31 December 2015

The Pom Pom Outfit!!!

Dress sewn on the machine. Pom pom trim sewn by hand......not something I will be repeating any time That skirt must have been a mile round.

After the storm we had yesterday we have woken to blue skies and sunshine this morning with a gentle breeze. Honestly you couldn't make up this weather if you tried. DD and I nipped out last night to do a small stock up shop and were pleased to see that some of the work done along our country lane earlier in the year has helped with the flooding problem. There was still some water laying but nowhere near as bad.
I think I was too early for the reduced stuff but I did get a huge bag of brussels for 48p....whoopie flippin' doo.

Need to have a bit of a tidy up today and I think I might put some of the Christmas decs away as I am getting a bit fed up of them now. The tree will stay up until Monday....the day after DD's birthday as is our tradition and then I can have a good ferret in the corners with the hoover and duster and that will be that for another year. It's gone so quickly.

Tonight I will use up the last of the turkey and make a pie for hubby and DD. I can't face any more so I will be having a spinach and feta salad with balsamic dressing and a crusty roll.....lovely.

We don't make much fuss or party on New Years Eve so we will probably see the new year in and then trot off to bed. Tomorrow we will all do our own thing and just have a quiet day.
Happy New Year to you all and hope that 2016 is a better year.
Love and Hugs.

30 December 2015

Fab Fabric!!!

I'd been wanting some USA themed fabric for a long time.....and look what DD found for me. I was one happy crafter I can tell you. Again I don't know what I am going to make with it but at least it is in my stash when needed.

It's miserable here today. Very windy and a drizzly rain. Hubby and I were going clay pigeon shooting but I think not in this. Instead we may have a wander up to the garden centre just to get us out of the house a bit. I need to clean a couple of windows first though so we'll maybe do that this afternoon.

After much nagging I made the meatball casserole for tea last night. I made a huge pot which fed three of us amply and had enough left to make up five portions for lunches. If we are going out today I think we'll just have hot dogs for tea.....proper sausage ones.....I don't do frankfurters.........with slow cooked onions and we'll have that in the stonebaked rolls we get from Lidl.......oh yummy.

I tried out my new Clover iron yesterday....I am impressed and very glad I bit the bullet and purchased it. It will be amazing when I'm pressing blocks for quilts.

Well that is me for today. I'll go and get busy now I have had my coffee.
Thanks for dropping by.

29 December 2015

Material Girl!!!

My daughter knows me so well. These are two of the fabric collections she gave me for Christmas.
The top one is very unusual. It's like a fine hessian and the printing on it is beautiful. I'm not sure what I will make with it yet. It has to be stroked and admired for quite a while before I take any scissors to
The second collection is Winterberry by Moda Fabrics. My heart nearly stopped when I opened this. The colour combination is divine. Again I don't know what I will make with it although I suspect it will be a quilt. 
Tomorrow I will show you the rest.

Well it's back into the swing of the domestic duties today. I have washing washing and drying drying. There is cooking to do and a bit of hoovering. After that I will probably start on another sewing project for the doll as I have loads of fabric to use.
It's sunny out but there is no breeze today so I have resorted to the tumble drier for the laundry.

Are you all getting back into the swing of things?
Thanks for dropping by.

28 December 2015

Back To The Nest!!!

I do love going out for a while but boy is it nice to get home again.
We had quite a good trip in to Derby this morning but by the time we came out a couple of hours later the roads were heaving.
Still, we are back home now having a nice cuppa.

Since getting home I have discovered that at Hobbycraft I was overcharged for an item and that I wasn't given my change. I should have added my things up myself before I got to the tills so I am partly to blame.
They didn't have much of a sale on as far as I could see apart from Christmas stuff and I wasn't spending my Christmas money on that so I ended up with a new sewing box, a Clover iron, some funky foam, tacky glue, fray stop and spare bobbins for my sewing machine. Oh I am a fibber.....I did buy a pack of gorgeous Christmas cupcake cases reduced to £1.50.
Now I am sorting out the stuff I want to keep in my sewing box and resting my aching legs.
Thanks for dropping by today.

27 December 2015

Losing The Will!!!

Have you ever started something and wished you hadn't? Well that is me today. I made a beautiful circle skirt and matching top for the doll. It was fine as it was apart from a little glitch on the shoulder seams. I decided to hand sew mini pom pom trim around the top to hide it and then thought how nice it would look around the skirt hem.........big mistake.....huge. There is what seems like miles of hem and I am slowly losing the will to live. I am half way round. Too late to turn back so I have to carry on now but I won't be making that mistake again.

Going a bit stir crazy now being indoors so DD and I might have a trip to Derby tomorrow. There are a couple of things I need from HobbyCraft. I have a clothes store voucher to spend and am in need of some new t shirts so I'll go and see if they have anything left in the sale......I'm not usually very lucky with sales but we'll see.

Today has been another easy day although we did have our Boxing Day lunch of roast beef which was lovely. I have no room left for any tea though.

Well back to my sewing. I am dtermined to get this finished tonight.
Bye for now.
Thanks for dropping by.

26 December 2015

Really ?!!!

December 26th.....we still have flies in the house and last night I was so hot that I had to put the fan on. I don't like it one little bit.....I need some snow!!!........or at least a good hard frost.

