Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mrs Mop!!!

I was going to say 'where did the last 10 days go since I last blogged' but I can tell you exactly where they went.......fighting a losing battle against mud and muck.....that's where.
I seem to have been walking around with a mop permanently welded to my hand trying to keep the kitchen floor clean of the abundance of mud the rain has produced. Not that I'm complaining about the weather oh no......this cooler weather suits me down to the ground.
There's also been a lot of busyness on the Ruby front. She is keeping this old ganma on her toes for sure. I think we may have a touch of the 'tantrummy twos' at the moment and I have to admit to being quite exhausted by the time she goes home at night. This next week I will have her my usual three days and then Thursday I will be down at the cottage to stay overnight with her and will be there until Friday evening. I have a garden picnic planned but that may change to a carpet picnic if the weather is bad.
The time I get upstairs at the moment is spent mostly diecutting Christmas stuff so that when I have a week off in July I can make up some cards without having to do all of that before I start.
Today I am cooking a nice lunch for Mr Manic and then I shall be off upstairs for a few hours of diecutting before all the busyness starts again tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by.

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