Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Top Hats!!!

These top hats were such a lovely project to make.
The brim is an old CD sandwiched between two layers of felt and I used a postal tube cut into lengths of about 3.5 inches and covered with felt. They are very sturdy.

Honestly.....all the dry days we have had and the day I am planning to go out and tidy up the borders in the front garden it is thrashing it down with rain.
Instead I have been preparing to replace four and a half of the new carpet tiles in the dining room which hubby ruined when he knocked a candle off the side in the kitchen. I told him to leave it to set and that I would iron it up but oh no he has to go and interfere and irons the damn carpet on a high cotton setting....I'll leave you to imagine the mess. It's not an easy job....... I couldn't pull the tiles up so had to wait for him to do it and then half the backing got left stuck to the floor and I am having to soak it off with warm water and then scrape it. I could weep.

My Doodle will be here for her tea today and I shall have to make the most of our couple of hours as she won't be here next week. It's half term and she is off to the seaside with mummy and daddy.

Well back to my scraping and then I need to leave the floor to dry before I can lay the new tiles.
Thanks for dropping by.

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