Had a lovely evening with Ruby and family yesterday. She was so excited when she opened her doll and outfits. There was quite a bit more but I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that she was one very happy little princess.

Today is just lovely. No visitors, no going out......just hubby, DD and myself all doing our own thing in peace and quiet. Bliss.
I am going to have a go at making doll shoes. Mad I know but it's something I have never done so why not.

Hope you are all having a lovely day too.
Thanks for your visit today.

25 December 2015

Happy Christmas Day!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day today and that you have been blessed with the gifts you wished for.
I have been spoiled beyond measure and am so grateful to have people in my life who know me so well. DD gave me lots of beautiful crafting fabric plus vouchers to buy yet more and new pins for sewing. Smudge the dog gave me new pj's which I shall wear tonight to watch Downton........and hubby....well what can I say? He gave me his debit card a couple of weeks ago to order what I wanted online and then this morning I got rather a lot of money to spend on dressmaking fabric plus Enya and ELO cd's. I have also been given a beautiful home scenting Sanctuary set and a gorgeous apron. We are exchanging gifts with DS, DDIL and Ruby later although Ruby did give me a gift from her Secret Santa at school.

Christmas lunch has been eaten (my 40th Christmas lunch with darling hubby) and it was very nice even though I forgot the bread sauce until halfway through

Well I have to go and load up the car with presents for my princess......once I have dragged them all down from the attic bedroom.
Enjoy the rest of your day.


24 December 2015

Love, Peace And Cocoa Cuddles!!!

Well here we are......Christmas Eve at last.
Today will be quite busy as I catch up on cleaning the house ready for tonight when DS, DDIL and Ruby come for tea. The ham is ready so I just have to make salad and homemade chips and a few mince pies. Hubby has just popped out to pick up some crusty rolls and that will be the end of our spending for Christmas 2015.
I am so pleased that we have come in well under budget this year. Everyone has nice gifts and there is enough food to see us through until new year apart from fresh stuff but my fridge isn't stuffed to the gills as it has been in past years. We have what we need and no more.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of love, peace and cocoa cuddles.
Thank you all so very much for visiting my little blog.
Love and Hugs.

23 December 2015

Good Morning!!!

Quite a nice bright morning here both inside and out.
Ruby has woken up in the best of moods after quite a late night last night so today will be another fun day until she has to go home after tea.
We had a lovely day yesterday. Playing, sewing and cuddling on the sofa watching Christmas films. Gosh I love my little angel so much.

Hubby has well and truly flabbered my ghast by admitting that we don't actually need to have a roast dinner on Christmas and Boxing Day......yay, yay, yay!!!!! I must have been telling him that for at least twenty of the forty Christmases we have had together. Now on Boxing Day we will have a good breakfast and then just take the rest of the day as it comes. I am so happy.

I shall have to come back and read my regular blog list later as Ruby is wanting me to get the sewing machine out and make a dress for her Elsa doll and her wish is my

Have a wonderful day today.
Thanks for your visit.

22 December 2015


........will mostly be spent playing. My gorgeous girl arrived at 8am So although outside is cloudy, windy and very definitely threatening rain.........inside is all sunshine and smiles. I have her until about 6pm tomorrow and we'll make the most of every minute. She is even excited about going out in the dark to do the last of the shopping for brussels and other pretty boring stuff.

Hubby has been dispatched to Ikea as I have run out of scented tealights and haven't managed to get over there myself. He will also deliver flowers to his mums grave. Ruby and I would go too but I forgot to ask DD to swap her car for hubbys van so we don't have enough seats.

Need to cook our ham today ready for Christmas Eve. It will just be a plain one as I am not fond of slathering it in things like marmalade or anything else. 

After shopping I expect the rest of our evening will be spent watching a Christmas film of Ruby's choosing and then I have to go to bed at the same time as she does. I will be ready to go tonight as I never slept a wink last night.

Rightio......I am off to wrestle with that ham.
Hope your day is fabulous.
Thanks for your visit.

21 December 2015

Time For Bed!!!

Job done.
The dressing gown looks a bit odd here. It has a hood on it which I can't quite get on over all that hair. Ruby's doll has straight hair so it should fit better. I'm chuffed to bits that I got them done. I nearly threw in the towel when I made the dressing gown.
I've used less than £2 worth of fabric. A pyjama set from the DesignaFriend range costs £10.
I used a Simplicity pattern 5733 for the dressing gown and Simplicity 5276 for the nightdress....which I lengthened.
The fabric is from The Works. It's quite stiff to work with but once washed it's lovely and soft. So next time I will prewash it.

It's a bit nippy here today and chucking it down with rain so I won't be going far. I have plenty of jobs to be getting on with. I have a couple of presents to wrap and then I need to hide everything as Ruby is coming tomorrow to stay for two days. If the weather is wet we will be putting on the Christmas lights, playing some music and doing some baking. I have Frozen sprinkles so I am sure that we will be making cupcakes with blue

I hope all your preparations are going well.
Thanks for your visit today.


20 December 2015

.......And Relax!!!

