31 May 2009

New Home!!!

After having spent the best part of the weekend knee deep in Christmas papers and embellishments I decided this afternoon that enough was enough, chucked the whole lot in a box and went retro instead.
The image I have used for these new home cards is from The Vintage Workshop
The gingham paper is from a pack I had from Costco years ago.

Well Deb should hopefully be getting the all clear from the hospital tomorrow and then next week she is taking a week off as her hubby has a week off too. I am ready for a break so am hoping there will be a slot for me to fit in a week after Deb is back.
After that I expect we will be inundated with requests for Christmas workshops and I will be back to burning the midnight oil.

Wasn't Britain's Got Talent fab last night? Sadly my favourite.....Julian.......didn't win but Diversity were my second favourites so I was a happy bunny.

Anyway I am off for a browse around some blogs before I have an early night. Can't imagine why I am so tired as I have had quite a relaxed weekend really.

Thanks for dropping by.

29 May 2009

Here We Come A Wassailing!!!

Well it's that time of year again...............when I start to put together projects for classes. So I thought I would give you a sneak peak at one of the things I have made using the Basic Grey Wassail papers and Core'dinations cardstock along with an Inkadinkado stamp set.
This is a tall gift bag which you could fill with sweets or bath treats.
Because I have adhered a large snowflake to the back of the tag I have fixed the tag as decoration and would add another tag for writing on.

My foot is still very sore and I am having difficulty finding shoes that are comfortable to wear all day. Most of the time I am hobbling about with just a sock covering my dressing. Today though I have left off the dressing and am just wearing two socks in the hope that the wound will start to dry out and harden off. I am trying to walk normally but it's making me feel a bit sick putting pressure on it so one minute I am walking on my toes and the next trying to keep my foot flat......I must look a right sight.

I can't seem to settle down to much today so I am just pottering about and doing what I feel like as I feel like it. I really hate those kind of days but I think it has something to do with mid life know what I mean. My head feels like it's full of fluff.

Well I'll go and carry on pottering.
Thanks for dropping by.

25 May 2009


Early blog posting for me today. I have quite a few jobs to do. Hubby has requested a Spaghetti Bolognaise for tea and then I am going to attempt to hang some more wallpaper for a couple of hours. After that I have prep to do for tomorrow and a card order to finish.
Managing to hobble about better now with the help of my Ugg boots which are cushioning the wound a bit though with a side effect of very hot feet.

Made this card yesterday using an image from CORA who posts images every Saturday.
The paper is from a pad but I don't know who's it is as the company used to go around to shops selling the pads from the back of a van. I only have a few sheets of this black and white left now and I will miss it when it's gone.
The scallop border is cut from a piece of 12x12 scalloped cardstock. Don't be put off buying 12x12 with the scallop. I trim off the scallops...about an inch deep and then you have a piece of 10x10 cardstock left for 2 5x5 cards or for matting and layering.

DD is just making me a bacon sarnie and a cuppa so I'm off to enjoy that before I start the jobs.

Thanks for dropping by.

24 May 2009

Butterfly Card!!!

While having a browse around the internet today I came across the instructions to make this gorgeous cut and fold card HERE.
It was just perfect to try out my new Clare Curd papers and to make a card sample using them to show in the shop.
There are some beautiful samples in the gallery on SCS with much more embellishment than I have used.

I have just seen the wound on my foot for the first time (been too scared to look) and nearly keeled over. It is so much bigger than I thought it was. It looks as if it starting to heal though despite hubby's ham fisted ministrations last night when he changed my dressing.

Well I am off to have a veg on the sofa as I am quite shattered after spending the day hobbling about in my room doing the last of the tidying.

Bye for now.

Manic On Wheels!!!

Well I shan't be treading on any plugs again in a!!!
Oooooh my word it don't half hurt.
I have spent the last couple of days tidying up in my room by scooting myself about on my wheeled office chair so my left leg is aching like bahoogery too.
I am so scared....thanks to Grey's Anatomy.......of it getting infected that I am slowly pickling myself in Dettol.
Not made any cards but my desk is nearly clear and I fully intend to make some tomorrow as I have been inspired by my tidying today....coming across things I had forgotten I had.
Hope your all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.
Bye for now.

21 May 2009

Manic The Invalid!!!

I am so mad at myself tonight because I have been a right clumsy idiot.
Tidying out the alcove in my workroom after DD asked if we could swap bookshelves I have gone and trodden on an electric plug and gouged a flamin' great hole in the bottom of my foot.
So instead of a nice tidy room I am sitting here with my foot strapped up, screeching every time it touches the floor.
I think I shall have to ring Deb and ask for a loan of one of her!!!
DD is looking after me. which is a good job as I nearly passed out when I saw all the blood.
Taking it as a sign that I should have a night off so I am off to lounge about on the sofa.
Thanks for dropping by.

20 May 2009

Quickie Cupcake!!!

