Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Pom Pom Outfit!!!

Dress sewn on the machine. Pom pom trim sewn by hand......not something I will be repeating any time That skirt must have been a mile round.

After the storm we had yesterday we have woken to blue skies and sunshine this morning with a gentle breeze. Honestly you couldn't make up this weather if you tried. DD and I nipped out last night to do a small stock up shop and were pleased to see that some of the work done along our country lane earlier in the year has helped with the flooding problem. There was still some water laying but nowhere near as bad.
I think I was too early for the reduced stuff but I did get a huge bag of brussels for 48p....whoopie flippin' doo.

Need to have a bit of a tidy up today and I think I might put some of the Christmas decs away as I am getting a bit fed up of them now. The tree will stay up until Monday....the day after DD's birthday as is our tradition and then I can have a good ferret in the corners with the hoover and duster and that will be that for another year. It's gone so quickly.

Tonight I will use up the last of the turkey and make a pie for hubby and DD. I can't face any more so I will be having a spinach and feta salad with balsamic dressing and a crusty roll.....lovely.

We don't make much fuss or party on New Years Eve so we will probably see the new year in and then trot off to bed. Tomorrow we will all do our own thing and just have a quiet day.
Happy New Year to you all and hope that 2016 is a better year.
Love and Hugs.


  1. Happy New year old bean , hoping 2016 will be a cracker xxxxxxx

  2. Love the frock! I'm sat watching a thing on Panda babies. I've never seen anything so odd looking as a new born panda! I'll now be staying up to ensure Mr 18 gets in safely. Tomorrow will see me pack away the dining room, cook a roast beef dinner, see Miss 21 come home with the FB to get packing for the 5th. Happy New Year Mrs xxx

  3. I don't watch many animal programmes as I spend the whole thing going aahhhhh, ooooh and omg I want one.......drives my family mad.
    We are saving our roast dinner for Sunday as it's DD's birthday and she has requested lamb with all the trimmings.
    Have a lovely day tomorrow-x-

  4. The doll dress is lovely! You're very talented with sewing. I wish you a very Happy New Year. Pat


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