Saturday, 19 December 2015

Done, Done And Done!!!

Tail was firmly chased yesterday so I am up to date on jobs apart from another run over with the hoover today if hubby will just go and find himself something to do out of me way.
The last Christmas card has been delivered I had forgotten....oops.........and the dressing gown is finally done. I am so glad that dolls don't grow. I should not like to have to make another one. I am starting on the nightie today.

Caught up with the Eat Well For Less Christmas programme yesterday. Spending £1,400 on Christmas food was obscene but throwing half of it away was even more so. I was disgusted. I cannot say any more than that without becoming quite unladylike.
I would have liked to watch the programme that dealt with the other end of the scale but Channel 5 won't let me.

No cooking for me today. None of us are that hungry so we have decided on crusty rolls with cheese and pickles. That is such a bonus for a Saturday as hubby usually likes a bigger meal and I spend most of the day in the kitchen.

Oooooh hubby is off out to walk the dog so I'll go and get the hoovering done while he's gone.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.


  1. Crusty roll, cheese and Branston pickle - my favourite. (Can't get Branston pickle where I live and I do so miss it)

  2. I was whizzing round all morning and at around 2 decided that a bacon butty and a bowl of soup would hit the spot. Boy oh boy it did.

  3. Oooooh Sandy........Branston Pickle.....yes, yes and double yes and Pam that bacon butty and bowl of soup sound yummy so I might put that on our tea time menu for this week as I am trying not to do any big meals.

  4. We just had tuna baguettes BC no one was hungry! Alright by me!


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