news as I drink my first cup of tea of the day (time difference) - you can do it! Make sure you sit down in the afternoon and take a rest, even a nap wouldn't hurt.

    Hugs from a blog friend.


  2. I think I could live with Dads Army! But not the other, though I have no idea what it is so shouldn't have an opinion really. Now be a good nurse...good food...good company...a good rest...together will work miracles I'm sure. x

  3. Helloooo could you starch me an apron Matron? Hopefully, after stalling yesterday, today I'll start my first shift. Boiled eggs and soldiers have been pre ordered from the Ward. You know where to find me if you need a rant!!!

  4. Glad hubby is home! Hope you get a little rest in between nursing duties!

  5. I am thrilled to hear all is going well. Long may it last.

  6. Glad he's home and settled. I too have had the job of Head Nurse and did it with love but it's the patient who feels embarrassed by what they feel you should not have to be doing. You'll get there but I'm with you on the Dad's Army episodes! Catriona


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