We are starting to get in the mood for Christmas now at Tea Towel Towers. Last night we got the tree lights on, lit all the candles and settled down to watch The Hobbit on DVD. We'll watch the second tonight and the the third tomorrow. I could watch these films every single day I love them so much. I would probably have to throw in the odd viewing of Avatar though.......another favourite.

Today is another easy day kitchenwise. No roast dinner. We are having crumb topped fish with a simple salad and garlic and parmesan roast potatoes. As DD is at work shortly until 3pm we will have that as our evening meal and as we had a late breakfast we won't need any lunch. Suits me down to the ground as it means I can finish the nightie for the doll. I'm finding it difficult to iron these tiny clothes on my normal ironing board so hubby is off out to pick me up a sleeve board from Dunelm. I can't believe how hard it was to find one where you could go and buy it from an actual shop instead of buying on line. Argos do one but it's £9.99 with £3.95 home delivery. They don't stock it in the shops. Wilko do one but again it was home delivery. The one from Dunelm costs just 4p more than the cost of delivery from Argos so £3.99 will do for me.

Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and some sunshine here today with a tiny breeze so I might try and put some washing out even it only lightens it and I finish it off in the drier at least it will smell nice.

Hope you all have a lovely day.
Thanks for stopping by.


19 December 2015

Done, Done And Done!!!

Tail was firmly chased yesterday so I am up to date on jobs apart from another run over with the hoover today if hubby will just go and find himself something to do out of me way.
The last Christmas card has been delivered I had forgotten....oops.........and the dressing gown is finally done. I am so glad that dolls don't grow. I should not like to have to make another one. I am starting on the nightie today.

Caught up with the Eat Well For Less Christmas programme yesterday. Spending £1,400 on Christmas food was obscene but throwing half of it away was even more so. I was disgusted. I cannot say any more than that without becoming quite unladylike.
I would have liked to watch the programme that dealt with the other end of the scale but Channel 5 won't let me.

No cooking for me today. None of us are that hungry so we have decided on crusty rolls with cheese and pickles. That is such a bonus for a Saturday as hubby usually likes a bigger meal and I spend most of the day in the kitchen.

Oooooh hubby is off out to walk the dog so I'll go and get the hoovering done while he's gone.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.

18 December 2015

Chasing Me Tail Today!!!

Today will be spent chasing me tail and catching up as I am late starting on the domestic jobs this morning. We had to be up and out for an early appointment at the solicitors to take care of the horrible task of making our wills. Hubby has to go to South Africa early next year and with the world in the state it's in he decided he would get the job done so we are both sorted now.....or will be when everything is properly signed in a couple of weeks.

The dressing gown is nearly finished and oh my goodness what a fiddle it was. The sleeves nearly left me demented. They are not perfect by any standard but then they are not too bad....she says with her fingers crossed. The biggest difficulty was trying to iron such tiny seams and into teeny corners so I think I will be investing in a Clover iron after Christmas. Hubby says I can have one now but I'm not sure I can be bothered to go to Hobbycraft in Derby and get one.

Anyhoo....I will go and get my tidying done and then I can finish off the sewing and start on a nightie (easier than pj's methinks).
Thanks for dropping by.

17 December 2015

Sew Tiny!!!

Quite a few jobs ticked off the list this morning which will leave me free to to carry on with my little project of creating a wardrobe of clothes for the new doll. It will have to be an ongoing thing as the fact that Ruby is coming to stay for two days next week has rather crept up on me and put a limit on the time I have left to do it but as long as I get the dressing gown, pj's and a little pair of slippers made then I shall be quite happy. I also need to find a tiny doll sized teddy bear over the weekend to complete the outfit. I can't wait to see Miss Doodles face when she opens her gifts as we have also bought two extra outfits, a set of underwear and a set of three pairs of shoes. She is going to love it.

It's very dark here this morning with hardly a breeze so I have had to resort to the tumble dryer. Nothing will dry out there today. Only two loads to do and I do spin on the longest spin to get things as dry as possible so it doesn't take too long.

Christmas is pretty much sorted now. Most gifts are wrapped and everything we need for the meals is either in the freezer or the cupboard apart from fresh salad and veggies which I will get next week.........or should I say hubby will as there is no way I am going into Just a regular shop to do later today to stock up on things we need. I don't need much as hubby does his last night shift tonight and then he's off until the beginning of January. DD finishes Christmas Eve for four days so I'll still need lunch stuff for her. I think I am as excited about not having to think of what to do for pack ups as I am about does get rather tiresome.

Anyway......this won't get the dressing gown made so I'll go and crank up the sewing machine. Wish me luck as I have never made anything quite this small before and there are as many pieces to sew together as on a full size garment.
Thanks for your visit today.


16 December 2015

Wittering On A Wednesday!!!

I really don't know where the time goes. Still I am glad that today has come around quickly as it means it's Doodle Day...yay. I am so ready for my kiss and cuddle and to hear the list of things she has been getting in her Advent calendar.........not that I don't already know but I can't remember what order I put them into the pockets.
She has been so excited with it all even though the gifts are such very simple things but then I suppose anything is a bit more exciting than a little square of chocolate every single day.

I've been a bit lacksadaisical this week and haven't properly planned out my menu for the week so today I am wondering just what we are going to have for tea. Last nights meatball casserole was delicious but I don't really fancy another gravy meal. Might just check out the salad drawer and go from there.