Just a quick post with a quick card this morning.
This is just a sample I made up for the shop using Papermania products and Doodlebug alpha stickers with the Martha Stewart border punch for an extra touch of girlyness.
I'm having quite a busy week. Two classes yesterday, one today and two tomorrow so I have lots of prep to do this morning plus come up with a card to replace the Midnight Forest which was OK to do with a small class but could get a bit messy with a larger class.
Right....have to hit the road for Ashby now.
Thanks for dropping by.

18 May 2009

Midnight Forest!!!

Tonight's card is one I have made for a class tomorrow using inks, Glimmer Mists and a Dreamweaver stencil. The ink isn't even dry on it!!!
To be honest stencilling is not really my thing........or it wasn't until I saw this gorgeous fella in the order that arrived at the shop on Saturday. This and another two dropped into my hand along with the 200 sheet pack of Clare Curd's papers and maybe a couple of other things!!!

Have to go and sort out all the stuff I need to take tomorrow and then I am off to play or tidy......can't decide which.
Thanks for dropping by.

17 May 2009

Spring Zing!!!

This is a card I made for a workshop using Core'dinations cardstock to show the different things that could be done with it.
Here it has been punched, Cuttlebugged, sanded and stamped upon. No wonder I love this card so!!!

It's been a wet old day again but it hasn't bothered me much as I have been snugged up in my workroom adding finishing off cards, adding inserts and bagging up ready to go to the local shop.
Hubby cooked a lovely lunch of roast pork which was gorgeous except for the fact he couldn't get any thyme and parsley stuffing this week. We had to have sage and onion which I love but unfortunately seems to attack my stomach with a vengeance and gives me awful pains. Couldn't resist it today and I am suffering for it now. Hopefully it won't last too long.

DD had a little shuffle into town this morning and when she came back I thought it was Christmas again. She bought me a gorgeous nightie in pink with black spots on it and she also picked up a set of Sharpie markers for me to add to my collection. What did I do to deserve such an angel?
She got herself some new jeans and she's just given me the most fabulous denim label with the word bootcut embroidered on it..........just begging to be used on a western style card

Anyhoo......I am away to visit a couple of places on the net and then to tidy up my room.
Hope the rain hasn't spoiled your weekend.
Bye for now.

16 May 2009

Gone 8x8 Mad!!!

I am so loving working on these 8x8 cards.......especially when they turn out like this one has.
The paper is from some K & Co mat stacks and the stamp is Elusive Images Harlequin Rose.

Got loads of housey jobs done yesterday so have been able to spend some time upstairs today finishing of six of the rose cards in various colours and cutting up paper for some mens cards. DD has been die cutting for me and getting rid of loads of offcuts....silver today so there are still quite a few drawers to go.
Hubby managed to get the lawns done before the heavens opened. We were hoping to spend some time outside today but no chance of that. I was secretly
I made tonight's tea yesterday so just have to bung it in the oven to hot through and crisp off on top.........ooooh I do like being organised.

We have had loads of new stuff in at the shop and I have a few new bits to play with but two orders came yesterday which I haven't seen yet so I am sure there will be more I will want/!!!

Off for a browse around the net while I wait for tea.
Thanks for dropping by.

14 May 2009

........And Another One!!!

Here's another card made with an image from the same set of stamps that were used for yesterday's cards.
This time I have gone for a cowboy theme.
The REBEL background has been made by masking off the side panel with a piece of torn paper. Did the stamping first and then used chalks to add the colour.
Stamped the image onto smooth white card and coloured with chalks. This was then mounted onto a panel of sanded Core'dinations.
The boot was stamped onto a piece of unsanded Core'dinations and the top one decorated with brads.
Putting the card together I used a strip of self adhesive denim fabric and the offcut was placed at the side of the main image then decorated with brads.
The rope coil is garden string.....I had a devil of a job getting it to stick on and found silicon glue to be the best thing.
The top corner looked a little bare so I made the photo corner from a scrap of card.
Had a lot of fun making these themed cards and I am looking forward to working with the Hollywood ladies set next.

I am so glad it's Thursday. I have three days off now although most of it will be spent doing housey things and cleaning my room which has turned into the local landfill site while I have been busy looking after the shop. Hoping to grab at least some time for myself to stamp or something.

I was going to try and fit in a trip to a garden centre somewhere to pick up some plants for the back garden but with the weather forecast I think I might give that a miss. to have a browse around the net for half an hour and then I think I will probably collapse into bed to make sure I am up at a reasonable time in the morning. The way I feel at the minute I could sleep for a!!!

Bye for now and thanks for stopping by.

13 May 2009

Not One But Two!!!

I've been pretty productive with my cardmaking over the last couple of days. Managed to get both of these done at the shop today as DD was with me and looked after the customers while I got on with making up samples.
The top card is an 8x8 which is a new size for me. I ever quite fancied them until I saw a beautiful card my mate Gert sent to Deb as a get well card. Now I love them and have a stash of cards and envelopes to work on.
This card uses the Hollywood themed collection from Crafting with Stephanie which arrived at the shop last week. We have both the stamps and the CD's.
Paper is Basic Grey and the record is made with various Sizzix circles.

