Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunday Socks!!!

Sock snowmen. Aren't they just too cute for words?
I saw these while having a trawl through You Tube and just had to have a go. These are quite tall (6.5inches) and made from sport socks for men.
They were a bit of trial and error as the first socks I bought were just ladies ankle socks but they were too thin and the rice they are filled with has a very slight yellow tinge and it showed through.
No matter though as I can use those for the hats and get two snowmen from the sport socks.

Just in the middle of a very nasty cold at the moment which has been passed on by dear hubby and I still haven't made a start on layering and tying the quilt for Ruby as when I was scraping up the carpet backing the other day I split my thumb open and have been unable to sew. I can put a little pressure on it now so hopefully I can make a start tomorrow.

Miss Doodle is away at the seaside this week so I won't see her until Saturday when they are all coming here for DIL's Halloween birthday party. Can't wait to decorate the dining room on Friday ready for it.

Right I'm off to bag my seat for Downton. Can't believe there are only two more to go after this one and then the Christmas episode.
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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Top Hats!!!

These top hats were such a lovely project to make.
The brim is an old CD sandwiched between two layers of felt and I used a postal tube cut into lengths of about 3.5 inches and covered with felt. They are very sturdy.

Honestly.....all the dry days we have had and the day I am planning to go out and tidy up the borders in the front garden it is thrashing it down with rain.
Instead I have been preparing to replace four and a half of the new carpet tiles in the dining room which hubby ruined when he knocked a candle off the side in the kitchen. I told him to leave it to set and that I would iron it up but oh no he has to go and interfere and irons the damn carpet on a high cotton setting....I'll leave you to imagine the mess. It's not an easy job....... I couldn't pull the tiles up so had to wait for him to do it and then half the backing got left stuck to the floor and I am having to soak it off with warm water and then scrape it. I could weep.

My Doodle will be here for her tea today and I shall have to make the most of our couple of hours as she won't be here next week. It's half term and she is off to the seaside with mummy and daddy.

Well back to my scraping and then I need to leave the floor to dry before I can lay the new tiles.
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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Snowman In A Bucket!!!

When I gave up cardmaking I was a bit worried about what I was going to do to keep myself busy. Well now between quilting and sewing I don't seem to have much time to miss making cards.
I'm still working on the Christmas decorations and my latest are these two little snowmen in buckets.
I found the buckets in The Works and fell in love with you do.......and all of a sudden had the idea for the snowmen. It took me a few weeks to get started on them but once I did they turned out exactly as I had imagined them.
The snowmen themselves are just made from circles of felt which are gathered and stuffed. The body is glued into the bucket. The scarves are just offcuts of fabric from my Christmas quilts and the hats are baby socks from Tesco at £1.50 for five pairs.
Must get off and make a start on finishing the quilt for Ruby. A bit late in the day but I have been chief cook this weekend and I was also out for a while yesterday shopping for Christmas crafting bits and bobs.
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Friday, 16 October 2015

Scandi Rag Qulit!!!

This has to be my most favourite quilting project so far but then anything Christmas always is.
My plan is to make two lap quilts for each season so that they can be changed out throughout the year so yesterday I posted the autumn quilts and this is one of the winter ones.
Fabric is the Scandi 2 Collection from The Henley Studio by Makower  and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
Rag quilts are so easy to make and I loved every minute of making this. In hindsight I should maybe have been a bit more adventurous and had a go at some free motion quilting on the squares. It would have been the perfect project to try that out as I have never done it but I have another rag quilt in mind when I come across the right fabric and I can try it out then.
So this weekend I will be making a start on getting the quilt finished for Ruby and then I can finish the other winter one.
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Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Catch Up!!!

Sorry for the long time between blogs but it has been a tad busy here.
The last single glazed window has now gone and been replaced by a beautiful double glazed unit and we just have one old double glazed unit that needs replacing before it falls out and crashes through the dining room!!! I just hope it will hold on until after Christmas.
The pic is my two autumn lap quilts which I made for the sofas in the living room. They are getting lots of use on the chilly evenings. These are just simple strip quilts and the one on the left has been more densely quilted than the one on the right. The fabric is two jelly rolls from Red Rooster Fabrics.
I have also made two Christmas lap quilts and have been a little more adventurous with those. One is a rag quilt (which I will post tomorrow) and I love it....both the making and the finished look.
The other one I made blocks and then joined them together but that one still needs to be layered and quilted after I have finished making the quilt for Ruby. I have had to wait to go to the sewing shop to get some batting but I have it now so I can get on with that. Miss Doodle came for the weekend last weekend and so this week has been spent catching up on jobs that didn't get done while she was here. I can't see the point in her coming to stay and the having her follow me round while I do housework so that all stops when she is here and all my attention is on her.
Well it's quite a nice morning here so I think I might go and take Smudge for a little walk.........if he wants to go. He's getting old now and sometimes refuses to go for his walk. Hubby will take him out and turn round to discover that he has hot footed it home. It's quite comical.
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