Haven't started on the little dressing gown yet as I had had enough by the time I cut out all of the paper pattern pieces and I had a horrible headache. So I just need to have a quick tidy up this morning and I'll get straight onto that but it will have to be hidden before Ruby comes.

Well I hope you all have good day.
Thanks for dropping by.

15 December 2015

Baa, Baa Bethlehem!!!

I've just returned from watching my Little Miss Doodle in her nativity play. It was wonderful and I got through one or two tissues.
Children singing turns me into a quivering, tear sodden mess every time.
The work that went into that little production was phenomenal. So a huge thank you to the teachers and staff for that. Your work is much appreciated by this soppy old ganma.

It's very misty and damp here today so I think a casserole is in order for our evening meal. I have a bag of meatballs in the freezer so those with some added veg should warm the cockles of one worker who has been outside all day and one who will be off to a night shift later.
Once that is on cooking I need to crack on with a tiny dressing gown and either a nightdress or pj's for the doll we got for Ruby. Not that tiny really as she is an 18 inch doll but still smaller than any clothes I have ever made before. here I come.
Thanks for your visit today.

14 December 2015

Christmas No 1!!!

Yesterday we had my brother in law and family over for dinner and as they are going away for Christmas and probably won't be having Christmas dinner I decided to  cook one for them. We had a turkey crown from Iceland and I have to say it was the nicest turkey I have ever eaten. There is loads left for sandwiches which is a good job as one of my most favourite sandwiches is turkey and iceberg lettuce with Marie Rose sauce. I used to have that every day for my lunch when I worked in a carvery........many years ago and have always loved it.......I have also got hubby and DD loving it too.
Today I am moving back all of the stuff I had to take out of the dining room so that I could fit seven people around the table. It will all have to be repeated on Christmas Eve as we will be having my son and his family round for our traditional meal of home baked ham with salad and chips. We have done this for years and we love it.
Our little estate out in the sticks is starting to look very festive. I think we could rival the town with all the Christmas lights that go on in the evening. It's very pretty. All we need now is some snow and it would look beautiful.
Well I'll go and get on with my shifting. Luckily the trollies I use for my sewing stuff are on wheels so it's not too much of a hardship.
Thanks for visiting today.

12 December 2015

Questions, Questions, Questions!!!

Nothing much happening here these last few days....just housework which I am sure you won't be interested in so I thought I would join in with the 35 Questions thing which is doing the rounds.

 1)  Do you like blue cheese?
No I'm afraid I don't.

 2)  Have you ever smoked?
Yes and still do sometimes.

 3)  Do you own a gun?  
Yes......a shotgun for clay pigeon shooting.

4)  What flavor of Kool Aid is your favorite?
I know what it is but have never tried it.

5)  Do you get nervous before dental appointments?

6)  What do you think of hot dogs?
Disgusting if made with Frankfurters but gorgeous made with proper butchers sausage.

7)  What's your favorite Christmas movie?
Miracle On 34th Street.

8)  What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Tea......preferably Twinings Breakfast Tea.

9)  Can you do push-ups?!!!

10)  What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
I don't wear any jewellery but my wedding ring so that is my favourite.

11)  What's your favorite hobby?
At the moment it's sewing.

12)  Do you have A.D.D.?
I sometimes

 13)  Do you wear glasses or contacts?

14)  What's your middle name?
I don't have one. 

15)  What are your thoughts at this moment?
Why am I doing this when I have visitors coming for a Christmas dinner tomorrow?

16)  Name 3 drinks you regularly consume.
Tea, Coffee and Water.

17)  What is a current worry of yours?
The state of the world and what the future will be like for my grandchildren.

18)  What do you currently hate?
I'm not a hater really.

19)  Where is your favorite place to be?

20)  What do you plan on doing on New Year's Eve this year?
Nothing much but hubby will probably let some rockets off at midnight.

21)  To where would you like to travel?
I would love to go back to New York or anywhere in New England preferably in the winter.

22)  Name three people you think will do this questionnaire on their
I don't know but I would love to read them if they let me know.

23)  Do you own slippers?
Wouldn't be without my slipper boots.

24)  What color shirt are you wearing?
Black with a skull on the front.

25)  Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
No. Cotton for me.

26)  Can you whistle?
Not very well.

27)  What is your favorite color?
I love all colours apart from yellow and orange.

28)  What songs do you sing in the shower?
On my own I don't but if Ruby is in there too we sing 'All Around My Hat' by Steeleye Span.

29)  Would you be a pirate?
Oooooh no....I don't like boats or rum but maybe the pieces of eight would be OK.

30)  What's in your pocket right now?

31)  What's the last thing that made you laugh?
Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey last night (DD and I are watching the boxed set from the beginning).

32)  What vehicle do you drive?
I don't drive..........and for that you should all be very

33)  What's the worst injury you've ever had?
I fell over last year and made some rather deep nasty holes in one of my knees.

34)  Do you love where you live?
I do....very much but with not driving I do wish we lived a bit nearer to town.

35)  Would you change your first name if you could?
Yes I would but not sure what to.

Well that was fun. Let me know if you do it and I will come and read it.

Thanks for dropping by.

