Thursday, 28 June 2012

Out And About!!!

Just lately I seem to have spent more time out of Manic Towers than in it. Lots of days out with Miss Doodle including a day down in Weston-super-Mare today.
I tell you what......I am absolutely shattered with running about on the beach chasing one very excited Ruby on her first seaside trip with Aunty DD and myself.....and feeling rather sick after tackling an enormous ice cream sundae at the most fabulous ice cream parlour on the pier.
I will have to post a pic of Ruby with hers when I have sorted them was nearly as big as!!!
We arrived home at about 8:30pm with a very tired, grubby, sandy, sticky little girl.
Sweet dreams my little princess. I promise we will do it again soon.
As for me...I was a bit grubby myself but a nice cool shower and clean pj's have remedied that and now I need a nice cuppa to end what has been a fabulous day.
Bye for now.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mrs Mop!!!

I was going to say 'where did the last 10 days go since I last blogged' but I can tell you exactly where they went.......fighting a losing battle against mud and muck.....that's where.
I seem to have been walking around with a mop permanently welded to my hand trying to keep the kitchen floor clean of the abundance of mud the rain has produced. Not that I'm complaining about the weather oh no......this cooler weather suits me down to the ground.
There's also been a lot of busyness on the Ruby front. She is keeping this old ganma on her toes for sure. I think we may have a touch of the 'tantrummy twos' at the moment and I have to admit to being quite exhausted by the time she goes home at night. This next week I will have her my usual three days and then Thursday I will be down at the cottage to stay overnight with her and will be there until Friday evening. I have a garden picnic planned but that may change to a carpet picnic if the weather is bad.
The time I get upstairs at the moment is spent mostly diecutting Christmas stuff so that when I have a week off in July I can make up some cards without having to do all of that before I start.
Today I am cooking a nice lunch for Mr Manic and then I shall be off upstairs for a few hours of diecutting before all the busyness starts again tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ruby In Party Mode!!!

Ruby's pre school group had a fabulous Jubilee party for the children and here is our Rubes enjoying red and blue (?) jelly with white ice cream.
The kit used is a free kit from Daisy Trail.
I've had her for the day today and I have to say......she has been a right old crabby pants for most of it. She has had quite a busy social week though so I think she was just overtired.
There has been a bit of crafty activity here. Mostly just putting together quick cards for the shop as I am very short of birthday cards. Nothing worth taking pics of though I'm afraid.
My thoughts have strayed towards the dreaded Christmas cards and I have cut some stuff ready to put together which may or may not get done tomorrow. The weather has me in the right mood for it.
DD and I are in for a mega dvd session tonight to watch the last five episodes of series 2 of Rizzoli and Isles so I had best go and get into my pj's.
Bye for now.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Pottering And Pondering!!!

 While I feel awful for the folks whose Jubilee celebrations have been rained on today I have had the most fab day pottering about in the house doing odd jobs with nobody under my feet and listening to the rain pelting down outside.
Preparations for tomorrows 'feeding of the hordes' is well under way and the biggest job left is the cooking of tiny choux buns for a profiterole mountain which I am making for DDIL's sisters birthday cake. I've not made choux pastry for years and so searched the internet for 'perfect choux pastry'........let's just hope Delia comes up trumps.
I've also been doing a bit of pondering on the New York holiday and have to say that thinking about it I am not quite sure it would be Mr Manics thing. He would go just because I want to but I don't think that would be fair so I have decided, researched, discussed and had accepted by DD and Mr M the idea of going to Boston instead. They are both delighted.
We've had a lovely cosy evening with the fire lit and watched The Apprentice so now I am ready to snuggle down with my book and a cuppa.
The pic is another page for DD's New York scrapbook. The kit used is Liberty from Sweet Shoppe Designs and I just love the colours.
Bye for now