18 December 2015

Chasing Me Tail Today!!!

Today will be spent chasing me tail and catching up as I am late starting on the domestic jobs this morning. We had to be up and out for an early appointment at the solicitors to take care of the horrible task of making our wills. Hubby has to go to South Africa early next year and with the world in the state it's in he decided he would get the job done so we are both sorted now.....or will be when everything is properly signed in a couple of weeks.

The dressing gown is nearly finished and oh my goodness what a fiddle it was. The sleeves nearly left me demented. They are not perfect by any standard but then they are not too bad....she says with her fingers crossed. The biggest difficulty was trying to iron such tiny seams and into teeny corners so I think I will be investing in a Clover iron after Christmas. Hubby says I can have one now but I'm not sure I can be bothered to go to Hobbycraft in Derby and get one.

Anyhoo....I will go and get my tidying done and then I can finish off the sewing and start on a nightie (easier than pj's methinks).
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  1. My HG bought me one of those mini irons- I've yet to use it!!

  2. Mmmmm.........that's what I'm worried about. They are quite pricey which is why I'm not going to rush out now and get one. I will consider it carefully as I have quite a bit of craft stuff that doesn't get used now.


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