08 December 2015

Eating For Christmas!!!

During the run up to Christmas I tend to stop doing Sunday roast dinners as we will be having two roasts on the trot. Turkey on Christmas Day and Beef on Boxing Day. This is down to hubby. If it was up to me we would have the turkey but not bother with another roast on Boxing Day. He can not be persuaded to give it up. We also tend to cut down on heavier meals during the week and I am so looking forward to our meal tonight. A simple salad of baby spinach, romayne lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber with crumbled Feta and a mint vinaigrette...........yummy. It is easier to stick to this on the week that hubby is on afternoon shift and there is just DD and me for tea. Hubby is very much a meat and two veg guy and doesn't feel he's been fed unless he has!!!

Today has been nice and peaceful. A parcel full of fabric arrived for me this morning (part of my Christmas present from hubby). One of the items was a bundle of Christmas fabric remnants which I have ironed and folded already. There was loads in the bundle and some very gorgeous fabrics too so I am very happy. Later in the week there will be a parcel of patterns arriving including some 18 inch doll clothes patterns which I will use to make clothes for the doll we're giving Ruby and I want to make her a Christmas dress.
Hubby will let me have the parcels as they arrive but he will get me something small to unwrap on the day. This year I have hinted at Enya's new album.

Well I had best go and feed the hungry worker.
Thanks for your visit.

04 December 2015


It's quite a beautiful morning here in Staffordshire today. Sunny but cold with a very brisk breeze/wind. I was just sorting out some picture files on the computer when I looked up and saw this gorgeous rainbow. Such a lovely sight.
I shall be off upstairs shortly to hide Christmas presents from little eyes as we have Ruby staying overnight while mummy and daddy do Christmas do's but she will be going home fairly early tomorrow as she has a birthday party go to at midday. DD and I are making a start on the wrapping tomorrow and hope to finish it by Sunday now that all of the shopping is finished.
I am looking forward to Christmas Day this year. A nice quiet lunch with just hubby, DD and myself, then out for tea with Ruby, DS and DDIL and back home to settle down for Downton Abbey......bliss. This will be our first Christmas Day seeing Ruby for a couple of years so it will be very special.
Well sitting here isn't going to get the jobs done so I had best get off and make a start.
Thanks for dropping by.

03 December 2015

The Snowmen Get A Home!!!

The spare shelf on the bookcase where we keep all of DVD's has now become a home for the snowmen.
I used a small snow blanket and a set of battery operated lights from Poundland, The NOEL was from The Range and the cinnamon wood pieces from Lidl. It looks gorgeous at night when it's lit.
We are having a bit of trouble with the electricity here this morning. Two power cuts so far. Not for long but still annoying just the same.
DD and I decided against going to Trentham the other night and went to The Range instead. They had everything I needed for DDIL's Christmas gift........and then some so that is another gift done and dusted. Just a few more bits for DS, DD and Ruby which I hope to get tonight. I prefer late night shopping to going into town at the weekend.
Well I had best go and get some jobs done. Most of what I need to do has involved electricity so I am a bit behind.
Thanks for stopping by.

01 December 2015


I would have preferred to wake up to some snow this morning...seeing as how it is December. No such luck. It is quite mild with a little sun and a gentle breeze.
Still I shall be doing some winter baking today. Gingerbread as I have a jar of stem ginger which needs using up and maybe a fruit cake depending on time. I have to feed hubby a bit earlier today as DD and I are going back to Trentham tonight to pick up a couple of things we didn't get at the weekend. I will take a couple of rolls with us to eat in the car when we are done.
Thursday evening we will be going to Derby late night shopping and then I have one more thing to order online and I'm done and dusted thank goodness. I'm always glad when the gift shopping is finished, that I've managed to stick to my budget and everything is wrapped and ready to go.
I can't believe that this time two years ago I was in New York doing my Christmas shopping.......wish I was there again.
Right I had best go and get baking.
Thanks for your visit today.

29 November 2015

......And It's Up!!!

Apart from having to wait nearly an hour for our tea in Wetherspoons on Friday evening we have had a wonderful weekend with Miss Doodle. We spent a good part of yesterday at Trentham Gardens ticking off things on the gift list and by the time we had finished Ruby was too tired to go on to Byrkley Park so DD and I nipped there while Ruby stayed with Grandad. Not much left on the list now so next weekend should see that finished off.

This morning DD and Ruby decorated the tree while I prepared and cooked lunch. The wind was howling round the house so it was a lovely cosy thing to be doing and Miss Doodle enjoyed it so much.
She has gone home now but I will see her again on Wednesday when she comes for tea. I miss her so much between visits and I will especially miss listening to her breathing while she is sleeping tonight..........I love that sound.

I would kill for a soak in a nice hot bath tonight but as we only have a shower I will have to settle for that (although I am hoping for that to be rectified in the new year).
Bye for now......and thanks for dropping by.

27 November 2015

Happy Friday!!!

