Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Baa, Baa Bethlehem!!!

I've just returned from watching my Little Miss Doodle in her nativity play. It was wonderful and I got through one or two tissues.
Children singing turns me into a quivering, tear sodden mess every time.
The work that went into that little production was phenomenal. So a huge thank you to the teachers and staff for that. Your work is much appreciated by this soppy old ganma.

It's very misty and damp here today so I think a casserole is in order for our evening meal. I have a bag of meatballs in the freezer so those with some added veg should warm the cockles of one worker who has been outside all day and one who will be off to a night shift later.
Once that is on cooking I need to crack on with a tiny dressing gown and either a nightdress or pj's for the doll we got for Ruby. Not that tiny really as she is an 18 inch doll but still smaller than any clothes I have ever made before. here I come.
Thanks for your visit today.

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