Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ruby In Party Mode!!!

Ruby's pre school group had a fabulous Jubilee party for the children and here is our Rubes enjoying red and blue (?) jelly with white ice cream.
The kit used is a free kit from Daisy Trail.
I've had her for the day today and I have to say......she has been a right old crabby pants for most of it. She has had quite a busy social week though so I think she was just overtired.
There has been a bit of crafty activity here. Mostly just putting together quick cards for the shop as I am very short of birthday cards. Nothing worth taking pics of though I'm afraid.
My thoughts have strayed towards the dreaded Christmas cards and I have cut some stuff ready to put together which may or may not get done tomorrow. The weather has me in the right mood for it.
DD and I are in for a mega dvd session tonight to watch the last five episodes of series 2 of Rizzoli and Isles so I had best go and get into my pj's.
Bye for now.

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