I love Friday.
Even though I am at home all week Friday is my most favourite day of the week. The house gets tidied up ready for the weekend and I plan very simple meals so that hubby, DD and myself have more time to spend together.
However......this Friday will be one of my most favourite as we have a little princess coming to stay for the weekend.
I am just off upstairs to make up her bed with her Elsa bedding and to hide away some Christmas stuff that shouldn't be seen by little eyes.
Tonight DD and I are taking her out for tea and then when we get home we shall get into our jammies and watch Christmas films to get us in the mood for going Christmas shopping tomorrow. I am ridiculously!!!
I'm hoping we have enough time for Ruby to help put up the Christmas tree before we have to take her home on Sunday afternoon.
Right............I am off to do my chores.
Thanks for stopping by.

26 November 2015

Of Christmas And Winter!!!

Today I have sat wrapping twenty five tiny gifts to fill the quilted Advent calendar I made for Ruby. I did try not to go down the chocolate route so only about eight pockets contain chocolate and the rest are a mixture of hair bands, hair slides, erasers, tiny bath fizzers and lip glosses. Number 25 is an Olaf pen which can write in several different colours. She will love it.

Seasoned knitters need to pretend they haven't seen the horror of my scarf. It's not awfully pretty but I have to say it does the job I wanted it to do. I will probably have a fiddle with the pattern when I have more time to concentrate as I would like one in moss stitch and maybe some different colours to go with different coats. I've nearly finished one for Ruby in bright, sparkly pink and will take more care with the gathering and the application of the band. Mine was just a...........mmmm.......I wonder if trial.

We had a new Poundland open in the town not so long ago and I picked up a pack each of dried mango and pineapple. So the other day I had a fiddle with the recipe for Oat Biscuits which I posted the link for and made Tropical Fruit and Coconut Cookies. Oh my goodness they were sooooo nice. 
Here's how I made them........

100g Butter
100g Self Raising Flour
100g Desicated Coconut
25g each of Dried Mango and Pineapple snipped into small pieces
50g Demarara Sugar
2 Tablespoons Golden Syrup

Heat oven to 180 degrees
Put the butter, sugar and golden syrup into a microwaveable bowl and gently heat until melted.
Add the flour, coconut and dried fruit and mix thoroughly.

Place dessertspoons (I use a tiny ice cream scoop and manage to get 18 biscuits) of the mixture onto a baking tray and flatten slightly with a fork.
Bake for 12 to 15 minutes.

My lot loved these and I'm sorry there is no photo........they all went. I am thinking I might make some to add in with the gifts we are giving this year at Christmas.

Well best go and make a start on tea. DD will be cold and hungry when she gets in having been outside all day.
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21 November 2015


We have had snow in the night........the most miserable and pathetic snowfall in the history of snowfalls. It didn't even hit the floor.
We have a sprinkle on the shed roof and both cars and that is it.
I am truly miffed.

Today I will be starting my big clean up in the lounge ready for the Christmas tree to go up next weekend. So sofas will be shifted, curtains washed and everything that will stand still for five minutes will be wiped down. Watch out spiders I am coming to get!!!

Tea will be a simple one tonight. Pizza, jacket potatoes and coleslaw and then I will probably crash on the sofa with my knitting.
Talking of knitting..... I am not a natural knitter in any way, shape or form but I wanted a scarf....not a long, wrap round with dangling ends scarf but something I could put on over my head and would snuggle around my neck without having to keep rearranging wayward ends and OMG I have knit one without a pattern....I'm amazed. DD and Ruby loved it too so now I am doing a couple more.....go!!!

Well best go and get on with this mucking out.
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19 November 2015

Snow Angels!!!

 Another version of the snowmen in buckets......snow angels.
I had a bag of the tiny twig wreaths and a bunch of cream stamens. My darling DD kindly coloured the stamens red for me and they became the berries on the halos.
The wings are made from a roll of net that I got from The Range last year. I think I like these better than the snowmen in hats.
Ruby has bagged the one in the cream bucket.
We all really enjoyed last our tea last night. Usually I would serve the meatballs with pasta but wanted to do something different. The Garlic and Parmesan Roast Potatoes and sauteed green beans were perfect. I have to say that green beans are not my most favourite thing in the world but sauteed instead of steamed they could very well feature on the menu more often. They were gorgeous.

Rather late getting up this morning as I stayed up to watch a film I had seen in the tv listings that looked worth a watch. It was a rather harrowing account of children in care in the 1950's and 1960's who were sent to Australia having been told their parents were dead but told the story of a social worker who became aware of their story in the 1980's and fought to reunite them with their families or at least find out where they came from. It was well worth staying up for.

Just need to catch up on a few housey jobs this morning and then I must finish off the rest of the handmade Christmas decorations as our tree will be going up next weekend.
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18 November 2015

Baking Day!!!

Well I was going to bake up a storm this morning but the storm outside has put paid to that. I got the Oat and Cranberry Cookies (a variation on THIS recipe) done with no problem but during the baking of the Victoria Sponge the lights were flickering on and off and so I decided not to prepare anything else in case we had a power cut........and I was so looking forward to the coconut cake :( 
The thing I hate about baking is the washing up but it's all done and put away and the kitchen has had a good clean. Just the floor to hoover and mop when hubby gets up and that is a few jobs ticked off the list.
The meatballs I made yesterday will save me some time at teatime today. They are being served with Garlic and Parmesan Roast Potatoes and sauteed green beans. That means extra minutes to spend having cuddles with me Doodle which are very precious.
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17 November 2015

A Bit Behind!!!