The second card uses Core'dinations cardstock for the stamping and hand drawn black and white borders.
Just a quick and easy one.

I think I am running on auto pilot at the moment and am sooooo ready for my weekend off. I may sleep for the whole!!!

Off for a quick bath instead of my usual soak and then I have to do some work for tomorrow's class before I can go to bed.

Thanks for dropping by.

10 May 2009

One Day Weekend!!!

Sorry that posts are still few and far between but it's been a busy old week again.
I've done six classes at the shop in the last week and just have today off before I do another four days. So today I have been catching up on laundry and house jobs with just a couple of hours to spend in my room in between jobs. The time was spent cutting mats and layers for future cards which cleared out my drawer of gold offcuts and I have half cleared the cream offcuts drawer.......just ten and a half drawers to!!!
Now I have to iron, make sandwiches and pack my bag for tomorrow.

The good news is that Deb will be in all week......hopefully.....and I may get three days off next weekend which will be fab as DD is now on three weeks holiday. We may finish that decorating yet.

Back to the grindstone.
Bye for now

06 May 2009

Morphic Bird!!!

Isn't this stamp just mouthwateringly gorgeous?
It's from a set called Morphic Birds by Inkadinkado.
The image has been stamped in black Versafine and clear embossed onto an Adirondack Stream background on gloss card which has been spritzed with water to create a faux bleach effect.
I then added strips of lightweight Therm'O'Web Heat and Bond and heated with a heat gun. Brushed over it with Pearl Perfect Pearl powder and heated again.
The bird has been painted with bleach to remove the colour and then repainted with Diamond Stickles on a paintbrush.
Added a few gems.........and there you go..........quite simple and a lot quicker to make than it looks. I think it took me longer to tie the!!!

You can see another card made with a Bondaweb technique HERE.

We had a little visitor today.........a baby duck who had got separated from his momma. OMG he was so flippin' cute.
I caught sight of him bumbling around in the back garden and as there was a cat about I got DD to catch it and we put it in the wash basket with a dish of water until we could locate it's missing momma.
No luck finding her so hubby took it to a local farmer who has a fishing pond where the ducks congregate and he is going to try and either find it's momma or a surrogate one.
I sooooo wanted to keep it.
Got to clean the poo out of the wash basket!!!

Well I finished the James Herbert book and nearly chucked up me tea. Gawd it was horrible. Back to the Cathy Kelly's tonight methinks.
Don't think I will be going anywhere near my bed tonight as I still have two cards to design and prep for a class tomorrow afternoon. Hubby decided to work until 4pm so I got lumbered with cooking tea just when I could have done without it and as always he put in an order for something 'with gravy' as he knew I was at home all day. go and crack on.
Thanks for visiting.

05 May 2009

Boxed Cards!!!

Here is a little project that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing. I love making boxes. In fact this is how I earned a living when my children were younger. I used to make hand sewn, fabric covered, boxes, needlecases, tissue box covers etc but the paper covered versions are far quicker to make
This box is made using four sheets of A4 card plus one sheet of 12x12 DP. Once I have the photos taken I will do a tutorial on this as it is a lovely box to make.
Paper is K & Co.

The box contains six 5x5 cards made very simply by using two Sizzix circles and a set of stamps by Inkadinkado. I think the set is called Message Rounds.........I forgot to check before I came down. It has three patterned circles with various separate sentiments that all fit into the circles.

It's been a busy day today with a morning and an afternoon class. Thoroughly enjoyed both of them myself and I think the ladies did too. I now have to design four cards ready for Thursday's get a move on but getting my priorities right I am off for a soak and to see if I can finish this James Herbert book. I think I must be getting soft in my old age as at one time I loved horror books. This one is freaking me out but I have to know how it ends and then I think I shall find something a little less scary for my next!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

04 May 2009

A Little Something!!!

A card I have put together for a class tomorrow using the Metal Magic EP by Debbi Moore.
The stamp is Penny Black and the scalloped border is a Martha Stewart punch.
Flowers have been finished with black Stickles.
Using three layers of the powder I feel is a bit wasteful so I have used two layers of clear UTEE topped with a layer of silver Metal Magic. It looks no different to me. Not sure yet if it would affect the punching and cutting which you can do with this EP but you can be sure I will be trying that out.

I am absolutely bloomin' crackered so I'm off for an early bath and probably an early night once my stuff is packed for morning. I have a new book on the go.....a James Herbert......and so far it's pretty good if a tad I shall have a good soak in my Sanctuary bubbles and scare myself silly with it.
Thanks for your visit which is especially appreciated as there are not many posts at the moment.
Bye for now.

03 May 2009

So Sorry!!!

.........about the lack of blog posts.
I am so busy with looking after the shop and doing things I have to do that I have no time to do things I want to do.

For everyone who has been asking......Deb is fine and will be coming to the shop with us on Tuesday for a change of scenery.

Gorgeous day today but I am inside doing work go and crack on.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
Bye for now