Goodness me.....I didn't realise it was so long since I did a post. The weeks are just whipping by.
I am getting a little behind with list of 101 things to do before Christmas as I have been feeling just a tad lacksadaisical after the rotten cold I've just had. Today though it seems that the mojo is back and I should be ticking things off again.

Unusually for us DD and I have just spent two evenings at the cinema. Sunday we saw The Lady In The Van. It was fabulous and I am still giggling at the lumpy yellow paint. All will become clear if you go and see it. So funny.
Last night we saw Brooklyn and loved that too so I can't wait until both films come out on DVD.
Our cinema tends to show adverts of the kind you see on tv rather than trailers for upcoming films but last night we did actually see one for Bridge Of Spies so that has gone on my must see list.

It's been rather cold here today so I have been snuggling up the cooker. There was veg left on Sunday after our roast lunch so I used it up making a Pork and Vegetable pie. I pulled out a large pack of minced pork and simmered half of it in some stock with some sauteed onions and herbs, thickened the stock and added the veg and a chopped apple then topped it of with suet crust pastry and baked until the pastry was lovely and crunchy. We've just finished tea and it went down very well indeed with hubby who is on nights and needs a full tummy to see him through and DD who has been working out in the cold and wet all day.
The other half of the pork was made into meatballs and simmered in a tomato sauce ready for tea tomorrow so that I can spend the day baking. I've not been that organised for weeks.

Looking forward to cuddles with Ruby tomorrow. She was poorly all weekend but is getting better now. I bet she will be wanting her tomato soup for tea.

Righto......I had best go and wash the pots and clean the bottom of the oven as the pie leaked. I always forget to put it on a tray.
Bye for now.

02 November 2015

Spooky Goings On!!!

 Halloween night is also my daughter in laws birthday so we decided to throw her a party at our house. Just them and us but we really enjoyed it. Ruby was thrilled with it.
We ate spooky food such as Beetle Wings, Slugabeds, Bog Soup with Twisty Bones, Skelly Jelly and Zombie Brain Cake and drank Liquid Sky and Scummy Pond Water. All very normal edibles but so much creepier when renamed.
 A ghost in the garden. An empty milk bottle decorated with a friendly ghost face then filled with water and glow sticks.
Didn't want to make the pumpkins too scary for Ruby so cheeky faces were in order.

I do love doing themed parties but I did pay for spending all Saturday on my feet cooking and conjuring up goodies. I could barely move on Sunday and hubby ended up cooking the roast bless him.

Now we get to my favourite time of year........preparing for Christmas.......yay!!!
There are decorations to finish, tiny gifts to find for the quilted advent calendar I have made for Ruby, quilts to finish and another 101 jobs which I have on my list......I am in my element.
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25 October 2015

Sunday Socks!!!

Sock snowmen. Aren't they just too cute for words?
I saw these while having a trawl through You Tube and just had to have a go. These are quite tall (6.5inches) and made from sport socks for men.
They were a bit of trial and error as the first socks I bought were just ladies ankle socks but they were too thin and the rice they are filled with has a very slight yellow tinge and it showed through.
No matter though as I can use those for the hats and get two snowmen from the sport socks.

Just in the middle of a very nasty cold at the moment which has been passed on by dear hubby and I still haven't made a start on layering and tying the quilt for Ruby as when I was scraping up the carpet backing the other day I split my thumb open and have been unable to sew. I can put a little pressure on it now so hopefully I can make a start tomorrow.

Miss Doodle is away at the seaside this week so I won't see her until Saturday when they are all coming here for DIL's Halloween birthday party. Can't wait to decorate the dining room on Friday ready for it.

Right I'm off to bag my seat for Downton. Can't believe there are only two more to go after this one and then the Christmas episode.
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21 October 2015

Top Hats!!!

These top hats were such a lovely project to make.
The brim is an old CD sandwiched between two layers of felt and I used a postal tube cut into lengths of about 3.5 inches and covered with felt. They are very sturdy.

Honestly.....all the dry days we have had and the day I am planning to go out and tidy up the borders in the front garden it is thrashing it down with rain.
Instead I have been preparing to replace four and a half of the new carpet tiles in the dining room which hubby ruined when he knocked a candle off the side in the kitchen. I told him to leave it to set and that I would iron it up but oh no he has to go and interfere and irons the damn carpet on a high cotton setting....I'll leave you to imagine the mess. It's not an easy job....... I couldn't pull the tiles up so had to wait for him to do it and then half the backing got left stuck to the floor and I am having to soak it off with warm water and then scrape it. I could weep.

My Doodle will be here for her tea today and I shall have to make the most of our couple of hours as she won't be here next week. It's half term and she is off to the seaside with mummy and daddy.

Well back to my scraping and then I need to leave the floor to dry before I can lay the new tiles.
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18 October 2015

Snowman In A Bucket!!!

When I gave up cardmaking I was a bit worried about what I was going to do to keep myself busy. Well now between quilting and sewing I don't seem to have much time to miss making cards.
I'm still working on the Christmas decorations and my latest are these two little snowmen in buckets.
I found the buckets in The Works and fell in love with you do.......and all of a sudden had the idea for the snowmen. It took me a few weeks to get started on them but once I did they turned out exactly as I had imagined them.
The snowmen themselves are just made from circles of felt which are gathered and stuffed. The body is glued into the bucket. The scarves are just offcuts of fabric from my Christmas quilts and the hats are baby socks from Tesco at £1.50 for five pairs.
Must get off and make a start on finishing the quilt for Ruby. A bit late in the day but I have been chief cook this weekend and I was also out for a while yesterday shopping for Christmas crafting bits and bobs.
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16 October 2015

Scandi Rag Qulit!!!

This has to be my most favourite quilting project so far but then anything Christmas always is.
My plan is to make two lap quilts for each season so that they can be changed out throughout the year so yesterday I posted the autumn quilts and this is one of the winter ones.
Fabric is the Scandi 2 Collection from The Henley Studio by Makower  and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
Rag quilts are so easy to make and I loved every minute of making this. In hindsight I should maybe have been a bit more adventurous and had a go at some free motion quilting on the squares. It would have been the perfect project to try that out as I have never done it but I have another rag quilt in mind when I come across the right fabric and I can try it out then.
So this weekend I will be making a start on getting the quilt finished for Ruby and then I can finish the other winter one.
Thanks for stopping by.

15 October 2015

A Catch Up!!!

Sorry for the long time between blogs but it has been a tad busy here.
The last single glazed window has now gone and been replaced by a beautiful double glazed unit and we just have one old double glazed unit that needs replacing before it falls out and crashes through the dining room!!! I just hope it will hold on until after Christmas.
The pic is my two autumn lap quilts which I made for the sofas in the living room. They are getting lots of use on the chilly evenings. These are just simple strip quilts and the one on the left has been more densely quilted than the one on the right. The fabric is two jelly rolls from Red Rooster Fabrics.
I have also made two Christmas lap quilts and have been a little more adventurous with those. One is a rag quilt (which I will post tomorrow) and I love it....both the making and the finished look.
The other one I made blocks and then joined them together but that one still needs to be layered and quilted after I have finished making the quilt for Ruby. I have had to wait to go to the sewing shop to get some batting but I have it now so I can get on with that. Miss Doodle came for the weekend last weekend and so this week has been spent catching up on jobs that didn't get done while she was here. I can't see the point in her coming to stay and the having her follow me round while I do housework so that all stops when she is here and all my attention is on her.
Well it's quite a nice morning here so I think I might go and take Smudge for a little walk.........if he wants to go. He's getting old now and sometimes refuses to go for his walk. Hubby will take him out and turn round to discover that he has hot footed it home. It's quite comical.
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15 September 2015

Runaway Day!!!

All day long I have been meaning to take pictures of a couple of finished projects but have been sidetracked by jobs and watching a wren playing in the garden. Such a cute little thing. She looked like a little piece of paper fluttering about.
Then at around 4:30pm Ruby called with some very exciting news and all thoughts of taking pictures just flew out the window.
The exciting news............Ruby is going to be a big sister....which means I am going to be a ganma again. Baby is due towards the end of March......squeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 
I am already planning a quilt to welcome the little bean. I'll make one that will be suitable for a boy or a girl and then once he or she arrives I will make one to suit. Just need to find some gorgeous fabric now but I have three other quilts to make before I can start that one.
The two sofa quilts are almost finished....well one is finished and already in use and I am just hand sewing the binding onto the second one and then I can start on Rubys' quilt using squares I have cut from a beautiful dress she had from New York when she was little. I have also bought some lovely fabrics to go with it so I can't wait to start on that.
Anyhoo.......a little more sewing then I am off to bed.
Thanks for dropping by.

02 September 2015

Christmas Is Coming!!!

What to do on a miserable wet Bank Holiday Monday?
Well my thoughts turned to Christmas and the fact that this year I would like to make my tree look completely different. I usually have red and gold. One year we tried teal, silver and white (colours I love but it just didn't work for me on our green tree) but this year I am going for a candy/snowman/top hat theme and everything will be handmade I hope.
So I have made a good start with Christmas puddings and candy canes. There are three top hats made but not yet decorated and six snowballs cut but not yet sewn and decorated. Once I have them all made and the shops catch up with me in getting the decorations out I will be looking for crusty white baubles and frosted picks to pad it all out. I'm loving it.

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30 August 2015

Up, Up And Away!!!

Hubby has spent part of both days of the weekend with his head in the clouds..........literally.
Saturday he had a free trial flight in a small plane at our local airfield and today he finally got his hot air balloon flight which we gave him for his 60th birthday last year. We had to be up at 5am this morning to be at the launch field for 6:15am. It was fascinating to watch them prepare the balloon and see them taking off but you would never get me up in one of them. The brilliant thing is that they film the whole journey and you can order a copy of the film as a keepsake which hubby did. Can't wait to see that.
We went in two cars as DD and I didn't fancy sitting in a field for three hours waiting for them to get back......especially as there were no loos in the area.

At the moment I have swapped my quilting for making Christmas decorations using felt which is something I haven't done for years and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I do need to get on with finishing off the lap quilts for the living room though as it is getting quite chilly at night.

I'm off to do some online shopping now for some felt in vintage colours if I can find any.
Thanks for dropping by.